Grammarly Premium Review 2020 [Is Paid Version Worth it]

This is the post where I’ll discuss the Grammarly premium so that you can come to know the exact pricing and features of the tool.


Grammarly is the most sought-after grammar checker tool when it comes to editing your writing online. I’ve also tested it (in fact, still using) to check my writing.


Now is the time to let you know about my experience with the tool. Knowing this will help you decide whether to use the tool or not. I’m hopeful that you’ll enjoy this review of Grammarly which is based on my real-life experiences with the tool.


So, let’s check it out.


Grammarly Premium Review 2018

I wanna take you to the main part of this post without any further ado.


Here are some of the notable reasons for upgrading your Grammarly free plan to the premium –

So you can see that there are several reasons for doing it.


Now, I’m going to elaborate all the premium features of the Grammarly premium plan.


Offers premium checks

The free version of Grammarly does offer some exciting grammar checking features, but the premium goes beyond your imagination.


Yes, with the powerful plan of the tool, you can take care of over 250 types of grammatical errors in your writing.


So if you can be able to correct so many types of flaws, how will you come up with some flawed content?


No way, right?


Can be directly used with MS Office

Grammarly’s premium version comes with the ultimate power and you can have all of it when writing your articles on MS Word.


This is because Grammarly can work with Microsoft Office.


The installation of Grammarly MS Word is super easy, so you don’t need to learn the rocket science to do so.


Checks over 30 document types


Super responsive support team


7-Day money back guarantee


Grammarly Premium Pricing

Firstly, you should know that Grammarly is a free tool which can be used totally for free.


It has also a paid version which comes with some more exciting features. The premium version is divided into several plans depending on the total duration of purchase.


It costs $29.95 per month when it comes to buying the premium subscription for one month only.


You can save around $60 if you buy it for four months. Yes, that time the price becomes $59.95 for four-month use.


And the maximum discount (around 61%) can be got while buying the tool for a year. The yearly subscription comes at $139.95 only that means you can save around $220.


So, you’ll get a whopping discount while purchasing the premium plan annually.


$11.66 per month for the annual subscription ($139.95 in total for 12 months). This means that Grammarly costs very little, indeed.


How to use the premium version?

As I’ve told you that Grammarly can be used in many ways on many platforms, now is the time to show you that. Truth be told, the tool is very flexible to use. There are 4 ways through which you can use the tool for your different purposes.


One important thing about the premium version of Grammarly is that it can be used the same way as the free version.


Way 1. Using Grammarly on its native platform

This is the common way of using the tool and it’s quite straightforward to use. First of all, go to the homepage of Grammarly and then sign up for an account.


Now, come to the “My Grammarly” section of the dashboard of the tool. There are some saved docs which are for showing you how the tool works for different types of checks.


If you wanna check a new doc or text with the tool, you can do so by tapping on the “New” button. This button will open up a blank panel. This is the writing or pasting dashboard which will then be further checked for different types of errors.


So, you can either start writing your material or paste the required text on the panel that you need to check. The grammar check process is quite automatic and you could see the red underlines for all the flawed words and/or phrases.


Other than writing and posting, you can also bring your doc for checking with another method. This method is uploading. Yes, the tool offers the uploading of files facility which is really great.


To do this, click on the “Upload” which can be found under the “New” button on the homepage of Grammarly. This will open up the file explorer so that you can choose and the required doc from your PC’s storage.


Way 2. Using the tool as a Chrome extension

Grammarly is too good to use on browsers because it offers an extension to Chrome. This method will make you use the tool without visiting its site which is a great privilege to anyone.


To avail this option, you’ll have to install the Chrome extension from Grammarly. First of all, log into Grammarly’s account and then there’s a button named “Apps”.


Clicking on the button will take you to the option for “Grammarly for Chrome”. Now you’ll have to move to the “Active” button which will automatically install the extension for your Chrome browser.


Doing this will enable you to write in your browser along with the Grammarly so that it can check your writing real-time.


The best part of this option is that one can easily harness the power of Grammarly directly from his/her WordPress dashboard.


I can check my writing when I write my blog posts on WordPress blogs. This is a great way of avoiding so many errors if you can use Grammarly along with your WordPress writing panel.


Way 3. Using Grammarly from your Windows PC

Being a user of Windows 10 on my laptop, this option is a real boon for me. I can use the tool directly from my laptop because it offers this option too.


To do this, you’ll have to visit your Grammarly account and then the button “Apps”. This will show you the option “Grammarly for Windows”. Clicking on the “Install” button will start installing the extension.


Once the installation is complete, you now can use Grammarly directly from your PC.


Note that Grammarly is also available for MS Word.


To learn how to use Grammarly in details, please read this post.


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So is Grammarly worth it?

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