3 Grammar and Plagiarism Checker Tools that Can Be Used

When we go to craft our content, we often check two basic things about them.


So what are those things?


Well, we wanna make sure that our content is free from grammatical errors and at the same time, it’s quite necessary to ensure that our content has no plagiarism issue.


That means grammar checking and plagiarism checking are two important things for each of our articles that we create.


For this reason, many grammar checking tools come with the option of plagiarism checking with them.


So, you may need to know which tools provide both the checking options!


Don’t worry because in this post, I’m gonna bring three powerful grammar and plagiarism checkers.


Grammar and Plagiarism Checker Tools

Here are the tools –



This isn’t a free online plagiarism checker, so you can only use its premium version. Good news is that the cost of using this tool isn’t that much, so you can happily use this nice tool.

whitesmoke checker

Whitesmoke is going like Grammarly by offering its wide range of usability on different platforms. Yes, this tool can be used on a PC, online, on mobile, and as a Chrome extension.

whitesmoke punctuation checker

By visiting the products section of Whitesmoke’s site, you could see all the different options. Having the mobile app of this tool is worthy of praise because we are much dependent on your cellphones nowadays.


There’s also a demo which can illustrate how the tool works. From the video tutorials, you can even strengthen your English skills.


Note that Whitesmoke is another great tool for taking care of all sorts of grammatical, spelling, structural and plagiarism related issues of your text. So, if you use Whitesmoke, then you won’t possibly need any other tool for the separate checking purpose.


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This tool is marvelous for rating your text and it’s common to know that plagiarism is one of the major considerations for being a highly rated text.


PaparRater is for checking your writing for so many things like grammar, plagiarism, punctuation etc. So, this is another all-in-one tool like Grammarly, Whitesmoke etc.


But to avail all the awesome features of this tool, you’ll have to go for its premium version. The premium version of PaperRater doesn’t cost much if you buy it for annually.


The current monthly price is only $7.95 if you buy the subscription on a yearly basis. The total one-time payment for a year comes to only $95.40. On the other hand, if you buy it for per month basis, then the charge will be $14.95 per month.


Going for the premium option is a wise decision not for only saving money, but also unlocking so many exciting features.


So, if you use PaperRater, then you won’t have to worry about using other tools for different checks such as punctuation, grammar etc.


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Turnitin is a popular name when somebody wants to check his/her text for plagiarism. You shouldn’t worry about whether a text is plagiarized or not after checking with this robust tool.


Though I’m not a regular user of the tool, I got awesome experiences with a few tries with it. It’s really a fabulous tool for ensuring you whether your text is free of plagiarism or not.


Content regarding Turnitin –

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Note that I didn’t mention one of the finest tools that offer both grammar and plagiarism checking named Grammarly because I made another content for that.


If you wanna learn about the plagiarism checking function of Grammarly, please check the following post –

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So, you’re about to finish this post. I hope that you’ve some ideas to use a nice grammar and plagiarism checker to make your content grammatically error-free and plagiarism-free as well.

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