How to Get a Lot of Likes on Facebook [Actionable Top Tips]

Warning!!! Never Buy Facebook Likes


Facebook is one of the major social media platforms and many bloggers succeed just by leveraging this influential platform.

buy facebook likes

Facebook likes is related to many aspects of Facebook. As for example, Facebook pages, posts, groups have the feature to be liked by other Facebook users.


More and more Facebook likes on a post or a page means that the post or the page is very popular. This social proof initiates other people to interact with the post or the page.


And you know that more interaction means more conversion.


This is the core effectiveness of getting more Facebook likes.


So, getting more Facebook likes is a target to many of us and here in this blog post, I’ll show you how to do the thing.


But before I tell you everything in detail on getting Facebook like, I should warn you that you must never buy Facebook likes. Why I’m saying this? The reason is that most of these kinds of likes are fake and you won’t get any benefit with that.


You should do everything ethically and naturally. To do this, now I’m showing you everything in details. So, don’t worry about getting things done.


How to Get a Lot of Likes on Facebook?

The Facebook likes are related to the following things –

  • Facebook posts
  • Facebook pages

So, the Facebook like can be achieved on Facebook posts and pages.


Here are the ways to getting more and more Facebook likes –


Use irresistible cover image

To attract more Facebook likes, you first need to make your Facebook page a professional looking one. To do this, you’ll have to use a professional image as your page’s cover image.


The cover image is very important because before liking your page, nobody needs to click to check the cover image because it’s visible on the front of your page’s invitation.


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Use a nice profile picture

Not only is the cover image, the profile picture of your Facebook page needs to be a decent one too. Try to visualize your brand image with both the profile and the cover images of your Facebook page.


This will help you gain more Facebook likes for sure.


Make the page SEO friendly

SEO also plays a vital role in the world of Facebook, so you can’t deny this factor here. To do this, you need to set everything on your page properly. The next part is quite important in maintaining SEO for a Facebook page.


Write relevant things on the about page

To make your page SEO friendly, you need to use the relevant keywords in the about page. This doesn’t mean that you’ll only fill out the page with so many keywords, rather try to write about your Facebook page and your business using the keywords a few times there.


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Use eye-catching images

To do well on any social media platform, you’ll need to use irresistible images. Now it’s time to post good images on your Facebook page or timeline.


Whatever text you share with your audience, having a relevant and eye-catching image with it must increase the potentiality of getting more likes for the post.


It doesn’t also mean that you’ll never miss using images with any of your posts. Sometimes, it’s also wise to share only text-post.


So, it’s you who can determine whether using an image with your text is okay or not. Then, work accordingly.


Edit the images

We often prove our laziness while posting images on our Facebook pages or profiles. The reason is that we hardly wanna edit an image before posting it.

edit images

But we shouldn’t do this. It’s clear that a well-edited photo can capture more attention, thus more Facebook likes. So, why will you ignore this special attribute for your images?


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Content is king

Whether you share irresistible images on your timeline or not, if you miss to providing value to your audience, then you can never do any good with all these things.


Content is king which is again proven here for publishing posts on Facebook. So, you need write persuasive text that anyone can hardly deny.


This way, you can welcome more and more likes on your Facebooks posts and pages.


Write short posts

It’s observable that short posts often get more attraction. There are some significant reasons to this. First of all, most Facebook users don’t wanna read a mammoth text, thus if they see a post comes with a long, tiring text, then they’re likely to ignore this type of post.


Also, many Facebook users remain busy and they just wanna browse their Facebook feeds to see what things are short and punchy. This time, long posts will surely be denied and hated too.


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Headline matters a lot, so write magnetic headlines

The opposite thing to the previous part is true. Yes, sometimes, long posts capture more attention and the main reason is the magnetic headlines.


If you can engage your audience with your content at their first sight, then it’s common to see that they go up to the last of the content which is followed by likes.


I often experience that many Facebook users publish posts without paying much attention to crafting irresistible titles for them.


I hope that you won’t carry on this bad practice anymore if you’re still doing it.


Promote the page among targeted audience

You know every business has its own focus group. So, whatever business or blogging niche you’re carrying on, you must have your target audience.


Always, try to promote your page among your target audience. If you can do this, then you’ll get more popularity faster.


Leave in-depth comments

To get more Facebook like, you need to connect with more people. To connect with more and more people, you can go for leaving in-depth comments on others Facebook posts.


Check which Facebook posts have already got much popularity. If you see that a post has been liked and commented by man people, then you can determine that this one is a popular one.


Brainstorm well and then go to the post to drop a nice and valuable comment in it. You’ll see that you’re getting noticed by the post’s audience.


This will bring some likes to your post or page too.


Start contest

You can also go for Facebook content which is too good to have more and more Facebook likes. So, never ignore this effective method of promoting your page or post.


Use a Facebook plugin to keep a Like button on your blog

There are many Facebooks plugins available which can show up a Facebook Like button on your blog. Showing this to every of your blog’s visitors will eventually lead to more likes on your Facebook page.


Post sequential images instead of a single one

It’s also noticeable that album photos get more likes and engagement than an individual one. The reason is that people become curious to see what comes next if they see that there’s an album of photos.


The main part of this is to keep the first some of the photos very much eye-catching. If you can’t engage your audience with the first few images of your album, then it’s likely that they’ll deny the album.


Use call to action for Facebook like

One important suggestion that I wanna give you now is that you should never feel shy or afraid to ask for liking your Facebook post or page.


I’ve seen that many of my known people don’t wanna use a call to action for this only because of feeling nervous.


It’s perceivable that having a strong call to action to do a thing leads to more and more actions as per the request or the direction.


Monitor your posts performance

From time to time, you should check your Facebook page performance. Facebook also delivers a weekly page update directly on its users’ email addresses.


You should also check that and from your monitoring, try to figure out which posts are getting more likes and what are the reasons for that.


When you’ll be able to find out the reasons for the high interactions, you could apply those things, again and again, to get more likes over time.


Post during the pick hours and days

Post during high engaging times that means there is some time when people wanna have some content on their social media platforms.

posting time

Different statistics have already proved that there are some hours as well as days which are too good to get more interactions. You should publish your posts during those times and days for the best interactions.


Boost your posts

Facebook post boosting is very cheap and at the same time, very effective in promoting your content among a wide range of people.


So, start boosting your posts to get more people to see those which will surely gain more likes within a very short time.


Promote your pages

You can also go for Facebook page promotion which is very effective in getting more likes for it. Select your target audience and spend a very little amount of money to reach tons of people.


Promote others content

Cross-promotion is very powerful because other people are helping you to get your things promoted. But cross-promotion often needs a discussion before you can start it.


Sometimes, you can let other people know that you’re promoting their content. As a result, soon you’ll see that some of those people have started promoting your content too.


So, never limit the promotion within you, promote others valuable content on your timeline too. You’ll see that your content is gonna be promoted by some of them too for sure.


Create a relevant Facebook group

Having your own group on Facebook is a matter of great pleasure. The reason is that noticing more people using a Facebook group is easier than that of a Facebook page.


The reason is that with your Facebook page, you can add those people who’re not even your friends and this option isn’t available on FB page.


And you know that adding more people on a regular basis means that your Facebook page is likely to get more likes.


Offer freebies

Offering something is always tempting to your audience. Suppose that you have come to know that something is now running for free. So, why not let your audience know about that and get more and more likes from them?


A few days ago, I saw that one of my friends on Facebook offered a premium Grammarly sign up for free which became the talk of the town within the day of publishing the post.


I can recall that the post got more than 1000 likes on the first day.


Ask for thought-provoking comments

Asking for making comments can also lead to more interaction. The reason is that most people are likely to share their thoughts.


So, whenever you publish a post on your Facebook timeline, ask for making comments on the post. You’ll see that after making a comment, the person is also liking the post. This isn’t a bad idea, is it?


Comment on other blog posts and link to your FB page

You see that many bloggers use this technique as a link building method. You can also apply this technique to bring people to your Facebook page.


To do this, instead of linking to your blog, you’ll have to link to your Facebook page after making a comment. Write in-depth and thought-provoking comments on some blog posts and then add your Facebook page’s link at the end of the comments.


Publish helpful videos

Helpful videos can be a great source of likes. Many people find nice videos very interesting to like and share. So, upload some interesting and useful videos on your Facebook timeline too.


Don’t forget to write some relevant and persuasive text with your videos that you upload on Facebook. Also, you can share those YouTube videos on the Facebook that you think will be interesting to your audience.


Go for Facebook Live

Facebook has recently launched its native video making, uploading and sharing options which are too great to share your own videos with the whole world.


This feature is called Facebook Live. You should utilize this feature well for gaining more attraction from your audience. Not only is that you’ll likely to get more likes on your page by providing valuable videos on your timeline.


Use your Facebook page in your email signature

I always tell people to take this initiative whenever they need to promote something online. The email signature is a very effective medium of connecting with more and more people.


So, make the signature of you clickable with the Facebook page link.


Make use of hashtags

Hashtags have great importance at the time of exploring a post. Though this feature isn’t that popular and effective like Twitter, it’s currently seen as an increasing practice on Facebook.


So, you should harness the power of hashtags when you publish posts. Also, you can use the hashtags in your profile and page sections.


Publish posts multiple times daily

As the short posts capture more attention on social media channels, you have the room to craft multiple short posts on a daily basis.


So, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity and for this, you must post several times on your timeline daily. Set a posting frequency and maintain that regularly. You’ll see that your audience is becoming habituated to read your posts as you’re publishing that solely for attracting them.


Add Facebook page to YouTube videos

Uploading videos on YouTube has become very popular and many people are continuously doing it. So, there might be times when you feel that you need to upload some of your valuable videos on YouTube.


The description page of your videos shouldn’t go empty. You must put your Facebook page as well as other important contact’s links in the description of your videos.


Share your Facebook links on other social media channels

With the advent of so many social media channel, most of the people are active more than one platform. So, you may have multiple profiles on different channels.

be connected on other social media

So, you should not only share your Facebook page on your Facebook profile but also promote the page on other social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ etc. This will help you get more people to your page from other platforms.


And this is likely that some of the people from other channels will like your Facebook page.


Don’t forget to use your Facebook page link on business card, handbill etc

Getting well on anything online doesn’t mean that you’ll only have to promote that thing on the internet. You can also go for offline promotion which will, in turn, help your online business.


So, you should have your business card, handbill, poster etc where you can use your Facebook page’s link. Spreading these offline advertising materials will make aware many of the people. Some of these people will surely land your Facebook page and like it.


Ask your near and dear ones to like your page

You all have many friends and family members whom you can utilize for getting more likes for your Facebook page or posts.


Ask them to like your page and then your task is to publish valuable content on that page. Then, you’ll see that the posts are automatically getting many likes.


So, you should leverage this gradual and effective method of having tons of likes on your Facebook page.


Cover demanding current events

Our life is full of events and some of these are very demanding. You should alway wait for these sorts of events and when you hit one of the like this, then you shouldn’t miss this.


Try to cover the event on your Facebook page. This will bring much popularity for your page which will obviously award you many likes.


Connect with other influential Facebook users

You should pay heed to this point as you can’t do a big thing alone. You need help from others and for this reason, always try to have a good relationship with famous Facebook users.


Though it’s not too easy to connect with influencers, you shouldn’t stop trying. Start from very little. Check which of your friends have thousands of friends on their Facebook profiles and then connect with them well.


You’ll see that these people of you’re doing a great thing for your online business by sending potential visitors.


Connect with popular Facebook groups

Facebook groups are too good to focus content to a large audience. So, you should take help of FB groups. Check the groups that have thousands of members and join there.


Once you’re approved by the groups’ admins, you now can start posting. But before you start posting, you should read all the guidelines of those groups. Every group has its own guidelines which you must obey all the time.


Try to connect with the admins politely so that you get some extra favors at the time of posting your posts on the groups.


Tag people to your posts

Tagging more and more people your social media posts means that more and more people are directly getting noticed about your them.


So, never forget to tag some of the people whom you think that will be interested in your posts. Tagging will promptly notify the tagged people on their profiles which will lead them to check where they have been tagged.


Many of them will like your posts by checking them. That’s the magic of tagging, so you should always keep this valuable action in mind when you publish a new post on your timeline.


Ask your email contacts to like your Facebook page

More or less, you have some email addresses of other people, right? Why not invite them to like your Facebook page? Yes, these contacts can increase the number of Facebook likes that you shouldn’t ignore.


So, reach to your email addresses of others and send a persuasive email to all of them for liking your page. Many of them won’t deny your request, I hope.


Keep the Facebook page link on the blog’s about us and author page

The more you’ll focus your Facebook page, the more people will come to know about it. And knowing your page is likely to like it. So, add the link to your page to your blog’s “About Us” as well as the “Contact” page.


Then, some of your blog’s visitors must land your Facebook page which will lead to like it too.


Answer on Quora and leave your Facebook page

Quora is one of the best question answering platforms that many people are taking help from it. You can also land this great site with the intention of answering to some of your known questions.


Find some questions which you think that you can answer to them well. After that, when you complete answering, add the Facebook page link to the answers.


This will bring some potential visitors to your page who won’t leave without liking it.


One thing to mention here is that you must never go for answering this platform only to do spamming. Give value to the community of millions of people and then refer to your page for further connection if you see that it’s okay.


Post your page on your profile time to time

You’ll have to take care of your Facebook page yourself the most. That’s why don’t miss to sharing your page on your profile time to time. This will let your friends know that you have the page which will trigger to have more likes on the page.


You may think that I’ve already shared your page on your timeline, but why will I do the same thing again and again. Well, you’ll do it because the number your friends is likely to increase day by day and if your new friends come to know about your page, they may feel interested to like it.


Not only is that some of your previous friends may feel the urge to like your Facebook page this time after your sharing.


For all these reasons, you should practice this weekly or monthly. I hope that you’ll get a good result from this.


Ask people to share your posts

When you share some posts on your timeline, don’t limit it just to your profile or page, rather tell other people just to hit the share button. It’ll surely propel up the sharing by many times.


You can’t imagine right now how a single share from an influencer may change your total scenario of reach to a vast majority of people.


Suppose that you have asked your existing connections to share your posts and some of them have already done so. What may happen next? If just one of the sharers is an influential one, then s/he alone could provide you hundreds of likes if not thousands.


This is the power of working together. So, never feel shy to request others to do something for you.


Ask friends to invite other people to like your page

Your current connections are your great power which most of you ignore. You can harness the power of your existing friends on your social media platforms.


Request your friends to invite others to like your Facebook page. You’ll see that many of them will obey your words and show love for you by inviting other people.


This will bring a surge of likes to your page for sure. One thing that you should maintain is that you mustn’t beg them for inviting other. Be smart and tell them that if you think that my page gives enough value to you, then please let others know about my page.


I think that’s the best that you can do in this regard.


So, these are the methods that will have more likes for your Facebook page over time. You mustn’t be too hasty to do everything at a time. Do things regularly and consistently. Never lose hope and then you’ll get the positive result of your hard work soon.


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