7+ Grammar Check Online Free No Download Needed Tools

If you need to use some best grammar checker tools, then this is the perfect list of online grammar checkers for you.


There are many free online grammar checker tools which need no download and can check the grammatical errors in your writing. I’ve written this post with a lot of paid and free grammar checker tools so that you can choose one at the time of grammar check.


There are some reasons why you should use a grammar and punctuation checker which are being discussed now:

When we write, often times, we do it very quickly. So, it’s not uncommon to see some mistakes in our writing.


Not only is that many of us have a great lack of proper knowledge of English grammar.


Also, spelling mistakes in your writing can occur at any time.


So, it’s not uncommon to see that many of us are crafting wrong sentences and spellings.


And you know that how irritating it’s to read error sentences.


To correct most of these kinds of issues, you can use a decent online grammar checker when you craft any text.


Here’s the ultimate usefulness of this type of tool.


Grammar Check Online Free No Download

Now, I’ll introduce you to some decent grammar checkers.


Here are the tools:


To do the grammar check online free without download, Grammarly is the best option for anyone.


This is a tool that has multiple functionalities. I’ve been using Grammarly for many years and I’m grateful to this great tool for taking care of my writing.


The digital eyes of the tool always detect several problems (if there’s any) in my writing so that I can check and correct them promptly.


Wow! Just now the tool has detected a problem in my previous line. What was that?


Yes, because of typing very fast, I missed out a c in the word detect. I was warned with a red mark and then I corrected the spelling by hovering the cursor over it.


Also, there was a subject-verb-agreement issue in that line which was shown with a red underline too. Then I corrected it and now I’m very happy to do that.


Grammarly can detect my writing issues real-time even when I write on my WordPress because I use the Grammarly Chrome extension for WordPress. I’ll show you how to get the extension on your WordPress blog too.

visit grammarly

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There are hardly a few tools that can work as perfect as ProWritingAid. Yes, this tool is one of the fabulous ones when it comes to checking grammar, spelling, sentence formation etc in a piece of writing.


To use the tool, the first thing that you’ll need to do is to sign up for an account on the platform. The signing up process is super easy as you can do it by following the “Sign up” button.


So, sign up for an account and then you can start using this nice tool.


50% Discount! Get Pro Writing Aid 


Note that ProWritingAid has some exciting buying features and one of the notable ones is the option for buying for the lifetime. This means that you can have the tool for your entire life without paying it for another time. This costs a bit more than its annual price.


Read this ProWritingAid premium review in order to learn the pricing as well as the premium plans of the tool.



If I say something about Ginger, then I’ll have to say that it’s the only tool that can be anywhere with you. Why I’m saying this?


Well, to know this, first of all, you’ll have to know the compatibility of this robust tool.


Here are the platforms where you can use this tool:

  • Windows
  • Chrome
  • iOS
  • Android

So have you seen that the tool has varieties of platform’s compatibility? That’s why I say that you can take Ginger anywhere you want.


Note that currently, most grammar checkers have the wide compatibility feature.


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PaperRater is another popular tool which must come with any list of grammar checkers. The only reason for this is its greatness in detecting and correcting different types of grammatical and other types of flaws in any text.


This is truly an online grammar checker which isn’t required to be downloaded. This facility is quite favorable to those who wanna use things directly from their browsers.


PaperRater’s one of the unique features is its grading system. Yes, it can grade your writing.


Read: PaperRater review



WhiteSmoke is another renowned name when it comes to naming a few of the top grammar checkers. Yes, in any list of this type of tool, you’re most likely to see WhiteSmoke.


This tool is also a very frequently updated one, so you can expect to see more and more improvements in the tool on a regular basis.


Finally, I can say that you can go for this tool without any hesitation. I can say this without any doubt because a lot of users have already tested the tool and proved that it’s a reliable companion at the time of checking the text for different types of grammatical errors.


Read: WhiteSmoke review


After the Deadline

This tool is a super one which can be your text checking assistant on varieties of platforms. Yes, the tool can be used on many platforms that you can’t imagine right now. Why?


The reason is the homepage of the site is a bit confusing about whether you could use the tool directly from your browser online or not. The DOWNLOAD button of the tool that’s shown on the site confuses because anyone may think that the tool is only usable after downloading.


I also thought the same when I first visited the site of After the Deadline. But after checking the site a bit, I found that it works almost all the platforms.


Read: After the Deadline grammar checker review 



The tool, SmallSEOTools, offers a lot of great features like grammar check, plagiarism check, SEO check, backlink check etc.


In fact, the grammar checking part is little-known to many of you because the tool is mainly famous and used for checking plagiarism. One thing that I can ensure is that the tool can check the grammar of your text the same way it does the plagiarism.


Moreover, it’s a free grammar checker that can take care of your text’s grammar with seeming ease. To use the tool, first of all, you’ll need to visit the site.


Read: Small SEO Tools review


Is using a grammar checker enough to correct your text?

The straightforward answer to this question is NO.


Yes, you should never be relaxed just by using a tool for grammar checking. The reason is that a real proofreader can check a piece of writing more accurately than a tool. This is because there are some things that a tool may not detect.


Also, a tool can’t detect proper nouns most of the time. So, in this case, if you write so many proper nouns in a text, then it’s likely to see that there are a lot of mistakes after checking with a grammar checker tool.


A human proofreader must understand where the proper nouns have been used.


The inefficiency of this type of tool doesn’t mean that you won’t use any of the tools. You should first check your writing with a grammar checker tool and then you should use your own eyes to proofread again.


So, a tool for grammar check will surely be your digital assistant at the time of checking your writing. But, you should use both your eyes and the power of proofreading and a decent tool for this purpose.


So, why will you use one of the grammar checker tools?

It’s also true that there are some mistakes which can’t be detected by a human proofreader. To detect and correct these sorts of problems, a decent tool is a perfect thing.


Also, as we’re so busy that we write things very speedily. This is the most common reason for having more and more spelling as well as grammatical mistakes in your writing.


In addition, we’re, more or less, too lazy to proofread our writing. A tool can check for most of the overlooked problems which we often don’t take seriously.


You can check this and find the truth of this claim by checking one of your writings with a decent tool. You’ll possibly find that there are some problems which you have previously overlooked or couldn’t notice.


For all these reasons, you must never forget to use a nice tool for checking your writing on a regular basis. Pick a tool from this in-depth review of different grammar checkers.


So, these are the grammar checker tools for the perfect grammar check online free no download needed. I hope that using a better-suited one will satisfy you in detecting and correcting all of the problems in your writing.


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