Host1Plus VPS Hosting Review: A Powerful VPS Provider

Host1Plus is a powerful VPS hosting focused company. In this post, I’ll talk about the VPS hosting plan of the company.


So, keep reading the post in order to learn about the VPS hosting plan of Host1Plus.


Host1Plus VPS hosting packs

First of all, let me introduce you to the VPS hosting packs of the company. Here are the VPS hosting packs –

host1plus vps hosting

That means there are 6 VPS hosting packs available in Host1Plus.


The first VPS pack is Amber which comes with a CPU of 0.5 core and a RAM of 256 MB. The disk space and the bandwidth of the pack are 20 GB and 500 GB respectively. The good part of this hosting pack is that it costs only $2.25 per month. Can you imagine such a low price for a VPS hosting pack?


Really, a VPS hosting pack at such a low rate is unbelievable.


The next VPS hosting pack of Host1Plus is named as Bronze which obviously comes with better configurations than the previous pack.


Its CPU and bandwidth are twice more than those of Amber (1 Core and 1000 GB respectively). On the other hand, the RAM and the disk space of Bronze are thrice more than those of Amber (768 MM and 60 GB respectively).


The price of this VPS hosting pack is set as $5.50 per month which is just the twice of the price of Amber VPS hosting pack.


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Then, the third VPS hosting pack of Host1Plus is Silver. From this hosting pack, the hosting company offers different discounts. The previous 2 hosting packs are priced at such a low rate that there’s no room for offering any discount on those packs.


The regular price of this hosting pack is $14.70 per month, but you can buy the plan for a discounted flat price of $10.00/month. Here are the basic configurations of the Silver hosting pack –

CPU – 2 Cores

RAM – 2048 MB

Storage – 80 GB

Bandwidth – 2000 GB


You can see that all the features mentioned above are far better than those of the previous 2 hosting packs of Host1Plus.


The next hosting pack is the Gold VPS hosting. This pack is also selling at a discounted price. The discounted price is $20/month, though the regular monthly cost of this pack is $29.30.


Here are the basic features of the Gold VPS hosting pack –

CPU – 4 Cores

RAM – 4096 MB

Storage – 200 GB

Bandwidth – 3000 GB


After that, the next VPS pack’s name is Platinum which a better-configured hosting pack than all the previously mentioned ones.


You’ll get a huge discount on this hosting pack too. Yes. $45/month is the price of the Platinum hosting pack after getting a whopping discount. The regular price of the pack is $64.50 per month.


Now, I’ll show you the basic configurations of the hosting pack –

CPU – 6 Cores

RAM – 8192 MB

Storage – 500 GB

Bandwidth – 7000 GB


Now, we have only the last and the best hosting pack of Host1Plus to be discussed. The name of the final VPS hosting pack of Host1Plus is Diamond. The name suits the pack very well because the configurations of the pack shine a lot.


Here are the configuration –

CPU – 8 Cores

RAM – 16384 MB

Storage – 1000 GB

Bandwidth – 12000 GB


By seeing the high configurations, don’t worry much about the pricing of the plan. This is because the price of the Diamond VPS hosting pack is quite reasonable and also, there’s a whopping discount on the plan too.


The discounted price of the pack is $85/month, though the regular price of the same pack is $105/month.


Now, I wanna rate the VPS hosting plan of the company. By analyzing the configurations, the VPS hosting plan of Host1Plus worth getting a 4-star rating.


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