How I Generated 3993 TRAFFIC (67 Likes) in 3 Days from StumbleUpon (Now

You must know what StumbleUpon is!


Nowadays, StumbleUpon is one of the powerful social media platforms that can be leveraged to generate huge traffic.


Yes, I’ll tell you my real-life story about how I use StumbleUpon to get traffic to my blog.


How to Get Massive Traffic from StumbleUpon

This is the story of my first blog. When I created my first blog, I didn’t miss to open accounts on all the major social media platforms. So StumbleUpon (SU) was included in my social media profiles’ list that I created just after starting my blog.


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You know how the feeling of creating the first ever blog is! It was amazing. And I was eagerly waiting to see when my first post would be live. So I wrote the first one on the first day of creating my blog. Then the 2nd, then the 3rd, likewise that, I wrote around 7 posts.


After writing every single post, I was regular in sharing that on all of my social media platforms. In the first couple of posts, I didn’t get a decent response.


But when I shared the 7th post of mine, it just exploded. In fact, I didn’t expect to generate such decent traffic. I published the post at night & shared that time. After that, I didn’t check analytics to see how my post was doing as I went to sleep.


In the next morning, I became strange to see on my WordPress Dashboard (I used JetPack that time) that I received around 1200 visitors from the last night till the morning!!! How come? I became curious & just rushed for Google Analytics to see what happened.


I found that SU (StumbleUpon) sent 99% of that traffic. So I logged into SU & checked the thing. After that, I saw 21 likes on my 7th post. Amazing! Then I passed the whole day checking the traffic.


In the next day, I got 1343 visitors & in the 3rd day of the post’s sharing, my blog was hit by 1462 visitors from StumbleUpon. So the traffic was increasing everyday. I forgot what happened after the 3rd day because I didn’t write down that record.


Why I Monitored Only the 1st 3 Days?

Well, you might have this question in mind that why I didn’t record after the 3rd day.


In fact, in the first few days of that huge traffic, I became astonished and for that, I just wanted to compare things.


On the 4th day, I saw that the huge traffic generation was becoming usual. So I found that very difficult to use pen & paper to record that.


Why I Received So Much Traffic to the 7th Post?

Nowhere comes the analysis. You know that we love to analyze a thing when we see something abnormal. As I got huge traffic without having any follower on SU, it was way too abnormal to me.


So I started analyzing why the post generated so much traffic where the earlier ones couldn’t make that possible. After a long research on the matter, I found the following reasons for getting so much traffic –


  1. I shared the post in a relevant section.
  2. The title of the post was irresistible.
  3. The post’s featured image was very professional looking.
  4. The length of the post was very decent (700 words) for quick reading.
  5. The sharing time was perfect as the night time here is the pick hour for the people living in the western zone.
  6. I was lucky enough to get many likes at the initial stage of sharing.


I think these are the main reasons for getting many visitors to read my post. Sharing a content in the relevant area is very important which I did. Title of a blog post is the first attention grabber. I nicely crafted the title.


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You know the importance of an image, especially the first or featured one, used in a post. I luckily attached an eye-catching image in that post.


Also, I think the length was good, but for ranking on SERP, it’s recommended that you write long-form posts. If you think that you can write your post in no more than 700 words, that’s also okay rather than bringing irrelevant things to your content.


And the time of sharing plays an important role in getting much exposure. If you share your post at the time when most people sleep or live stay from their laptops, then you can expect little to no traffic. So try to share your posts during the pick hour when people are eager to read new things online.


Finally, well begun is half done. So you should try to achieve a lot of exposure in the beginning time of sharing your posts. I think that in my case, I could perfectly do that.


So this was the story of my first huge traffic generation by leveraging StumbleUpon. Make sure that you follow the things that I’ve found effective for generating traffic from SU.


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Good Luck

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