Host Europe Review [Learn About the Hosting Here]

Today, I’ve picked up another great web hosting company named Host Europe. This web hosting company has been serving good hosting related services for many years.


So, start reading the review and know the awesomeness of the hosting company.


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Discount. There’s no obvious discount available for this hosting company.


Storage and bandwidth. All the hosting packs of the company come with a limited amount of disk space. As for example, the shared hosting packs are capable of storing 35 to 300 GB of content depending on the packs.


And the hosting company doesn’t disclose anything on how much bandwidth they’ll provide with the hosting packs.


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Domain registration. You can register a domain from the site of Host Europe if it’s available because there’s the domain registration feature available in it.


MySQL databases. None of hosting packs of the Host Europe has an unlimited number of MySQL databases. The hosting packs provide 5 to 50 databases depending on the hosting packs.


Website builder. Host Europe doesn’t have any free website builder, but you can buy and use the paid site builder. There are 2 plans available in the tool – the Basic and the Premium.


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SSL certificate. There’s no free SSL certificate provided with any of the hosting packs, though you can buy one for your website at any time.


Security and backups. The hosting company has a completely separate section for different kinds of security services. The security services include the SSL certificates, the SiteLock, and the online backup.


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Note that all the services are premium, so the only way of using them is by paying the charge of the services.


Support. Host Europe has a good support team. You can reach out to them by using the land phone number, the mobile phone number, and the email address provided by the hosting company.


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Money-back guarantee. The hosting company offers 4-week of money back period. If you don’t like the services of this hosting provider, you can get your money back within the mentioned period of 4 weeks.

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