17 Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

My level of happiness rose to ecstatic when I started my first blog almost five years ago.


My guess is that you can feel how amazing the first few days to a new blogger is!


Yes, I was enjoying blogging more than anything else.


But one day, I opened an email.


And it was a nightmare!


So what was in it?


The message reads:

Hi there,
I’m Nicholas from Spain, an avid reader of your blog since day one.


Your blog is awesome.

But, I don’t know how to tell you this, but your blog doesn’t load fast.


In addition, often times, it remains down.


Please do whatever you can to improve your blog’s load time and uptime.


Otherwise, you’ll lose your readers like us.


If you can please change your blog’s hosting.




“Hey Nicholas, will I change my hosting? How dare you! This is the cheapest hosting in the industry and you’re now suggesting me to cancel it? No way.”, I was murmuring.


Though the first impression of the email was disgusting, I could realize the value of it later.


The email taught me almost everything about choosing a web hosting company wisely because I started studying on this after reading it.

Thanks so much, Nicholas.


I know most of you don’t know how to pick the perfect web hosting company for your blog when you’re new in this field.


So, I wanna tell you what I learned about picking the perfect hosting so that you don’t have to face zillions of problems like me.


17 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Company!

So what are the factors?


Wait, my dear reader, I’m gonna tell you about all of them right now.


Disclaimer: Note that none of the hosting companies mentioned in this post is 100% fault-free.


# 1. Age of the Hosting Company

Understanding this factor is quite easy.


To understand a business well, you need to analyze its history. The longer period a business sustains, the more information you can get about it.


Also, a business can improve its services over time.


So, if a business can sustain for a long period of time, then you can remark that it’s upgraded a lot over the years.


From this consideration, never pick a hosting company that has just started out.


# 2. Overall Reputation of the Company

The previous factor is related to this. You can consider a company as your web hosting if it has a good reputation in the hosting industry.


As for example, we can talk about Endurance International Group (EIG). It’s a giant web hosting company that has already owned a lot of other hosting companies.


# 3. Reseller or Direct Hosting

More or less, most web hosting companies provide reseller plans, so it’s very normal to see many reseller hosting companies who’re bragging like a direct web hosting company.


You should always host your blog on a direct web hosting company.


# 4. 99.9% (if not 99.99%) Uptime

You’ve already seen that Nicholas emphasized on my blog’s uptime, haven’t you?


If your hosting can’t provide you with an optimum uptime, then you can’t do anything good with it.


So, pick a web hosting company like InMotion Hosting, Bluehost, Hostgator etc that ensures a super uptime.


# 5. Blazingly Fast Load Time

You should also consider the speed of your hosting’s servers.


It’s always suggested to choose a speedy server.


You can pick A2 Hosting since their speed is quite decent.


So, you’ve found two important factors that Nicholas pointed – one is uptime and the other one is load time.


How can you measure these metrics of a hosting company?


It’s a really hectic job, but that day, I’ve discovered a nice site named HRANK that can tell you any hosting’s uptime as well as response time within a few seconds. So, you can try their services.


# 6. Skilled and Friendly (NOT necessarily Award-Winning) Support Team

The next considerable factor is having a friendly support team that can handle your issues diligently.


Many hosting companies boast that they have an award-winning support team etc. In fact, you don’t need a contest winner support team. You just need some staffs who can solve your hosting related issues on time.


# 7. Real Experience (from Trusted Someone or from an Honest Affiliate Marketer)

You should also learn some real-life experience from someone who used the hosting company.


Again ⚠ warning!
Not from any BS affiliate marketer whose main goal is to sell whatever s/he can just to make commissions.


Try to find out somebody who’s trusted. There are many affiliate marketers who recommend products only when they know about them. You can rely on these kinds of marketers too.


# 8. Server Location

The location of your hosting’s server is another important factor while hosting your site. You know that the speed of a server depends on its distance from the users.


The closer the server is, the speedier the load time will be.


It doesn’t mean that your blog’s server should be somewhere around you.


First of all, find out the location of your target audience and then, when you buy a hosting pack, select the location as for your server.


Suppose that your target audience lives in the USA, then you should use a server that’s in the USA. If you use a server that’s in the UK, then your audience might experience a slightly slower speed.


# 9. Shared or WordPress or Cloud

You can pick any of the above hosting plans when you’re just starting out. The cloud hosting has become very popular because of its wide operation capability.


Note that you can run a WordPress site smoothly on any of the hosting plans, so nothing to be worried about.


# 10. Pure SSD or Accelerated

This is another considerable factor because you should host your site on a pure SSD storage. Many companies provide both types of storages.


As for example, Namecheap provides accelerated SSD with its cheaper shared hosting plans whereas the pure SSD comes with comparatively premium hosting plans of the company.


# 11. Bandwidth Limit (Unlimited is a Marketing Term)

This can be another considerable factor when it comes to choosing a hosting for your blog.


But you shouldn’t be adamant to check whether the bandwidth of your hosting unlimited or not. This is because there’s nothing unlimited in this world.


The term unlimited you hear is actually NOT unlimited. It has a certain limit and if you cross the limit, then you’ll be notified to upgrade your hosting plan.


But it’s quite impossible to exceed the limit of an unlimited bandwidth package if you’re a newbie.


# 12. Storage Capacity

Another considerable factor, but truth be told, just 1 GB of space is enough for your blog unless you upload videos.


Many companies will also claim that their hosting comes with an unlimited storage facility. Don’t be fooled by this claim because this is also a marketing term.


If you want both the bandwidth and the storage unlimited (at least if you wanna be satisfied by hearing the term unlimited), then you can check iPage.


# 13. Softaculous or MOJO MARKETPLACE

After purchasing a hosting pack, one needs to install his/her preferred CMS on it. That time, using a 1-click installer like Softaculous or MOJO Marketplace is very handy.


So, you should check whether your hosting comes with any of the installers or not.


# 14. cPanel or Any Other Control Panel

For the ultimate control of your hosting, you need the access to the cPanel.


So, always try to know if you’ll get your cPanel.


# 15. Scaling Up Capability

Starting out small today doesn’t mean that you’ll always be a small guy in the blogosphere.


You have the skills to grow faster than you’re thinking.


Could your hosting provide you with all the necessary services if you grow?


So, always check your hosting company’s upgraded plans. If you see that those can satisfy your growth level well, then you can go ahead and start using it.


# 16. Reasonable (NOT Cheap) Pricing

Most newbies do a great mistake while picking up a hosting company. You see that I did the same mistake.


If you pick a hosting just because of its cheap price, then you’re not actually taking it seriously.


First of all, assess all your required services and then, you can check whether the price of your hosting for the providing the services is reasonable or not in comparison to other ones.


# 17. A Free Domain for the First Year

This is a stupid consideration while choosing a web hosting company, but as many of you give much attention to this, I had to add this factor to the list.


It seems like I’m a beggar, please give me something for free!


Don’t look at whether a domain is free or not. If you get one, this is your bonus.


But don’t just buy a hosting because of having a free domain.


So, these are the 17 important factors that you must check before you get your money out of your wallet to buy your hosting pack.


Finally, your friends need to know these crucial factors, don’t they?

Save them before they take any wrong decision while choosing their web hosts.


So, just hitting the share button is enough to help them!

Now, what do you think about the web hosting choosing factors?


Comment below and let us know.


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