GrammarBase is a little-known grammar checker that you should also check when it comes to detecting flaws in your writing. To give you an in-depth idea about the tool, I’ve planned to write a review on it. This is the review so that you can learn about it well.

grammarbase review

GrammarBase Review

GrammarBase checks for many things such as –

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Plagiarism
  • Spelling &
  • Style

So you see that the online tool is very effective in handling so many grammatical related problems of your text.


To check your writing with the tool, you’ll have to hit any of the two buttons – “Check for Mistakes” & “Check for grammar”.


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Both the buttons will take you to the same page where from you can check your text. The first button “Check for Mistakes” is situated at the top of the page & the second button “Check for grammar” is at the bottom of the page.


Pressing any of the keys of GrammarBase will take you to a page with a black box. This is the most common layout of most grammar & punctuation checkers.


Now you’ll have to drop your text in the box in order check it. After posting your required text in the box, click on “Start checking button”. This will start checking your text for any grammatical, spelling or punctuation related flaws. The checking process is very fast. So you won’t have to be bored with this nice tool.


I’ve tested the tool with a little text & it came with one flaw that’s related to the passive sentence. You know that passive sentences aren’t good to read, so most grammar tools force you to change those in simpler active sentences. Though in my case, I had no way out to change the passive form of the sentence. The passive voice was needed that time.


I’m pretty glad to see that the tool supports a ‘Remove’ button which can remove your pasted text within a nanosecond. So it’s very convenient to use the tool.


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Now come to the pricing of the tool. This tool can detect your text’s different types of flaws without any cost, but you can’t get the correction of those flaws for free. It comes with a correction option at the bottom of every page checking. It has 3 different correction fees. These fees vary due to the differences of deadlines of correction delivery. It can deliver in 12 hours ($12.45 per page), 6 hours ($20.45) & 3 hours ($25.45).


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“Hmm….I’ve found this tool a good alternative to many other decent online grammar checker tools. Though it’s not possible to find a tool equally equipped with so many services like Grammarly, ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke etc, you can still be satisfied using GrammarBase for sure.”

– James


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Now, it’s your turn to check the tool and decide whether you could use it or not.

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GrammarBase Grammar Checker Review ~ Another Good Tool

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