HostGator Baby Plan Review: Everything Discussed

The names of the HostGator shared hosting packs are very funny, right?


You’ll hear Hatchling, Baby etc when you’ll visit the site of HostGator.


Today, I’m gonna discuss the Baby Plan of HostGator.


The current price tag of the hosting pack is just $5.95 per month after a whopping discount.


It seems very cheap, huh!


Yes, it’s.


So let’s dig deeper into the review of HostGator Baby Plan.


HostGator Baby Plan Review

The Baby Plan is the second shared hosting plan of HostGator, so you could see better services than the starter plan called the Hatchling plan.


The regular price. $10.95 is the monthly pricing of the HostGator Baby Plan. This amount is cheap enough and you’ll be happy to learn about its current discount.


Discounted price. Now the pack is selling at a 40% discount. For this, the current selling price of Baby Plan is $5.95/month only. So this is a great opportunity to start using the hosting under half of its regular price.


Renewal price. Since the regular price is the renewal price of a hosting pack, $10.95 will be the renewal price per month.


45-day money-back guarantee. This period comes with all the hosting packs of HostGator. So you can have a long period of time for justifying the hosting services of the company.


Truth be told, 45 days is a long time to test a hosting pack and here, HostGator is very generous, indeed.


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Other important features

Now, I’ll take you to some of the other notable features of the hosting plan.


Is there any guaranteed uptime? Yes, 99.9% is the uptime guarantee and this guaranteed uptime is applicable for all the other hosting packs of the hosting company.


Though they’re claiming this uptime, you should check it yourself from real users. You can check the HostGator review to finds its recent uptime that I recorded for a couple of months.


What about the disk space and bandwidth of the hosting pack? Since the HostGator Hatchling Plan comes up with an unlimited amount of storage and bandwidth, the Baby Plan must have the same feature too.


Yes, HostGator Baby Plan has the feature of unlimited storage as well as bandwidth.


By the way, you shouldn’t be fooled by the term Unlimited because this is a marketing term.


Name of the control panel! No need to be worried about the control panel of your website if the hosting provider is HostGator. This is because HostGator provides the cPanel as the control panel.


QuickInstall 1-click installer. HostGator has the QuickInstall installer which can install any of your required scripts in no time.


No free domain. I don’t know what HostGator is very strict in offering a free domain with their hosting packs. The Baby Plan doesn’t also offer any free domain.


Security with SSL and backup. HostGator is very concerned about the security both for their users and the web visitors of their users.


As a result, you’ll see that the HostGator Baby Plan comes with both a free SSL certificate and automatic backup features.


Responsive support. The standard support is expected in the Baby Plan too.


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Unbiased Expert Rating

You have seen many exciting features of the Baby Plan and now is the time to rate the hosting pack. By checking the hosting features, I can rate it with a 4-star rating.

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You may argue with the lack of any free domain with the plan, but if you look at the other powerful features of the hosting pack, you should overlook the negative side of it.


Now, it’s your turn

I’ve reviewed the hosting pack well and I guess my task is over. Now, it’s you who can check the hosting pack again and decide whether you can use it or not.


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