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There are hundreds of domain registrars in the online market and  GoDaddy has been around here for a very long time.

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In 1997, Jomax Technologies was launched by a billionaire entrepreneur Bob Parsons. Just after two years, a  group of male employees at Jomax Technologies were brainstorming and decided to change the company name. One idea was Big Daddy but that domain name had already been taken by another person (here you can realize the importance of securing a domain name!).


Parsons found “Go Daddy” as a nice name for their company and the domain was available, so he bought it.


Later on, in February of 2006, the brand name of the company, “Go Daddy” has been changed to “GoDaddy”.


GoDaddy Domain Registrar Review

Now GoDaddy is one of the exceptionally well known leading domain registrars and hosting company in the market. Approximately 17 million customers, 75 million domain names under their management and over 6,000 employee worldwide, makes it world’s biggest and best domain registrar and web hosting company.


You can be a proud customer of this web giant.


Aside from their domain name registration and web hosting plans, GoDaddy offers easy domain forwarding, auctions for bidding domain, total DNS control, domain locking, professional e-mail service powered by Microsoft, web security, online marketing tools, 24/7 customer support via (text, mail, and phone) and many more.


Good to know – what is a domain name?


GoDaddy offers both domain name registration and web hosting services. This means you can keep your domain name and hosting under the same company. It solves a lot of hassles for a newbie. Besides, if you purchase one year hosting plan from GoDaddy, you will get a free domain name for the first year.


GoDaddy has verse selection of TLDs. Their TLD selection comes with a total offering of 1174 different types including some in Chinese and other areas in the world.


If you want to register a .com domain name for your website or blog from GoDaddy, it will cost you $12.17 for 1st year and renewal for the 2nd year $15.17.


Don’t know what to do after buying a domain? Then, read this post – I bought a domain, now what?


You will not get WHOIS privacy protection with this offer, an important service that often free with other providers. You have to pay $7.99 per year for this and business protection for $14.99.


Other costs will be charged when you start buying a domain but that is up to you.


This is the most expensive deal for domain purchase. Other domain registrar companies often come with cheaper offers including free WHOIS protection for the 1st year and later on charges half the price of GoDaddy.


But when purchasing a domain name with their annual hosting plan, GoDaddy is unbeatable in many ways.


First of All, as I mentioned above you will get a free domain name with their annual hosting plan. So domain cost is 0 for the first year.


It has three hosting plan (Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate) with different specifications. For example, with Economy plan, you will get a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth and 100 GB of disk space for only $1 per month. It varies by regions though. Normally their hosting plan starts from $4.99/month.


GoDaddy offers superior performance with load times. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.


All hosting plans come with a 45-day money-back guarantee. Great! Isn’t it?


GoDaddy provides users with a free website builder that makes it very easy to create a site up and running within an hour using the drag and drop functions. It is backed by hundreds of templates so you can create and customize your site easily. It allows you to create backup copies of your website whenever you want.


Another great feature of GoDaddy is Wordpress auto install. This auto-install feature will save you a lot of time to set up a WordPress site. Just purchase hosting for your WordPress, sign in to your hosting account, select auto-install, and follow the instructions, done. Your website will be all set go in a few hours.


Now, what’s the disadvantage or cons of GoDaddy? Surely it provides great offers, performance, and protection but it has downsides.


The biggest downside of GoDaddy is their processing of purchase domain name and hosting plans. They are not very transparent and the interface is overwhelming, confusing to understand. Try to cost you every step of the way. They charge for services and add-ons are costly too.


If you are new in this market, it can be confusing for you which additional services are beneficial, and which are completely unnecessary.


Overall it’s a good package for outstanding offers they provide. For domain name registration GoDaddy is best in my point of view but you should more careful to buy hosting plans.


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