Google’s Engineer Told Me Everything About Google Ranking Last Night!

google ranking revealed

Last night was one of the memorable nights of my life.


I had a phone call last night.


It’s not that important, right?


But, getting a phone call from a Google’s engineer is obviously a matter of importance, right?


Yes, an engineer at Google phoned me last night!


Don’t think that he was Matt Cutts.


He was another engineer at Google and told me almost everything about Google ranking.


I don’t know why he revealed the secret ranking factors to me!


Wasn’t he satisfied with Google’s salary?


However, it’s not my business to find out the reasons.


Without any further ado, I wanna take you to the main conversation between us.


Google’s Engineer Phoned…

Sunday, November 12, 2017

12:33 A.M.


……Five little monkeys jumping on the bed,

One fell off and bumped his head,

Mama called the doctor,

And the doctor said,

No more monkeys jumping on the bed….

…….Five little monkeys jumping on the bed,……….

(My son set one of his favorite rhymes as my  mobile phone’s ringtone!)


Me: Hello, SMN Zaman speaking.


Engineer: Hey, I’m from Google.

My name is Greg.

This isn’t the exact photo of the engineer, but his voice seemed he was an old person

Me: From Google….!


Engineer: Yes, I’m an engineer of the search engine giant and I wanna let you know the secrets.


Me: Secrets! What secrets?


Engineer: The secrets of Google ranking.


Me: Whaaa…t! Google ranking! You’ll tell me the secret of Google ranking?


Engineer: Yes, I’ll tell you. Time is very short, so go fast, please.


Me: Sure. Please tell me everything.


Engineer: I see you’re an SEO expert and for that, you should know about the secrets.


Me: It’s my pleasure, but may I ask you a question?


Engineer: Sure.


Me: Why have you chosen me?


Engineer: Well, I read one of your posts on SEO and I really enjoyed it. As a result, it’s your reward.


Me: Wow! You liked my post, glad to hear that.


Engineer: Okay, now lemme talk about the main matter. Create quality content. Google loves it the most. More and more people are working hard to implement SEO, they’re forgetting to add value to their content. Never do that.


Me: Everybody says that – create quality content. But, there’s no scale to measure it. So, what do you suggest?


Engineer: Create quality content that can easily stand out from the crowd. Thousands of people are creating almost similar content everyday. If you do the same, you’re literally considered as another similar content producer.


Me: Well, I got it. That means my ideas and executions should all be unique, right?


Engineer: Absolutely right. Think out of the box. Create the thing that doesn’t come to brain normally. Make stunning, unique headlines for your blog posts which are likely to be clicked while serving with hundreds of other posts.


Me: What’s next?


Engineer: Once you ensure that your content is of high quality, only then you can think of applying other SEO techniques. The next most important thing is the positioning of the content. It’s not directly related to targeting keywords.


Me: So, there’s no value for targeting keywords?


Engineer: No, not really. I mean you can primarily target a suitable keyword and write your content on it, but it doesn’t mean that we’ll rank your post as per your targeted keyword.


Me: I see! For that, recently, I wrote a post on ‘Namecheap WordPress Hosting‘ and now it’s ranked for all the EasyWP related keywords such as ‘EasyWP Review’, ‘Namecheap EasyWP Review’ etc.


Engineer: Yes, you targeted one keyword, but Google ranked your post for other keywords because we considered that your post would be good for all the EasyWP related keywords because EasyWP is the WordPress hosting pack of Namecheap.


You didn’t have to target the other keywords, your content told us everything.


Me: So, you mean we should focus on a wide range of related topics even though we’re writing on a specific keyword!


Engineer: Yes, you’re right.


Me: Would you say anything about URL?


Engineer: Sure, always make a memorable, short, relevant (to the title) URL for your content. There’s no crime if you put some stop words in your URL, but make sure that the URL can be read easily.


Me: Then?


Engineer: Keep the targeted keyword of your post in the first line of your content, but don’t place that as it’s.


Me: What do you mean by that?


Engineer: Well, if your main targeted keyword is ‘How to Start a Blog’, then keep ‘How to Start a Nice Blog’ or something like this in the first sentence.


It’ll make your writing natural and at the same time, you can place the keyword in a different way.


Me: That’s great.


Engineer: Oh! One thing that I forgot to mention earlier is that you should write on long-tail keywords and in your content, try to use some LSI keywords too. Also, focus on the short parts of your long-tail keywords.


If your targeted long-tail keyword is free online punctuation checker, then focus on punctuation checker, online punctuation checker, and free punctuation checker too. Try to mention all the short elements of your long-tail keyword in your content.


Me: Yes, I know it and implement it that way. You can see that I’ve already written a post on LSI keywords.


Engineer: And, don’t be a fool by plastering your content with tons of keywords. Okay?


Me: Yes, I always use keywords only when they come naturally.


Engineer: That’s fine and suggest your audience to do so too.


Me: What about tags and categories? Are they still important?


Engineer: They’re not that important for ranking, but if you keep similar types of content under relevant category and tag, then it’ll be easier both for you and your readers to have a clear idea about your content.


And, don’t forget to optimize your images properly. Most users only pay heed to alt tag optimization, but the size optimization is really important which affects the speed of a post.


Me: Then what?


Engineer: I see you’ve already written many posts on links. That’s good. Use internal, outbound, and backlinks relevantly.


Me: I’ve an important question to ask! Could you please answer to that?


Engineer: Sure. What’s that?


Me: Are long posts really rank well?


Engineer: No. Long posts are typically in-depth, but if a long post is full of fluff, then how can Google rank it? Google is very smart now.


Me: I see. Then, what do you suggest regarding speed and responsiveness?


Engineer: The speed of your site is such an important factor that it can make or break your entire online business. Similarly, responsiveness plays a vital role because you don’t know from which platforms, your readers will come to your site.


Me: All the great suggestions. I’m really grateful to you.


Engineer: And, this is the final advice for you today. Listen carefully.


Me: I’m listening, please.


……Nashmi’s father, Nashmi’s father?

(My son’s name is Nashmi!)


Me: What?


Wife: Won’t you wake up now? It’s 10 A.M.!


Me: Oh! I’m late, but I was dreaming an important dream. It was a miraculous dream and bad luck because I couldn’t learn the last advice of Google’s engineer.


Wife: You’re repenting for your dream! Go and wash your face.


The food is ready, come to the table.


My inner voice was saying, ‘you won’t realize how important the dream was!’


Yes, my dear readers, this was a dream.


I don’t know why I dreamt this dream, but it was absolutely amazing.


Maybe an engineer at Google really wanted to connect with me in another world or maybe I’m obsessed with so much SEO related things!


After all, I still repent what was the last advice!


Do you’ve any idea about it?


If you’ve, please lemme know in the comment section.


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