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The name of this tool may confuse you because it’ll show “Gregory’s Writing Site” when you visit the site of the tool. In fact, the URL of the site will reveal that this is Garretson Punctuation Checker.

garretson checker

Follow the site’s link given above and you can land the right place for checking your text. You’ll see that there’s a big blank box which is for bringing your text for further check.

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Garretson Punctuation Checker

There’s a word count limitation which is up to 10000 words. So, unlike many other tools, this tool offers a lot of words to put per check.


Now is the time to show you how the tool works. As you can see the box of the tool, you’ll have to drop your text in that. You need to paste your text in order put in the box. After that, you’ll have to click on the “Analyze” button which will take you to the result page.


On this page, you can check the report of your text. There also come the different measurements of the text which show the following things –

  • The total number of words: You can easily come to know the words used in the text that you have submitted to check.
  • Average words per sentence: This will reveal whether the sentences are of a decent size or not. Usually, sentences should have around 15 – 20 words. If you write too short or too long sentences, then both are bad for the structure of your text.
  • The total number of commas: The comma is an important punctuation mark not only in English language but also in many other languages. So, the proper use of the comma is very effective in clearing your thoughts properly. This feature of the tool will show whether you’re maintaining the right number of commas in your text or not.
  • Commas per 1000 words: This is also the complement of the previous feature. You can see how many commas have been used per 1000 words from this feature.

All the features of Garretson punctuation checker are very promising and you can use the tool reliably. Note that the tool is better-suited for the academic purpose than online publishing. So, if you’re an online business owner, then you shouldn’t rely much on this tool.


On the other hand, if your need is to check academic papers, then Garretson Punctuation Checker must be your top choice.


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Finally, we can use the tool as a decent punctuation checker for sure. So, start your grammar check online.


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