Host1Plus Review: Have a Cool VPS Plan Just for $2.25/Mo!

Since Host1Plus has been providing quality web hosting services to their customers for many years, I’ve intended to write an in-depth review of the web hosting company.


The hosting company is infrastructurally very strong and capable of providing you with awesome hosting services.


Let’s jump into the main review now.


Host1Plus Review

Now, I’ll start reviewing the hosting company.


Features and benefits of Host1Plus

Host1Plus is a powerful web hosting company that comes with an unbelievably cheap VPS hosting for its customers. Not only are the VPS packs, there are many other types of hosting services available in this hosting.


Here are the notable features of the hosting company –

Free domain

All the hosting packs of Host1Plus come with a free domain. So, there’s no need to buy a domain for your website for the first year when it comes to hosting your site on any of the hosting packs.



The bandwidth comes with all the shared hosting plans of the hosting company is unlimited. This means that you won’t have to worry about how much data is being transferred to your website.


For this, you can welcome as many visitors to your site as you wish if your site is hosted on Host1Plus



Host1Plus claims that their SSD storage is very fast in comparison to other hosting companies. Also, the storage is unlimited.


Dedicated IP address

This hosting company allows you to buy or use a dedicated IP address for free. This is an amazing feature that many other hosting companies lack.


You’ll have to buy a dedicated IP for $2 per month in the starting two shared hosting plans. The top shared hosting plan called the Business Pro that comes with a free dedicated IP address though.



Host1Plus doesn’t focus on the discount feature and for that, you don’t see any direct discount offer on the front or any detail page of the site.


But you can get 5% (with the annual purchase) or 10% (with two-year purchase) or 15% (with three-year purchase) discount depending on the period of your hosting purchase from the company.


They also claim that you can save up to 20% for the long billing cycles.


Apart from this discount feature, you’ll also see some discounts in the upgraded VPS hosting plans of the company.


Guaranteed uptime

I didn’t see any uptime guarantee in this web hosting although by reading some other reviews, I found that the hosting company offers 99.99% uptime guarantee.


Domain registration

Unlike many other hosting companies, Host1Plus doesn’t have a direct domain registration option which is really a drawback of the company.


The number of email accounts

Host1Plus gives you the option of hosting as many email accounts as you want on a single hosting pack of it.


The number of domain hosting

The Business Pro hosting pack allows you to host as many domains as you wish, though the other hosting packs of Host1Plus don’t offer this. Those hosting packs have some limited numbers of domains to be hosted.


1-Click installer

The hosting company provides a 1-click installer though it’s not clear whether it’s Softaculous or not.


Control panel

Host1Plus provides the cPanel control panel with its hosting packs, though you have the option of choosing the DirectAdmin as your site’s control panel too.


SSL certificate

Host1Plus doesn’t provide any direct way of purchasing an SSL certificate for a website. This is a great drawback for the hosting company.


Also, none of the hosting packs come with a free SSL certificate.



There’s an automated backup service comes with the hosting packs of Host1Plus. This is a nice offer because securing your valuable website content has the top importance.



Host1Plus has a 24-hour support facility. The experienced support team is ready to handle your simple queries as well as major issues.


Money-back guarantee

The money-back period for Host1Plus isn’t that promising. You’ll get a short period, 14 days, for asking for your money back if you’re not satisfied with their hosting services.


Hosting plans and pricing

Host1Plus has different types of hosting plans, though there’s no dedicated hosting plan available in the hosting company.


*Update: I see now the hosting company also provides dedicated servers which are an exciting combination to their hosting services.


Here are the shared hosting plans of the company –

Personal ($5/month)

Business ($10/month)

Business Pro ($15/month)


You’ll see that all the three shared hosting packs are bundled with a lot of crucial features.


And see that the VPS hosting packs of Host1Plus are really very cheap (the Amber plan is even cheaper than their shared hosting plan!):

Amber ($2.25/month)

Bronze ($5.50/month)

Silver ($10/month after discount)

Gold ($20/month after discount)

Platinum ($45/month after discount)

Diamon ($85/month after discount)


So, you can see that Host1Plus has a lot of options to choose from when it comes to using a VPS hosting pack.


You’ll be happy to know that the hosting company has many cloud hosting packs too and they are named LIN1, LIN4, LIN8, LIN16, and LIN32 and price remains between $8 and $156 on a monthly basis.


The hosting company also has four reseller hosting packs like these:




Business Pro


And you can buy any of the packs by spending between $20 and $50 per month.



Two performance tests are very common in most of my hosting reviews. The tests are the speed and the uptime records.


Let’s check the speed of the server of Host1Plus. To show you the speed test of the hosting’s server, I’m using the PICKUPHOST as usually.


Here are the settings that I had to set up to check the speed of the company –

host1plus as the host

The server location has been set as the US.


Finally, clicking on the Speed Test button has shown the following speed –

speed of host1plus

So, the speed of the hosting company is 35 ms which is really a good speed.


In fact, the tool considers this speed as a Turbo speed.


And now, I’ll show you the uptime records of the hosting company. I’ve recorded the uptime for the last couple of months.


Here are the uptime scores –

November 2016: 99.9%

December 2016: 100%

January 2017: Missed to monitor

February 2017: 99.9%


You can see that the uptime is also very promising.


So, from the performance tests, we can say that Host1Plus performs very well as a web hosting company.


Pros and cons


  • $2.25 per month VPS hosting pack is an amazingly cheap hosting
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • A dedicated IP address is very easy to buy (also, free with some packs)



  • No direct domain registration facility


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Verdict and your decision

This is the final part where I’ll go for the final verdict. So, how good the hosting company is can be known in this part.


I’ll rate it according to the quality of the company’s services. Truth be told, the hosting company deserves a 4-star rating.


So, the Host1Plus review ends up here.


Now, it’s your turn to check the hosting company and decide if it really suits your exact requirements.

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