10+ Free Tumblr Themes ~ Decorate Your Tumblog for Free

Who doesn’t wanna get something for free? Every one of you wants to have things for free and if it’s in case of your favorite Tumblr theme, then you must be ecstatic!


In this blog post, I’m gonna share with you more than 10 free Tumblr themes.


10+ Free Tumblr Themes

Pop Gallery Lite

The name of the theme tells a lot of the things about its look, I guess. Yes, the artistic look of this theme must dazzle your eyes.


It’s one of the cute Tumble themes.


The round shaped featured images of this theme are too awesome to look at them. It’s completely a responsive theme for any Tumblr blog, so you won’t have to worry about browsing your blog whether it’s from a PC or from a mobile phone.


In fact, this is a multifunctional theme that can show different multimedia such as images and videos in a fashionable way. So, no need to hesitate to use this theme for your Tumblr blog.

cute tumblr theme pop gallery lite


If you wanna showcase yourself as the author of your Tumblr blog, then this theme is a good choice for doing this. Yes, your picture is always on the left side of the theme in a round frame.


Note that there are two themes in the same name and this is the first one which comes after you search it on the directory of Tumblr themes.


The other one isn’t that good, so make sure that you have chosen the right theme for your blog. As said before, this theme will help you showcase yourself as the author of your blog. So, if you wanna focus you more than your content of your blog, then this is a perfect one for you.


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Wanna show your posts in an exciting way on your blog? Then, you could get this theme as one of the perfect ones, I bet.


Indy has two variants – one is free and the other one is paid. I’m talking about the free version here as it’s more than enough to make you happy when your blog wears this skin.


The layout of this theme is a bit different because the pages are saved on the left side of the layout unlike the top or the bottom of most common themes.


One thing to add here is that the main page of this theme is almost like the posts’ page of NeilPatel.com because the posts are arranged in the way as done on the blog.


Since NeilPatel.com’s theme is a WordPress theme, this Tumblr theme resembles a WordPress theme in many ways.



This theme comes with a unique design which must give any of your readers the feel of aestheticism. The posts’ pages come up with different sized photos and you can experience the similar layout throughout the theme.


The default color is very cool though you can change that to any of your preferred ones as it has the option for changing colors.



Another theme that comes with a lot of white spaces and that’s why I like this theme very much. The simple design of this theme will not only dazzle your eyes but also pass the desire of using it for your blog.


So, you can choose this theme because this is one of the simple Tumblr themes.



This theme is preferable for mostly the travel blogs. So, if you own a travel blog, then this theme is a nice choice for you.


This is box type theme and for this reason, there are a lot of free spaces on all the sides of it. I like this kind of layout very much.


There’s also the room for changing the background image of the theme, so you can set an image of one of your visited places that you like very much in the background.


Quite Big

I feel like this blog makes me remember Quora because the design and the color of the theme are similar to the website of Quora.

quite big


Author is an awesome theme that’s both aesthetic and simple. So, to get the mix feelings of aestheticism and simplicity, this is one of the best Tumblr themes.


Black Coffee

This is a fully responsive Tumblr theme that’s compatible with all the devices. So, you won’t have to worry whether the theme will work on a PC or on a tablet PC.


Apart from that, the theme is very fast, so you shouldn’t experience the slow loading of different web pages if the Tumblr blog uses Black Coffee in it.


The header image of this theme is also changeable, so you can use your own photo in the background if you wish to do so.


Also, the theme supports setting a video in the header. To do so, you’ll have to upload your video to YouTube and then copy the link of the YouTube video.s


Finally, paste the link into the link posting box of the theme and enjoy the video on your blog’s header.


Note that Google fonts and Google ads are also compatible with the theme. So, this is great news to the user of this theme.


Little Leather Notebook

If you wanna wander away in your old days, then this theme is a great one to do so. Why?


Because this theme comes up with the layout of a notebook and you know that it was very common to see that people were making notes in their notebooks and reading them when they needed.


You’ll get a notebook reading feeling by landing a blog worn this theme. This boxed style theme has a wide background with a lot of free spaces. This has made this a great theme for reading any content comfortably.


Atlantic Noir

This is another theme from Style Hatch. As you can see that I’ve already discussed several themes of Style Hatch and it has solid reasons.


The theme developer, Style Hatch, is continuously producing awesome themes for the Tumblr users. So, when it comes to the theme of this developer, I don’t hesitate to bring that on this list of free Tumblr themes.


Atlantic Noir is a clean theme and the code of this theme is also clean. So, the clean after clean built of the theme made it a perfect one for any Tumblr blog. I hope you’ll like this theme too.


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There are two themes available in the same name in Tumblr theme directory. One is free and the other one is paid. Here, I’m discussing the paid theme because it’s much better than the free one.


This is another theme that shows the images without keeping any space between them. You can choose the layout of the theme as there are multiple layouts available for it.


The view of a cluster of photos attached to one another is a great feeling and your eyes should be soothed with that. As the cost of the theme isn’t that much, you can try it if you wish. I recommend the theme if your blog is a photo-based one.

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