FatCow VPS Hosting Review ~ When You Need More Power

You may have already learned about the FatCow VPS hosting plan from the FatCow review.


In case you have missed reading the post, here’s a detailed discussion about the VPS hosting packs of FatCow.


FatCow VPS Hosting Plans

There are 3 VPS hosting packs which are as follows –

  1. Basic
  2. Business
  3. Optimum

Now, I’ll discuss the VPS hosting packs of FatCow.

fatcow vps hosting plans


The Basic VPS hosting pack of FatCow costs $24.99 per month, though, after a discount on the hosting plan, the price comes at $19.99 per month.


You’ll get 1 GB of RAM and 40 GB of disk space in this VPS hosting package.


The bandwidth of this plan isn’t unlimited and it’s 1 TB.



The next VPS hosting plan comes with better configurations.


As a result, the price of the plan is more than that of the previous one.


Yes, it regularly costs $59.99 per month. And here, you also get a discount.


The discounted price of the VPS hosting pack is $47.99 per month. The pack also has a better RAM of 4 GB.


The storage capability of the plan is 90 GB and the bandwidth is 3 TB.



This is the best VPS hosting plan of FatCow.


For this, the cost of this plan is the most among the 3 plans.


The price of the hosting plan is $99.99 per month.


There’s a discount on this hosting plan too. The discounted price of the pack is $79.99 per month.


The RAM, the storage, and the bandwidth of the Optimum hosting plan are 8 GB, 120 GB, and 4 TB respectively.


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So, here’s a short preview for all the hosting packs –

BASIC: Cores  = 1, RAM = 1 GB, Storage = 40 GB, Bandwidth = 1 TB

BUSINESS: Cores  = 2, RAM = 4 GB, Storage = 90 GB, Bandwidth = 3 TB

OPTIMUM: Cores  = 4, RAM = 8 GB, Storage = 120 GB, Bandwidth = 4 TB


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Now, look at the configurations of all the VPS hosting packs of FatCow again and choose the one that attracts you the most.

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