How to Get Freelancing Jobs in Bangladesh [4-Step Formula]

There are some procedures that you’ll have to follow in order get freelancing jobs in Bangladesh. Here are the steps that you’ll have to follow –

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How to get freelancing jobs in Bangladesh?

Here I’m just showing you the steps of getting freelancing jobs –



After honing your preferred freelancing skills, now you need to apply for more & more freelancing jobs. Bidding for many jobs in the proper way will surely make you get some jobs.


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Get jobs

Hopefully, soon you’ll get some freelancing jobs. After getting a job, your sole duty should be to work on that well. Try to complete the job as fine as possible.


Submit jobs

These initial jobs are quite important for getting good reviews from your clients. Good reviews, especially 5-star ratings will give you the opportunity to land more jobs.


Once you’re sure that you’ve done your job well, now submit that to your client through the respective freelancing platform.


Get paid

After getting approval from your client (s), you can take your payment to your freelancing account. Every freelancing site has its own individual freelancer account. You can check your balance & transactions in the account.


How to get your payment in your hand?

Adding your payments to your freelancing sites doesn’t mean that you get in your pocket! You’ll have to bring the fund to you. You can go for bank transfer for it, but this needs huge charge & time which is way too inconvenient for getting paid.


You should use Payoneer MasterCard for conveniently getting paid. You’ll also get a bonus with your registration.


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