FatCow Pricing Review [9 Powerful Hosting Plans]

Do you have any idea about the FatCow hosting plans? If not, then read this post to know this.


FatCow is a powerful web hosting company that I’ve shown in the FatCow review post.


However, in this post, I’ll only talk about the hosting plans of the company.


FatCow Hosting Plans

FatCow has the following hosting plans –

  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting and
  • Dedicated hosting

Now, I’m gonna discuss all the hosting plans one by one.


Shared hosting

FatCow mainly focuses much on its shared hosting plan and there’s one shared hosting pack available in the hosting company.


Here’s the current price tag of the hosting plan –

You can see that the price is very cheap and it costs only $49 for a whole year.


Also, there’s the 30-day money back guarantee available with the plan.


Note that you can also buy the shared hosting pack of FatCow on a monthly basis.


If you opt-in for the monthly billing, then you’ll have to pay $5 per month for hosting your site on the pack.


In both ways, the costs of the hosting plan are very cheap indeed.


The pack comes with a lot of attractive features.


You’ll get a free domain with it.


The storage and the bandwidth are unlimited.


There’s the option for hosting an unlimited number of email accounts.


The hosting package also provides a free website builder using which you can design your site as per your wish.


Another notable feature of this hosting pack is that there’s 1 GB of cloud storage available.


Above all, FatCow’s shared hosting is fully capable of hosting a site that can be run smoothly.


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FatCow WordPress hosting

FatCow is a smart hosting company, thus it has 2 powerful WordPress hosting packs.


Here are the hosting packs –

With the price variance in the hosting packs, there are also differences in their features.


All the features of the shared hosting plan of FatCow are available in both the WordPress hosting packs.


In addition, there are some extra features available in those packs.


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VPS hosting

Nowadays, the demand for a VPS hosting plan is too high, so FatCow hasn’t missed to including this exciting hosting plan.


There are 3 different VPS hosting packs available in FatCow.


Here, you can see the plans –

Since both FatCow and iPage are in the ownership of EIG, the look of the hosting packs are all the same in both the companies.


By taking the bar to the right, the plan of the VPS hosting pack can be changed.


Similarly, if you take the bar to the left, then you could downgrade the configurations of your VPS hosting plan.


You can see that the VPS hosting plan of FatCow starts from $19.99 per month.


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Dedicated hosting

FatCow also comes with 3 powerful dedicated hosting packs.

The system of choosing the hosting packs is almost similar to choosing a VPS hosting pack of the company because there’s the same bar.


The starter dedicated hosting costs $199.99 monthly.


The price is quite reasonable according to its features. You can see some of the main features of the hosting plan in the above picture.


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So, these are the hosting plans of FatCow.


You have come to know that all the packs are powerful enough to be attracted.

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Now, it’s your turn to check them and choose your preferred one.

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