FatCow Domain Registration ~ Learn the Process of Buying Domains

In this post, I’ll elaborate the FatCow domain registration feature.


FatCow is a robust hosting company and it has the domain registration feature too.


I’ve mentioned about this feature of the hosting company in the FatCow review.


So, read the post in order to learn about the domain search and registration feature of the hosting company.


FatCow Domain Registration

To buy a domain from FatCow, first of all, you’ll have to visit FatCow web hosting now. On the site of the hosting company, you’ll see the following button –

fatcow domain registration

This is the button that you’ll have to follow in order to search your desired domain whether it’s available or not.


So, click on the “Domains” button and it’ll bring the following blank box –

fatcow domain search

This is the box for searching the availability of your desired domain name (s). So, first of all, brainstorm for some nice names that you’ll check as your domain names.


After the brainstorming now is the time to type the name (s) in the blank box shown above. So, start typing one name at a time in the box and then hit the “Search” button situated on the right side of the search box.


To show you an example, I’ve tried the search option of the domain registrar by writing the following name –

register a domain on fatcow

Since the given domain name was available, I was able to register it by paying some dollars. There are different prices for different extensions of a domain name and I can make you happy by telling that the domain sells at a reasonable price on FatCow.


So, you have seen the domain registration feature of FatCow, now it’s your turn to visit the site and check all the domain names that are preferable to you.


And finally, register your domain (s) from FatCow.


Note that if you also buy a hosting pack from the hosting company, then you won’t need to buy a domain for it because the company allows its users to register a domain for free with any of its hosting packs.


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