Grammarly Edu Reviewed By Several Online Professionals

You may have already learned the greatness of Grammarly for checking and correcting your writing according to proper English grammar.


Yes, Grammarly is a robust grammar checker which not only serves the grammar checking but also comes with plagiarism checking feature.


However, in this post, I’m gonna talk about Grammarly Edu which is solely for the students.


For this reason, Grammarly Edu is also known as Grammarly Student. Yes, many students from all over the world are being benefitted by using Grammarly Edu.


So, what’s it exactly?


Well, I’ve clarified everything in this post.


Grammarly Edu Review

Now, I’ll start reviewing the Grammarly Student.


There’s no doubt that Grammarly is the best grammar checker. However, you may or may not like the tool according to your own choice.


In this post, I’ll let you know the opinions of some bloggers and online business owners whom I asked the question whether they like Grammarly or not. I’ve also wanted to know why do they like or don’t like the tool.


So, let’s go ahead and learn about the opinions regarding the tool.


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Like Grammarly? Why?

Now, I’ll show you the answers –


Adeel Sami (

adeel sami

Being a non-native English speaker and having the passion for writing, I find Grammarly, my savior.

It fixes up the most of the grammatical mistakes which help me writing engaging content.

Without it, I cannot imagine how one can write the interesting content and even know how effective it is.

It is the most-trusted tool I ever found on the internet.


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Msi Sakib (

msi sakib

As a non-native English speaker, I face the same problem like others which is regarding grammatical and sentence structure issues while writing contents from my blog.


Making mistakes in your blog posts not only decrease your authority but also make you feel shame for your blog readers.


Thus, I do take help of Grammarly (However, nowadays most of my contents are written by my writers) which is a perfect companion to improve my writing skill along with making it faster by getting auto-suggestions from this tool.


I will recommend this tool for any non-native speaker who wants to build a career in the content writing field.


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 Manidipa Bhaumik (


Not everyone possesses a strong command over grammar. And when English is not your primary language, the challenges are more. If you are also worried about the typos and grammatical mistakes in your copy, then Grammarly is surely a great choice.

It corrects more than 250 types of writing mistakes, covering a vast range of errors people generally make while writing. It also gives an explanation of the problems it shows. Not many tools in this category provide such facilities.


This writing enhancement software is a true relief for those who might need to proofread their content often.


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 Shamsudeen Adeshokan (


Before I started using Grammarly for everything I write online, my writing was bad, admittedly. Then after I came in contact with Grammarly, I experience more user engagements, faster writing pace, less time on editing, less typo and grammatical error, etc.

The best part is, places I had been refused of getting my guest post accepted now have my work published on their blog. If English is not your first language like me, Grammarly is a must have online writing tool.


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Amar Kumar (TEMOK)

amar kumar

About Grammarly – A tool to polish your written content

First of all thanks for providing an opportunity to speak my mind regarding Grammarly with freedom on your website.

I am a big fan of Grammarly, with which I am able to get several Guest Posting opportunities on popular websites and blogs. It boosts my confidence, knowing well that whatever I write is 100% grammar, punctuation, and spelling perfect as well as makes total sense of writing.

According to various blogger, online marketer and many more people who have work on their desk pertaining to English literature – claims that it is trustworthy popular online grammar checker tool exists around the globe on the web.

Grammarly is authentic online writing tool that helps you to monitor almost everything subjected to English, doesn’t matters that English is your first or second language – your work will always be appreciated. From my best knowledge, it has helped several people in getting results based improvement in their businesses.

Thanking you
Amar Kumar


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Pronob Kundu (


Grammarly is the best tool which can help us to make our writing a masterpiece. We don’t need to worry about grammar, spelling or punctuation while writing. Grammarly will do all of these works for us.


This is a must-have tool for those who are not a native English speaker. Grammarly comes with free and paid versions. If you can’t afford paid version of Grammarly then go for the free version.


Free doesn’t mean it’s useless. It is also as useful and handy as premium. The best thing I like about Grammarly is we can use it as a Chrome or Firefox Extension.


So just install the Grammarly Extension and make the best use of this outstanding tool.


Muraduzzaman Konok (XerOne IT)


One of the articles of SMN Zaman about Grammarly encouraged me to use it for my sales pages copy. I got it really very helpful and with the help of this tool, now I can avoid a lot of grammatical mistakes that I used to do in the past. I am really grateful to SMN for introducing me to such a great tool.


Mi Muba (Be a Money Blogger)

mi muba

Grammarly is one of a few blogging tools that make your contents free from all language related errors. If we really believe that content is king then how come our king has mistakes or shortcomings.


Its features of spell check, sentence structure check and more particularly grammar check ensures your contents never fail to hit your target of more engagements and more conversion.


Its best aspect is its trial version to the first check if you can really reap its full benefits and then pay for the premium version to never let your contents miss their target.


Abdul Muneeb


An Excellent tool for writers. Grammarly saves much time, energy and also helps to write confidently and distinctly. It has the great features of proofreading, improving grammar and vocabulary enhancement.


One of the unique features I like most is its ability to analyze your document in different genres of writing which helps me most when I uncertainly change my niche.


So, these are the answers that the ontreprenurs replied.

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