100+ Fun Facts About Me You’ll Find Them Crazy

I think that we all have some distinctive behaviors. I’m not an exception.


In this post, I’m sharing with you some interesting facts about me.


100+ Fun Facts About Me

#1. SMN Zaman isn’t my actual name. This is an abbreviated form of my full name. My full name is SM Nuruzzaman.


#2. S means Shikder and M means Muhammad.


#3. My local people call me Nuru.


#4. My wife’s relatives and my teachers call me Zaman.


#5. Some of my friends call me N Zaman.


#6. I use Dr. before my name even though I do not hold a doctorate degree.


#7. I call myself PhD in blogging, but there’s no such degree available in blogging.


#8. I thought that I would guest post on other blogs at least 100 times in my entire blogging career.


#9. I’ve never tried guest posting on other blogs.


#10. I dream of making over $100,000 per month from my blog at least 100 times daily.


#11. I’m the youngest child of my parents.


#12. I have 9 brothers and 3 sisters.


#13. I wanted to buy an airplane during my childhood.


#14. I wanted to ride a helicopter when I was too young.


#15. Traditional jobs never attracted me.


#16. I always wanted to do businesses.


#17. I’ve already failed in over 10 businesses so far.


#18. I think that my blog is my home.


#19. I believe that to do something big, I need to start from small. So I always start a thing from zero level.


#20. I believe that bloggers are trying to make them less selfish.


#21. I always use my right hand to take any kind of food.


#22. I never drink water standing.


#23. I get ideas to write my blog posts before sleeping at night.


#24. I save most of my ideas on my phone.


#25. I don’t believe that the number 13 is unlucky because we are 13 brothers and sisters.


#26. Soup is the food that I hated the most during my childhood and now I love it (Thai soup) the most.


#27. I feel comfortable wearing loose T-shirts.


#28. I have one son.


#29. My son’s name is Nashmi.


#30. I call my son Nemo.


#31. My wife’s name is Falgun. In fact, this is her favorite name though she is called in another name by most of her relatives.


#32. I can’t live without two cups of tea per day


#33. I always want to wake up early in the morning, but I hardly become successful when it comes to fulfilling my desire.




#33. Will be added soon


Until I update all of my fun facts, please share the fun facts about yourself with us.


Thanks a lot.

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