5 Free Grammar and Punctuation Checker and Corrector

I’ll talk about some free grammar and punctuation checker tools in this post.


What do you do after you write an article or blog post?


Do you just hit the Publish button on your WordPress dashboard?


Don’t you go back and check it yourself?


If you don’t do it, you should start doing it from now on.


Also, use a powerful online writing editing tool to make sure that your writing has no spelling, grammatical, and punctuation related flaws.


Free Grammar and Punctuation Checker and Corrector

As said before, I’ll bring some proofreading software in this post and now is the time to do that.



The list should start with Grammarly because of its awesomeness.


You may have already heard the name of Grammarly!


The name of Grammarly comes in the first place when it comes to seeking a decent tool for checking different types of errors in writing.


The company itself is also very smart in marketing its product. For this, you’ll often see the ad of Grammarly here and there on the internet.


However, lemme talk about the services of the tool now. First of all, I should let you know that it’s quite easy to use Grammarly. You’ll just need to create a Grammarly account and after that, you could start using it seamlessly.


You can do the punctuation check for your content very well using Grammarly. This is because Grammarly is a robust online punctuation checker that’s usable on a wide variety of platforms.


You’ll be amazed to know that I was able to use the digital eyes of this great tool at the time of writing this blog post. Yes, you can use Grammarly directly on your WordPress blog which I do almost all the time.


Grammarly has both the free and the paid versions. You can use it for free, but to have all the premium features of the tool, you’ll need to purchase the paid version. Don’t worry because Grammarly costs a reasonable amount.

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Plagiarism checking is one of the features that is only available in the premium plan of the tool.


Do you know that Grammarly claims that it can check for more than 250 types of grammatical issues? To get all these types of powerful features in Grammarly, you’ll have to use the paid version of the tool.


Overall, Grammarly premium plan is an all-in-one punctuation checker that not only corrects your grammatical errors but also checks whether your content is plagiarized or not.


To learn more about Grammarly, read the Grammarly review now.



Another powerful tool is ProWritingAid.


The screenshot shown above is the checking box of the tool where you can drop your content and then, hit the “Improve My Writing”. The rest of the task of checking the content is ProWritingAid’s. You’ll see that the tool has checked your content and marked all the flaws in different colors.


By checking the colored words, you can come to know that there’s something wrong with them. After that, you could correct them just by following the suggestions of ProWritingAid.


You can see that the process of checking a piece of content using the tool is super easy and for this, you should be a fan of the tool within a very short period of time.


However, let’s learn some of the features of the tool now. ProWritingAid does almost the similar jobs of Grammarly when it comes to checking a piece of content. It can advise you to reduce the number of passive sentences in your writing if the tool detects that you’ve used them excessively. In addition, it’ll suggest you eliminate all the redundant and misspelled words from your content.


Since I’ve included ProWritingAid as a punctuation checker in this list, you should learn the performance of the tool regarding this. Yes, the tool performs extremely well at times of checking and correcting punctuation marks. By following the suggestions of the tool to use the correct form of punctuation marks, you can be worry-free at the time of using them.


You’ll be happy to know that ProWritingAid can detect plagiarism in your content if you use the premium version of the tool. This means that the tool has both the free and the paid versions like Grammarly.


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Now is the time to show you another tool that can serve your robust punctuation checking services.


This time, it’s Ginger. Yes, Ginger is a nice online punctuation checker that serves many other writing improvement services too. It’s an easy-to-use tool that can be deployed in minutes to check your content.


It can check and correct different types of grammatical errors from your writing. The rephrasing feature of the tool is really awesome because it’ll automatically help you to improve your content.


In addition, Ginger offers the translation service for its users. For this, you could easily translate your content into your preferred language in no time.


The users of Ginger are certainly blessed because they get a built-in dictionary with the tool. Many expert writers say that reading your own writing in loud voice helps improve it. Not all of you’ll find it quite smooth to read your writing. Here, the tool can assist you with this. But, how? Well, the tool has the text’s reading feature which can read your text loudly.


Ginger is a punctuation checker and at the same time, a teacher! Yes, the tool has the teaching feature where it plays the role of an English language teacher.


Knowing about all these features of Ginger, I’m damn sure that you’re gonna be attracted to the tool soon.



PaperRater is a free online proofreader.


This is a simple tool which just needs you to copy and paste your content into the text checking box of it. Do it and sit relax because the tool will take care of your writing from different angles. I’m saying this because PaperRater is there to rate your writing after analyzing with its powerful checking features.


You’ll come to know whether there are any grammatical flaws, misspelled words, wrong word choice there in your content. You’ll also know whether there’s any plagiarism in your writing because of the availability of plagiarism checking feature in the tool.


One notable and exciting benefit of using PaperRater is that you can upload your writing to the tool in order to check it. This is possible because the tool has both the copy-pasting and the file uploading options. Grammarly along with some other tool is also capable of providing this feature.


Note that though PaperRater claims that it’s 100% free, there’s the paid version also available. One good thing about the tool is that you can get all the features in the free version, but to check an unlimited number of pages, you’ll need to buy the premium plan of the tool.


And one annoying thing about the free version of the tool is that it comes with disgusting adware. Above all, the grading system of the tool is an innovative feature of PaperRater and overall, the tool is worth using.


After the Deadline

This is another awesome tool for checking your writing from different kinds of flaws.


After the Deadline is a nice solution to say goodbye to a lot of errors from your content. To do this, you’ll have to download the software on your PC. Once the download is complete, install it and from then, start using it happily.


The “DOWNLOAD” button shown on the homepage of the tool is the first step to using it. This means that you can use the tool only after downloading it, right? Literally, it’s true, but you can also use the tool directly on the internet too.


The recurring improvement of the software is well-expected because it’s an open source tool. This tool serves almost the same facilities of many other same kinds of tools.


So these are the five powerful punctuation checkers that you can use to make your writing flawless. I hope that you’ll be able to pick one tool from the list that’ll be beside you to take care of your writing.


Why use a grammar and punctuation checker?

Most people write on either WordPress or MS Word which comes with an in-built error-checking feature.


This feature makes them worry-free because they think that the feature is enough to make their content flawless.


In fact, the text checking feature of WordPress and MS Word is very weak because it can’t detect most grammatical, spelling, and punctuation related flaws.


So it’s quite necessary to use an additional content checker.


Some of the checkers are so cool that you don’t even need to take your content to the checkers to check them.


This is because you can use these types of tools just by enabling a browser extension.


So from the above discussion, I think that you’re now serious about checking your content!


Use any of the mentioned tools and you won’t have to worry about anymore.

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