Why Bloggers Fail to Make Money [33 Reasons are Guilty]

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You know that you won’t find any blogger who wants to fail in blogging. But problem is that if you don’t know what are the paths of making a failed blog, then you may not be aware of them.


Most bloggers wanna succeed with their blogs and for this reason, they only invest time to learn how to succeed in blogging.


The thing – how to fail as a blogger – is quite unknown to them. If we can learn how to fail in blogging, then we could avoid a lot of blogging traps.


So, this post is mainly for showing what are the activities that can lead to making a fail blog.


Learning the points, you must be careful about avoiding them and that’s why the success rate of your blogging will be higher.


Please do the following things in order to be an unsuccessful blogger –

Don’t target any specific niche for blogging

It’s easier to do well with a niche blog than a blog having different types of topics in it. So, targeting a suitable niche is too much important.


But, if you really wanna fail as a blogger, then don’t choose any niche for your blog. You start from anything without having any plan. I hope that you’ll soon fail in blogging.


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Target an irrelevant niche for your blog

Targeting a niche for a blog can also arise some problems! How’s that?


Well, if you choose a wrong niche for your blog, then how will you do well in it. Suppose that you love to talk about health related things and you have chosen a niche that deals with electronic gadgets.


If the situation is this, then will you feel comfortable in your blogging? No, it’s just a daydream to do well with your blog.


So, choose an irrelevant niche in order to fail as a blogger. If you can choose a niche that’s totally unknown to you, then that would be better to easily fail.


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Choose a notorious hosting company for your blog

A decent hosting company is very crucial for running your blog well. So, what’s the opposite?


Yes, if you can find out a bad hosting company for your blog, then it’s safe to say that you’re gonna ruin your blogging career.


So, what’re you waiting for? Go and register for your blog’s hosting on a poor hosting company.


Blog on a free blogging platform if you can

Why will you pay for your blog? No need to pay if you just wanna be another failed blogger.


BlogSpot, Tumblr, WordPress.com etc all free blogging platforms are welcoming to make your an amateur blogger. So, you any of these kinds of free blogging platforms to start your blogging career.
The end result will be too much disappointment along with an unprofessional blogging activity.


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Start your blog without learning anything about it

Your time has a great value and for that why will you spend this valuable time for learning about blogging?


No way.


Yes, blogging is a matter of joke, so no need to learn it only when your aim is to fail.


Give no effort to decorate your blog beautifully

Make your blog look as much ugly as you can. To do this, never pay heed to decorate it with any beautiful theme or anything else.


No need to design a professional logo and favicon for your blog because doing so may help you to succeed.


Ignore SEO at the time of writing your blog posts

As your target is to fail, there’s no need to learn and apply SEO for your blog posts. Just kick in the butt of SEO and you’ll be fine.


Start believing that SEO is nothing because applying SEO properly may rank your posts on top of SERPs. And if your posts rank, then you’ll receive organic traffic which may make you a successful blogger.


So, forget the word SEO and don’t wanna listen to it anymore for the sole purpose of failing as a blogger.


Produce keyword stuffed content if you wanna follow SEO

But if you’re stubborn in following SEO, then you can fill up your content with your targeted keywords. The reason is that if you can make your content keyword stuffed, then it’s likely that your blog may get penalized by search engines.


And, after a penalty by Google or any other site, what else do you need to fail?


So, this step is very effective and for that, you shouldn’t miss to applying this.


Copy content from other blogs and happily publish them on your blog

Why will you do so much hardship in crafting content for your blog? This will be done by the bloggers those who wanna succeed in blogging.


Be an intelligent blogger and from now on, don’t use your brain and hands to craft a single word for your blog’s content.


The only thing that you should do is to copy content from other blogs and then paste them on your blogs. Wow! Amazing, right?


Yes, the consequences of this practice are also very promising. You’ll see that many bloggers (whose content you have stolen) are reaching out to you to remove their content from your blog.


Some of them may use even vulgar words. But no matter what.


And one day, it’s not uncommon to see that different search engines have caught you red handed for copying others content.


That day, you could celebrate your successful mission of failing.


Or follow a pro blogger without missing anything

By following anyone without looking at any other thing is a good step to failing.


Many bloggers do this. They start following other pro bloggers same to same. As a result, they fall in trouble within a very short time.


The reason is that they follow the current behavior of some pro bloggers, not initial activities that they were used to doing to make their blogs successful.


So, to fail in blogging, start following a pro blogger and just copy him/her if you can.


If you see that the pro blogger is living a luxurious life, then you also try to do the same by paying no attention to your blog.


As a result, be ready with your fail blog.


Make fool the search engines

There are many ways you can try to make different search engines fool! Earlier, it was very common to see that using a lot of spammy backlinks for a blog, a blogger can be successful just by making search engines stupid.


The same type of anything you can also do to fail in your blogging journey. I can say what are the other ways to make a search engine fool, but keep trying.


I hope that soon you could discover some talented ideas to make it possible. Don’t forget to let the other bloggers those who also wanna fail, know that you have discovered this and this to fool a search engine.


Your failing is inevitable, wait! my boy for celebrating the moment.


Think your blog as a quick money making machine

fast money making

Some bloggers (I guess many of them) think that blogging is like a horse that will take you to the cave of Alibaba. You’ll just have to sit on the horse and it’ll stand in front of the cave.


Going there, you’ll just need to utter Chiching Fak and the door will open. After that, you take your precious things from there as per your wish.


If you think about blogging like this, then you’re daydreaming about blogging. You won’t even see any donkey coming your way to take you to somewhere comfortable.


So, if you wanna fall in a great trap of blogging, then start believing that blogging is like a quick money making scheme that will provide you a lot of money with just little effort.


Expect a lot within a few days of blogging

The previous part is a complement to this one. You should know that you’ll need to change a couple of chairs before you can see some traction from your blog.


What did I mean by changing chairs? Well, I wanted to give you an idea how long it may take to make a decent amount of money from a blog.


You need to invest time to be a successful blogger. If you want an expensive car, a luxurious apartment and so many other things with the money of your a few months old blog, then you’re eventually gonna fail at it.


Put different ads here and there on your blog

As you need to fail, what’s the necessity of making your blog look good?


I see no reason behind it. So, place as many ads as you can on your blog. Leave no place for reading text if you can. This will make most of your blog’s visitors flee from your blog just after landing there.


Don’t capture email addresses

To fail in blogging, you can ignore thousands of advice of capturing email addresses of your visitors. Who cares that money is in the list if s/he wants to fail soon.


Blog only to make money

If you’re too greedy to do blogging only for money, then I should say that you’re gonna get the worst result from your blog soon.


Blogging is not just about making money, it’s about achieving so many things by doing it. Getting pleasure is one of the avenues that many bloggers enjoy the most. Making money from blogging becomes a secondary pursuit to them.


Blogging is a lifestyle, it’s freedom, it’s communication – so, if your only quest is to make thousands of dollars doing blogging, then go to hell, dude.


You’ll soon discover yourself a failed blogger, I’m sorry to tell you the harsh truth, but it’s damn true.


Don’t promote your blog

Keep your blog hidden from seeing. Manage a trunk and keep your blog inside it if you can.


In the virtual world, I know it’s not possible to do the thing with your blog, but never promoting your blog properly is close to the situation.


Always remember that unsuccessful bloggers don’t waste their invaluable time promoting their blogs. They think that other people will come to their blogs and then the blogs will be famous within a day or two.


Their thinking never sees the reality. So, if your desire is to be an unsuccessful blogger, then don’t try to promote your blog.


Don’t publish fresh content on a regular basis

Why will you do so many things for publishing more and more new content on your blog?


You can use the time that you would craft content in sleeping. Isn’t a sound sleep better than crafting killer content?


So, publish a post or two once or twice a year. If you can, do it in 2 – 3 years of intervals. You’ll see a great result lot sooner, I bet.


Produce poor content with boring headlines

poor content

Make the worst headlines for your blog posts. Try to learn how to create disgusting headlines that will make your visitors about to vomit.


If you can do it properly, then you won’t have to wait for long to fail in blogging.


Didn’t believe my words?


Well, try it and wait.


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Believe that you know everything and the best

All the foolish people always think that they’re the ocean of knowledge. They need not acquire any further knowledge as they’re already full.


The reality is just the opposite you know it well.


I can bet you that if you wanna be a failed blogger, then never invest time for learning. Always pretend that you know everything about blogging.


Believing this will be enough to carry on…


Have no goal, please

If you ask a successful blogger – what’s your current blogging’s goal? You’ll see a long list of goals given by the blogger.


Not only blogging but also anything that you do should have a solid goal. Within the main goal, there are always many short-term goals.


So, if you wanna be an amateur blogger, then don’t pay heed to your blogging goals.


And why will you have some goals? Having goals means a lot of pressures and activities. So, it’s better not to have any goal, huh!


Never do personal branding

When you blog, try to hide. Showcase only your blog, not yourself. Suppose that your blog’s name is XYZ and you’re ABC.


Never ever try to brand ABC and to do so, you have no room for expressing your persona.


Never be passionate about blogging

Start hating your blog. Have no love for it. When you see that you’re gonna love your blog, then do something that will make you hate your blog again.


If you start loving your blog, then it’s very hard to fail in blogging. So, I say start hating your blog bro.


Hardly concentrate on blogging

Give your full attention to any other thing than blogging. Yes, unsuccessful bloggers have never given much priority to their blogs.


So, why will you do the opposite? Just do the same that thousands of poor bloggers do and you’ll be in their group soon.


Never take blogging seriously

Seriousness in blogging! Yikes


Never be serious. Do blogging like going to the toilet, I mean that do it unless you urgently need it.


Make your blog very slow

slow speed

Make your blog’s speed such low that you can compare it with the speed of a snail’s movement.


This will take you one step ahead of making a failed blog.


Don’t waste your time for using multimedia

Who cares about seeing multimedia, right?


At least, the failed bloggers think this.


As you wanna fail, why will you use multimedia?


Write congested text

From the side of your ads, if any text is visible, then make it very cramped. Give no space between two paragraphs.


After writing for your blog, look at the text. Does it look messy? Then, fine.


You’re gonna fail soon no matter what golden touch you have given to your content.


Cheat with your readers

It’s good to cheat with your loyal readers. Ask their email addresses and then start spamming on their inboxes. Also, do other types of fraud with them.


Warning! You may also need to go into a jail if the intensity of your cheating is too much.


Allow spammers for guest posting

Spammers can help you a lot to make your blog the worst place in the universe.


So, call some of the spammers for publishing some posts on your blog. These guest posts will surely turn your dream of making a fail blog true soon.


Scare your blog’s visitors time to time

scare your readers

Make your blog a haunted place for your visitors. You can set a popup email capturing box with a harsh sound so that many of your readers become afraid of that.


Change the name of your blog once or twice a year

You don’t need to make your blog’s name memorable. So, there’s no need to keep the same name for years after years.


Choose some weird names and set them one by one for your blog.


Stop blogging at all…

give up

If all the previous suggestions didn’t work, the last suggestion of the list won’t disappoint you anymore.


Completely give up blogging………


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