Many of you know that Grammarly is only an online grammar checker, right?

grammarly plagiarism checker

If you don’t know that Grammarly can also detect plagiarism in any copied content, then today is the time to update your knowledge regarding this.


Yes, Grammarly is a plagiarism checker too that’s too good to detect copied portion from any content. So, you can use Grammarly for plagiarism.


Grammarly plagiarism checker

Grammarly has the plagiarism detection option in its premium plan. So, if you wanna have the option to check for plagiarism in your content, then you’ll have to buy the premium version of Grammarly.


As you know that Grammarly only costs $11.66 per month if you go for the annual plan, so the ultimate services of the tool worth the price.


Here’s a post – how much is Grammarly – that’ll show you different prices of the tool depending on the period of your purchase.


In case you feel tired of reading the above post, I’m showing you the pricing again here.

Photo credit” Grammarly

You can see that you have the option of having the plagiarism checking in Grammarly just by buying its premium version in 3 different ways.


Yes, you can buy the plan on a monthly or quarterly or yearly basis, but as the annual purchase gives the most discount, you should go for that option.


To buy the premium version, just hit the “Select Plan” on your preferred plan. It’ll open up different forms to pay the fee for the plan.


Once you have bought the premium version, now you can start using the plagiarism checking option of Grammarly. To do so, follow the given guidelines –


How to check plagiarism with Grammarly?

Go to your “My Grammarly” account and then open your required file that you wanna check for plagiarism. Using the “Upload” button you can bring any text file to your Grammarly app.


So, hit the button and choose your required file from the explorer.


If the file is already uploaded to your Grammarly app, then you can open that just by hitting on the file.



So, open the file and over your mouse’s cursor over this (plagiarism button) button from the list of buttons situated on the left side of the opened file.

panel buttons

This is the plagiarism button from which you’ll have to enable the plagiarism detection option in order to start checking your file for plagiarism.


So, just swap the button to the right side and Grammarly will start working for detecting plagiarism in your content.

enable plagiarism in grammarly

Now, if the given content is plagiarized or any portion of it is copied, then you could see the report on the right side of the document.


Here’s a report that shows that 102 words are copied from any other content.

copy detected

Under the report, there’ll be also some suggestions to make your content plagiarism-free. So, you should take some necessary actions to remove the plagiarized portion if it’s very little.


On the other hand, if the whole content is plagiarized, then it’s better to write a new one to avoid further issues.


It’s never recommended using plagiarized content on your blog because if you do so, then your blog may get penalized by search engines. And to make sure whether the content of your blog is plagiarism-free or not, you should use a decent tool for the purpose.


Here’s Grammarly plagiarism checker that can make the task super easy within a few click in the tool. So, why not try the tool as you’ll get all-in-one services from the same tool?


Yes, Copyscape is a renowned to detect plagiarism, but the tool only checks for plagiarism. So, many users are moving from Copyscape to Grammarly because of having multiple facilities from Grammarly.


Grammarly is a powerful plagiarism checker and at the same time, it can make your writing error-free by finding out simple to critical flaws in it.


So, at the time of your writing or publishing your content on your blog, if you feel that you need to check whether that’s plagiarism-free or not, then never wait to take the help of Grammarly plagiarism checker.


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If you wanna learn more about the robust tool, Grammarly, then don’t forget to read the Grammarly review – you’ll get to know everything about the tool in details. Thank you

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