How to Get People to Read Your Blog [Proven Techniques]

I write good blog posts, but nobody reads them!


Strange! Right?


This is a very common complaint of most bloggers. But why this happens?


The 500% true answer to this problem is the HEADLINES. Yes, most blog posts can’t attract readers because of the headlines of those posts.


Now you’ll go to learn how to craft irresistible headlines, right? If yes, then this is another GREAT MISTAKE!




Well, the reason is, if you can’t read the mind of your readers, then whatever the headlines you produce, you’ll eventually fail.


Suppose that you now wanna drink a mug of hot coffee, nothing else.


If people come to you with a bowl of the best soup in your city, will it attract you?








Well, then you’ll have to know what your readers love to read.


Most readers love to read stories. Stories about what?


Stories about making money online, solving problems, getting traffic, excellent ideas to get things done. They also wanna see exact numbers than vague statements.


How I Made $4009.20 Online in 3 Hours with a Simple Technique that I Learned from My Father!


The above headline will surely bring many readers to your post to read it even though the title is too long.


AND real-life stories work the BEST.


So do you’ve (I’m sure that everybody has) any excellent idea to solve a problem? Or did you make money online last month? How did you do it? Are you getting huge traffic to your blog using your secret, yet legal techniques?


Start sharing your life lessons on how you overcame a problem last year even if it’s a little one.


Here are some more ways to

Get People to Read Your Blog

Let people know about your blog as many ways as you can

You won’t get many readers unless you let them know about it, so creating amazing content for your blog is important, but letting people know about it also important.


Bring the right kind of traffic


Make the featured images of your posts attractive


Make the headlines of your blog posts irresistible

Don’t just make a title like a generic one using only a keyword. Many other bloggers from all over the world are doing the same.


Write persuasive meta descriptions


Use eye-catching images in your blog posts


Rank more and more blog posts high on Google’s SERPs

AND of course, don’t forget to use long-tail keywords in your blog posts, especially in the title. Always try to put some numbers in your title and blog post.


Here’s a post on how to get traffic to your blog that talks about many ways to let people know about your blog.


Make your web pages responsive

Nobody likes to land a web page that’s not responsiveness. If you can’t see a web page, will you stay on it for long?




So make sure that your blog’s homepage, as well as the other pages, is well responsive.


Make your blog posts speedy enough to load faster

People are very busy and when it comes to consuming content online, they become much busier. So you should make your web pages speedy enough to serve them their desired content very quickly.


If your readers can visit your blog posts fast, then they’re likely to stay for a long period of time.


And you know staying longer means reading more of your content.


Use simple sentences

You’re not sure who’s gonna be your blog reader, so it’s recommended that you write your blog posts in simple language.


Blog posts aren’t literature, so no need to use hard words and complex sentences.


Give enough gaps between paragraphs

Online readers mostly don’t read a piece of content if it doesn’t look good.


And you can make your content ugly if you leave no gaps between your paragraphs.


Give some decent gaps between paragraphs and let your readers take deep breaths.


Create helpful (not money-making) content

I know that most of you have started blogging because of making money, but if you chase money all the time, you won’t be empty handed for sure.


Yes, this is the rule of nature!


So what can you do?


Make a mentality of helping others. You can make money by helping others, not by recommending products.


So put your readers’ requirements first. If you can do this, your readers will enjoy reading your content.


Add value

To get people to read your blog posts, you need to add value. If you fail to do this, you’ll end up without having readers.


Find problems and offer effective solutions

People consume content mostly because of solving their problems. When you search for something on the internet, you actually do it because you need an effective solution to your problem.


So if your blog posts can’t solve your readers’ problems, then why will more and more of them come and read your blog?


Bring awe-inspiring stories

Believe it or not, people love to read stories. Earlier, people often watched movies, read novels, gossiped because of stories.


Listening to stories is an intrinsic nature of human beings.


Now, they love a piece of content if it comes with a good story.


Spread powerful messages

If you publish generic blog posts just like thousands of other bloggers, then you won’t see people to read them. This is because your readers need your messages.


So what are your messages?


In each of your blog posts, try to bring your own voice and entertain your readers with it.


Keep suspense in your blog posts

Blog posts are all about keeping suspense in them. If your readers can guess what’s next, then they won’t go that further.


So your task is to keep suspense in your blog posts.


Motivate your readers

Nobody loves to be demotivated, and neither do your readers.


So always pay heed to your readers’ stimulation. Try to motivate them with your content. If you can do this, many of your readers will consume your content because they’ll be more courageous over time.


Blog consistently

Consistency is a great virtue and most people fail because of the lack of this.


Blogging is a pure game of consistency. A consistent blogger never fails because both human beings as well as search engine spiders love consistency.


But maintaining consistency is very tough.


So you should make a viable blogging schedule and stick with that from day one of your blogging journey. If you haven’t made one yet, do it right now.


Once you’re ready with your schedule, never let anything take you away from following it for a single day.


If you can do this, you’ll succeed for sure.


Write informally

Blog posts aren’t formal things, so you need to be casual when it comes to writing them.


Why should you do this?


Well, you can always attract more people with a friendly tone.


Make your blog’s design simple, neat, and clean

I always believe that simplicity wins.


This is true for your blog too.


Try to make your blog simple. Many bloggers make their blogs messy with excessive designing elements. Never do this.


A clean blog is lovable by everyone.


Have the grow-together mentality

Nobody can succeed unless s/he helps others succeed. In the case of blogging, this is quite effective.


As a blogger, you need to have the mentality to grow together.


What do I mean by this?


This means that you should have the mentality to grow other bloggers’ blogging journey.


How will it help you get more readers?


Very simple.


If you can grow this mentality, you’ll blog from a point where the core focus will be on helping grow others.


And remember that helping others never goes in vain. You’ll always be rewarded with the acts of helping others.


Be generous, share other bloggers’ content on a regular basis. You’ll see that many of them will do the same which will bring more readers to your blog.


Work on building email lists

Many bloggers make a great mistake by not focusing on building email lists.


Do something DIFFERENT. Then people will get a different touch in your work, in your writing. That’s the point of reading your posts.


Create flawless content

If your content comes with a lot of flaws, then you’re likely to lose many readers over time.


I don’t mean that you need to be a die-hard grammarian to make your content flawless. What I mean is that you should take care of silly mistakes such as spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes etc.


You can avoid most silly mistakes just by proofreading your content well. So manage some time to double check your content before you hit the Publish button.


And of course, don’t forget to use any punctuation checker like Grammarly for flawless writing.


Yes, using a proofreading software can save a lot of your proofreading time, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t proofread your content by yourself.


So these are the techniques which you can apply when creating content to get more and more people to read your amazing blog posts.

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