Ginger Grammar Checker Review ~ It’s a Powerful Tool

Have you heard the name of Ginger grammar checker? You may have heard the name because the tool is very popular when it comes to checking different types of grammar in your writing.

ginger grammar checker

This post is all about Ginger grammar checker review.


So read the review and learn about the tool well. Who knows you may like the tool and start using for your day to day writing?


Ginger Grammar Checker Review

This is another tool which I’ve included in the list of Grammarly alternative. This means that this tool can dare to compete with Grammarly.


There are many features in this tool which are quite similar to the features of Grammarly. You can use Ginger in different platforms and this tool can detect most of your grammatical flaws in your writing.


Now, I’ll start reviewing the tool. So let’s check the grammar checker without making any delay.


Benefits of Ginger

One can easily get the ultimate benefits of using this tool when it comes to checking and correcting one’s writing errors.


Why should one rely on this great tool?


There are many reasons to rely on the tool and here are some of them:

  • Checks and corrects grammar
  • Rephrase your writing to improve it
  • Provides translation facilities too
  • Has built-in dictionary with the tool
  • Reads your text so that you can listen to it
  • Teaches its users to improve their languages

All these benefits are cool and you can use the tool on varieties of platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, different browsers etc.


The feature of rephrasing your writing is quite effective to improve the structure of your writing. Because of having the inbuilt dictionary, you can find lots of word suggestions in no time.


If you’re wondering what might be the exact sound of a word, then you can run the reading text option which will help you find the pronunciation.


And the one common benefit of any grammar checker is that it teaches its users the proper use of English usage which eventually leads to improving English day by day.


Ginger does the same by detecting your flaws and giving suggestions to correct them.


Features of Ginger grammar checker

Ginger offers varieties of great features. The tool can check grammatical errors. It can also be used for sentence rephrasing.


Not only is that Ginger offers the translation facility which supports the translation of a lot of languages. The tool also has a powerful dictionary that can teach you many vocabularies.


The text reading option of the software is good for listening to your writing. And the tool can be your trainer too! Yes, Ginger has a personal training feature.


One mentionable great feature of Ginger is that it supports the wide range of platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc. The software has the extensions for varieties of browsers. You can also go for either the school or the business segment of the software. So for an error-free writing, you can rely on Ginger.


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How to Use Ginger grammar checker?

To use the tool, you’ll first have to download it on your preferred device. Suppose that you’re using a Windows PC, then you should download the Windows version of Ginger. There’s a button “DOWNLOAD” on the homepage of the site of Ginger which you’ll have to click.


You’ll be shown the installation steps and following the steps, you could install the tool on your device. Then launch the tool on your device and go for the text checking option. From there, you could check your required text for different types of errors.


My Experience

My experience with Ginger is mixed with good and bad. Yes, the tool could detect some grammatical mistakes in my text, but in the case of punctuation, it was a bit inept.


Price of Ginger punctuation checker

Though you can use the tool for free with its free version, there’s also an upgraded version which will cost you some money.


The current fees will be depended on the duration of subscription –

$9.96 only per month if you buy the annual basis.

$17.98 only per month if you go for the Quarterly plan.

$26.95 only per month if you subscribe the tool for per month basis.


All the prices are with 20% discount. So if you intend to use the premium version of the tool, then you should go for the annual subscription as it will save you a lot of money.


Wrap Up

From the review of Ginger, you can use the tool for free and premium as per your wish, but if you face great trouble in your punctuation usage, then this tool isn’t suitable for you. That time, Grammarly or ProWritingAid will replace this tool in many regards.



I saw that my father was used to using this tool when he would edit his writing work. Note that he was a published writer on Amazon KDP.


Though Ginger wasn’t the only tool that my father would use, it was one of the favorite ones to him. When I started my online writing agency, it was a regular task of proofreading so many papers that I was running short of my time.


So, I started using Ginger from my father’s suggestion and now I’m happily using this along with some other tools. Good tool with easy-to-use navigations that anyone should love.

– Robinson


When I came online for starting my career online, I understood the necessity of using a fine comma checker tool. The reason is that I wasn’t good at properly using the comma in most of the places. One good thing about me was that I could understand that I wasn’t using the comma properly. Then, the tool, Ginger, helped me a lot to use the comma in its exact places.

– Pronob Kundu


So, this is the review of Ginger. Now, it’s up to you whether you’ll use it or not. Don’t worry if you don’t like this tool because of the availability of many other options.


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