Grammarly Vs Ginger ~ Which Grammar Checker is Better

This is a thorough comparison of Grammarly Vs Ginger.


Both the tools are very effective in correcting several errors in your writing, but there are some differences between the two.


And here in this comparison, I’m going to go through a back to back comparison.


So let’s enjoy the comparison.


Grammarly Vs Ginger

Now, I’ll show you the similarities and differences between the two tools so that you can identify which one wins over another.



First of all, come to the freedom of using the tools.


Both the tools are usable for free though there are some limitations in the free versions of the tools. So if you need to harness the full power of the tools, you’ll need to opt-in for the premium plans of them.


This means that you can’t unlock any of the tools’ full features for free.


With the premium plan of Grammarly, you can remain worry-free as you won’t require anything else to satisfy you when it comes to checking your text.

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You can also to use the premium plan of Ginger which will come up with its ultimate power.


So both the tools have a tie here if you consider their freemium features.



Now, I’m talking about the compatibility of both the tools. Both Grammarly and Ginger support varieties of platforms to run on them smoothly.


Ginger has the mobile device compatibility which is unavailable on Grammarly. So if your need is to use a grammar checker tool on your mobile phone, then Ginger will surely win over Grammarly.


Update: Now Grammarly has its mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.


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On the other hand, Grammarly must outrank Ginger when it’s the actual need of checking grammar in your content on the most used platforms since Grammarly is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Office, Windows etc to satiate your desire for checking your text anywhere, anytime.


You just need to use the respective extensions of Grammarly to use it on your desired platforms.


Though Ginger has a wide range of compatibility, the recurring updates of Grammarly are really helping its users a lot.


Availability of MS Office extension

You have already learned that Grammarly works on MS Word too.


The extension for Microsoft Office in the case of Ginger isn’t present, so here’s the lack of Ginger that many users will complain. This is because there are many people out there whose main writing platform is MS Word. These people don’t want to use another platform for crafting their content, but they want a better content checker.


Also, the cloud access to Grammarly is possible which isn’t available in Ginger grammar checker.


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One of the important features of this kind of tool is the plagiarism check which is available on Grammarly. Yes, Grammarly has a multi-functional plagiarism checker with the tool that I’ve already discussed.


What about Ginger? No, Ginger has no plagiarism checking option till now. So, if you use Ginger to check your content, then you’ll still need another tool for the plagiarism check of your content.


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After that, the file uploading option is available for Grammarly which isn’t available for Ginger. You know how easy it’s to use the uploading feature of a tool at the time of checking different docs.


So, this is another great lack of Ginger.


To download and use Ginger, you’ll need to follow the “Download” button from the homepage of the site. Hitting the button will start downloading the file from the tool. Once the download is complete, you’ll need to install that on your PC. Just after that, you can start using the powerful tool.


Ginger is truly a multi-featured tool that means it not only serves the grammar check but also provides the service of translation, sentence rephrasing, text reading, and personal training.


So, you can call this one an all-in-one tool for doing varieties of things for your writing. In addition, the tool has a resourceful dictionary which is really a great addition to this kind of tool.


One exciting feature of the tool is its text reading which can make your lazy time productive. Often times, we don’t wanna read things because of our laziness or tiredness. That time, Ginger can be your perfect companion. Just start the text reading feature and use your ears to listen to different articles.


Apart from the grammar checking option, the personal training mode can make you much more knowledgeable about English. So, to bolster your knowledge of English, this tool can work like an expert trainer.


The translation part is another great addition to this tool which lacks in most of the other this kind of tools. In this regard, this tool can easily defeat other ones with seeming ease.


One feature of the tool that I’ve already mentioned is the sentence rephrasing option which I don’t like much. I guess many of you’ll argue with me regarding this opinion, but I’ve great logic behind my dislikeness.


Sentence rephrasing is involved with rephrasing other sentences so that they can pass plagiarism. Many bloggers can leverage this feature of this tool and steal others work in the name of rephrasing. This isn’t a good practice because crafting content isn’t that easy.


Being a blogger, I know how much perseverance does it take to write a single blog post. If someone steals this hard work just by tweaking it with the tool, then how will be the feeling of the original creator of the content that has been rephrased?


So, nobody should use this option. Other than this feature, all the other features of the tool are really praise-worthy. So, you can use the tool reliably.



And if you check the pricing for the tools, you’ll see that Grammarly costs slightly a bit more than Ginger though you’re getting some more features on Grammarly.


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So, the more pricing of Grammarly won’t cause you any hesitation to use the tool.


Finally, I’ve to again say that Grammarly is an all-in-one tool and if you use it, then you won’t need to use any other tool.


On the other hand, Ginger won’t make you use only the tool because you’ll also need some other tools for other types of checks like plagiarism is one of the major ones.


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So, from the comparison between the tools, you can easily say that using Grammarly is the best decision when you need to do everything with just a tool.


In contrast to that, if you just need to use a tool on the go, then Ginger might be your great companion because of its mobile apps.

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