This is a complete Grammarly review.


I’ve written this review in order to let you know about the tool well.


This is because I’ve seen that many of the reviews lack some important factors of Grammarly proofreader.

grammarly grammar checker


Grammarly Review

First of all, I’m gonna briefly tell you my own story regarding the importance of using this tool. I started my online career in freelance writing. It was MS Word where I wrote most of my blog posts for my clients.


I also published some posts directly from my clients’ WordPress blogs. By the way, I wasn’t able to proofread for a long time because of writing so many articles on a regular basis.


It was going very well and I was happy with my freelance writing career. But the real horror came within a few months. One of my clients claimed that my writing had some serious flaws.


I asked him to show my faults. Then he pointed those faults and I was astonished to see that most of the faults would have been solved if I had used a decent grammar checker.


It was the time when I tried the Grammarly Free version (and the Premium version later). It detected all the flaws of that document that I wrote for my that client.


There were also some spelling mistakes which MS Word couldn’t detect. Seeing all those things, I just became a fan of Grammarly from then.


What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a multi-functional tool that can take care of your writing in different ways. The main three features of the tool are the following –

  1. Grammar and punctuation checking
  2. Spelling checking
  3. Plagiarism checking


So, Grammarly’s name reveals the main purpose of the tool – grammar check. Grammarly can check more than 250 kinds of grammatical flaws in your writing. Thus the tool is considered as the best grammar checker.


Not only is that, it can correct your spelling related problems too. Also, the premium plagiarism checking option has made the tool an all-in-one type in all the respects.


Benefits of Grammarly

Truth be told, the benefits of Grammarly punctuation checker are unending. Yes, it has limitless advantages that are hard to express in short. By the way, I can tell you the obvious benefits of this killer grammar checker tool so that you can have some ideas about its awesomeness.


You can avoid several hundreds of types of grammatical flaws in your writing if you use Grammarly. So, using this great tool, you can say goodbye to most of the errors of grammar and punctuation for sure.


Earlier, using comma was a nightmare to me because I often did mistakes in using this tiny punctuation mark in my writing. Now, I’m fearless about using the comma in my text because Grammarly tells me the correct positioning of this little, but powerful punctuation sign.


Other than the use of the comma, you can also be the master of using the colon, semi-colon, and many other types of punctuation marks if you just use Grammarly at the time of writing.


Speedy typing is prone to a lot of spelling mistakes. Often times, I see that my fast typed writing has come up with several misspelled words in it. After using Grammarly, you can see the red underlines under the misspelled words that you have done both wrongfully and unintentionally.


Seeing the red lines under the words that are wrong spellings, you can correct them just by hovering the cursor over them. You’ll get the suggestions and then correct them without making any delay. This way, you’re also having a text full of correctly spelled words in it.


Are you damn sure that the text that you’re using on your blog or anywhere else is free from plagiarism? Nobody can guarantee that. So, here comes the usefulness of Grammarly again.


Yes, if you have the premium version of Grammarly, then you could be worry-free with your writing because the tool supports plagiarism check too.


So, by using Grammarly, you can check your writing from all the angles, thus you won’t need to use any other tool for checking anything else further.


Also, you don’t need to visit the tool every time to check your text because you can use Grammarly on almost anywhere. So, after opting in for the tool, you now only need to write your posts. The rest of the taking care is on the tool’s shoulder.


That’s why whether you’re crafting an email for your potential clients or writing a blog post for your readers, the tool is always with you because of its great compatibility with so many different platforms.


You’ll be glad to know that right now I’m having the limitless benefits of Grammarly because it has also come to my WordPress dashboard to check my writing. With the tool, I can feel that I’m not alone here. The tool is always giving me personal touch like my old school grammar teacher.


And, grammatically correct blog posts are gonna get more preference in ranking those on top of SERPs. So, in this regard, a decent grammar checker tool like Grammarly can show its usefulness more proudly.


Not only are these, anyone can upgrade his/her English skills over time if s/he uses Grammarly on a regular basis. The reason is that seeing the flaws, again and again, is helpful in overcoming the lack of those problems.

testimonial of grammarly
Photo credit: Grammarly’s site

So, don’t wait. Just go and get Grammarly. After that, you’ll be getting the unlimited benefits of this robust tool. Review: Features

Now is the time to show you the features of the tool. Here are the awesome features –

  • From Grammarly’s claim, the tool can detect more than 250 kinds of errors in any piece of writing. Can you imagine how big the number is? Yes, nobody can imagine having so many types of flaws in his/her writing. In this sense, Grammarly has brought this large number because of making its users aware the greatness of the tool. And, yes, Grammarly will win over other grammar checker tools in seeming ease because of this huge number of error checking.


  • The tool also openly claims that it can detect and correct so many types of grammatical flaws that many other tools of the same kind, especially MS Word, can’t do. This can easily express the confidence level of the team of the tool. This confidence passes through from the team to the users of Grammarly.


  • Grammarly can be used on varieties of platforms (I’ll show the list of compatible platforms later in this post). As you have already known that I’m using Grammarly with my WordPress platform, this is just one of the useful compatibilities of the tool.


  • Though the name of the tool, Grammarly, suggests that this is a tool solely for grammar check, the tool also serves the plagiarism check functionality with it. That means you can also call the tool as Grammarly plagiarism checker too. To avail this feature, one needs to purchase the premium plan of the tool, though. So, if you use Grammarly, no need to use any other tool for checking plagiarism. Copyscape seems to be a reliable tool for checking plagiarism, but Grammarly can defeat this decent tool too because of the multi-functional features of it.


Grammarly Review: Pros and Cons

Don’t be afraid of seeing this part. Yes, I say that everything has its positive and negative sides and you should learn about both the sides.


This learning is quite effective in deciding whether to use a thing or not. Similarly, learn the pros and cons of Grammarly so that you can take you valuable decision at the time of using the tool.


Though Grammarly is outstanding in its service, it has some cons too. To learn about them, this is the part for you.


Here are the positive and the negative sides of Grammarly –


  • The all-in-all facility of the tool is stunning. This saves much of its users’ cost for checking their text.
  • The wide range of compatibility of the tool gives the users the room for using it on their desired platform.
  • It can find out over 250 kinds of flaws from any writing.
  • The tool is very reliable in giving accurate results at the time of detecting and correcting most of the flaws in any writing.
  • The real-time error detection is very useful in making a writing better promptly which is also a sign of user-friendliness of the tool.


  • The tool can’t work offline.
  • The mobile app of the tool is still unavailable.
  • Often times, the tool can’t detect proper nouns, so those come as flaws.

How to use Grammarly?

The tool can be used in 4 different ways and you can use it on different platforms using those ways. So, you have the full freedom to use Grammarly on varieties of platforms. This is a great feature of the tool.


Here I’ll show you how to use the tool in several ways. You should find out your desired way of using the tool from the list of ways for sure.


The basic setup

To use Grammarly, first of all, you’ll have to create an account for it. You’ll have your profile once you’re signed up for an account.


The profile tab is this –

profile on grammarly

You can find out your profile after logging into Grammarly. So, the first thing in order to use Grammarly is to sign up for an account.


Way 1. Use Grammarly directly from its site

After having a Grammarly account, you can now sign into it. So, log in and the “My Grammarly” option will come by default on your Grammarly Dashboard.


If you see that you’re on a page other than the “My Grammarly”, then you can land the page simply by hitting this tab –

my grammarly

At this stage, you can see some saved docs on the right side of the panel. The docs are good to analyze how the tool works. So, if you’re a new user of Grammarly, then you should open a doc or two to learn the text checking process of the nice tool.


So, hit the “Demo document” and you’ll be taken to the checking panel with the doc. You’ll see that some red lines are appearing in some words. Seeing these lines, you can determine that those underlined words have some flaws in them.


Reaching to every underlined word will open up the suggested correction. Go for the suggestions and correct the flaws one by one.


So, you can see how easy it’s to use the tool.


There’s also the search box in the “My Grammarly” section from which you can explore your saved docs if you have already done some.


Here’s the search box –

search box

From the below button, you can either start typing new text or uploading old doc on Grammarly.

new or upload file

To type on the tool, hit the “New” button and start writing your text. You’ll see that the tool is automatically detecting the flaws that you make in your writing.


Note that in the writing panel of the tool, you can also paste your required text to check it further for different types of errors.


So, copy the text that you need to check and paste that in the writing panel. That’s it. The tool will start detecting flaws in the text.


Now, learn how to upload a file on Grammarly for checking. To do this, click on “Upload” button and then a file explorer will open for browsing the file like this –

choose the file

Browse the file and then select it from your PC’s storage. After that hit the “Open” button on the file explorer. It’ll upload the file on Grammarly. The uploading of files may take more or less time depending on the size the file and the speed of the internet.


Once the uploading is complete, you can see your doc on Grammarly with the detections of its flaws. Correct all your text’s flaws according to the tool’s suggestions. This way, you can come up with an error-free document.


Way 2. Use the Chrome extension of the tool

Now, I’ll show you how to use this great tool on your browser. You can use it in Chrome or Firefox and as I use Chrome, I’ll show you how to use it in this browser.


Note that the user process of both the browsers is almost the same. So, don’t worry if your requirement is to use the tool in Firefox.


So, how will you use the tool in Chrome browser? To do this, firstly, you’ll need to land your Grammarly dashboard. On the page, you’ll see this tab –


You’ll need to enter into this tab which will take you to another web page on the right side of the dashboard. Currently, there are three panels and the top one is this –

Chrome extension

You can see that my panel has “Active” on the right side of the panel. This is active because I’ve already activated the tool on my browser. You’ll see that the button color is red and there’s “Install” in it. If I hadn’t installed the extension before, then I would have also had the same “Install button” there.


In fact, before installing it, I had the “Install” button shown on the right side of the panel. By the way, to install the extension Grammarly on your browser, you now need to hit the “Install” button.


After doing so, the extension will be installed on your browser. Once the installation is complete, you could see the following button in the top right corner of your Chrome browser –


Clicking on the button will open a popup sidebar like this one –

popup sidesbar

You can see that this is for my browser and I can use it for anything that I write using the Chrome browser. The best benefit that I get from the tool is that I can check every text on my WordPress. This is an invaluable advantage that I get from Grammarly and for this reason, I’m very much grateful to the tool.


Also, enabling the tool on your browser means that the tool will start detecting flaws whenever you write anything on your search engines, new emails, social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.


Now, I can be relaxed by writing anything because I know that Grammarly’s digital eyes are there to protect me from doing any sort of mistakes in my writing.


So far, I could correct so many mistakes in my writing and I’m still getting limitless benefits from Grammarly. Thank you! Grammarly for providing such a nice service that we can hardly imagine from a tool.


Way 3. Use it with Microsoft Office

Many of you are reluctant to use any other grammar checker with MS Office. The reason is that you may think that Microsoft Office is well enough to detect all sorts of grammatical and spelling related flaws.


But in reality, it’s over expectation to get the top-notch grammatical correction service from Microsoft. Yes, you read it right. MS Office can’t detect many types of flaws from your writing. As a result, it’s likely to see several mistakes in a piece of writing even though it’s been checked with MS Office.


Another reluctance of not using any other tool for checking grammar is that it’s a bit inconvenient to take your writing to another tool and then correct it further. After the correction, you’ll again need to correct the main document according to the corrected one.


To avoid all these reluctances, you can use Grammarly with your MS Office. So, cheer up now. Yes, the tool provides the extension for MS Office.


Now, I’ll show you how to use it. To do this, you’ll have to follow the “Apps” tab that’s found on the dashboard of Grammarly which I’ve already shown in the previous part.


So, follow the steps up to landing the “Apps” tab. Under the “Grammarly for Chrome”, you’ll see the following panel too –

grammarly for ms office

This is the option that you’ll need to opt-in for using Grammarly with MS Office. Tap on the “Install” button. It’ll download the add-ons on your PC.


Open the file and then install it on your PC. From then, you can start using it with MS Office.


Way 4. Use it on your Windows PC

And, finally, Grammarly is also compatible with Windows-powered PCs too. So, if you own a Windows laptop or desktop, you can use the tool directly from your device.


To have Grammarly on your Windows PC, do the following things –

Visit Grammarly’s dashboard > Apps > Go to Grammarly for Windows > Hit the Install button > Download the file > Install it on your PC > Done.


So, these are the steps that I’ve shown in a sequential way. This the panel that you’ll have to use –

grammarly for windows

Hitting the “Install” button will start downloading the following file –

file for windows

Once the download is complete, install it on your PC. That’s all for having the great too, Grammarly, for your PC.


Now, you can use the tool from your PC.


How much does Grammarly cost?

Though you always hear that Grammarly is free, the tool has its premium version too. There are many reasons why you should use the premium version of the tool.


Here are major reasons why you must use the paid version of the tool (look at the screenshot, I’ve snapped it from the site of Grammarly) –

grammarly premium
Photo source: Grammarly’s site

One important thing to add here is that the plagiarism check option is only available with the premium version.


I hope that you have come to know the reasons for using the premium version of the tool.


I’ll let you know the premium plans soon, but before that, I’ll show you how to go for the premium plan. To do this, first of all, go to the dashboard of Grammarly.


You’ll see the following tab there –

premium tab

Click on the tab and then you’ll land another web page stating the good reasons for using the premium version along with the fees of it.


I’ve snapped the current charge of the premium plan from Grammarly’s site. You can see it here –

premium plans of grammarly
Photo credit” Grammarly

So, in short, here are the different prices depending on the bulk purchase –

$11.66 per month for the annual subscription ($139.95 in total for 12 months).

$19.98 per month for the quarterly subscription ($59.95 in total for 4 months).

$29.95 per month for the monthly subscription. 


Tap on “Select Plan” in order to purchase that. This is super easy and I hope that you’ll need only a few clicks to have your premium version of Grammarly with you.


So, you can see that there’s a whopping discount on the annual subscription. For this reason, take the wise decision to have the tool for the whole year.


In fact, every online business owner should use at least a decent tool for checking his/her writing on a daily basis. So, the bulk purchase is the best decision that saves a huge amount of money.


Verdict and your decision

After the long discussion and review on Grammarly, what can we conclude at the ending part? The review revealed that the tool, Grammarly, is too good to take care of any piece of writing by checking its grammar, spelling, plagiarism etc.


It comes with the free offer, though the premium version comes with the ultimate power. Also, the cost of the premium version is quite cheap, so anyone can afford the cost easily.


The support team of the tool is always beside you to listen to your queries. Just reach to the following tab and submit your request –

grammarly support

You’ll get the answers to your queries within the shortest possible time. Overall, the tool is such that you can rely on it.


So, you can start using it without any hesitation. You’ll get only the positive result, I bet.


Now, what’s your decision? Haven’t you seen that the tool is the master of making a piece of writing error-free? So, are you still confused whether to use the tool or not?


I hope that you don’t have any confusion right now after reading the complete review. However, the decision of using this tool is solely yours and I honor your wise judgment.

visit grammarly

So, this is the in-depth Grammarly review. Every one of you should read this review before using the tool. The reason for reading the review is that it’ll let you know the real power of the tool long before you use it. I hope that you’ll find the tool very much useful in your day to day life.

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