5 Free Web Hosting Companies to Host Websites for Free

Many of you wanna start a blog or a website of your own and many of you don’t wanna pay a penny for doing so.


Yes, if you don’t know that you can start a site without spending anything, you could learn that today.


To start and run a website, you’ll need to have two essential things – a domain and a hosting pack.


There are several hosting platforms that offer free web hosting by providing a free subdomain.

[alert-warning]Note that starting with a free website mostly can’t help you do great things, so you should always create a premium site! Since creating a premium site doesn’t require tons of money, you shouldn’t worry about having a site spending some money.[/alert-warning]

So, by registering a new subdomain, you can host your site on a hosting pack that’s totally free.


Also, there are some hosting packs that allow you to use a domain for free.


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Free Web Hosting

Now, I’ll show you a list of free website hosting companies. Using any of them, you can easily start a website for free.




This is a nice platform for starting your website for free. Youll be amazed to see that everything on this platform is totally free.


There’s also cPanel available for the hosting pack of this hosting company.


So, why not try this hosting company when your desire is to have a website on your own for free?




X10Hosting is another good place to start your free website. You’ll be given a free website including the .x10host.com extension.


That means you could get the flavor of a subdomain if you intend to start a free site with X10Hosting.


The good news of the free hosting plan of the hosting company is that you’ll get unlimited bandwidth as well as storage for your site.


An app installer is there to assist you with installing your preferrable CMS for your site.


And, there’s no need to fear when your site grows a lot because the company provides a premium hosting plan too.




To name another renowned free web hosting company, I’ll have to bring 000WebHost. The free hosting comes with 1 GB of storage and 10 GB of bandwidth for per free account.


You can manage your site using the free control panel provided by the company. You can also create your site as per your desire since there’s a free website builder comes with your hosting.




If you wanna run your site with your main domain (not with a subdomain) on a free hosting, then AwardSpace is a good place for you.


Yes. It offers a free hosting package that comes with 1 GB of space and 5 GB of bandwidth.


The uptime of 99.9% is guaranteed while there’s a responsive support team waiting for you to answer your queries.




This is another hosting company that offers you to create a free website. It provides several services in its free web hosting, but you should always remember that you get what you pay for.


So, it’s always good to start with a premium website by buying a TLD (top level domain) and a web hosting pack.


Bluehost, iPage, InMotion Hosting etc all can provide you with powerful web hosting packs at an affordable price.

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