Shorten These 3 Things to Make Your Blog Posts Super Easy to Read

I’ve warned you about writing hard text in the previous post and I’m hopeful that now you know how bothering it’s to read hard content.

hard to read

But what are some of the common things that can make any content hard to read?


Yes, there are many things that are liable to make a content hard, but here I’ll talk about only 3 types of things by shortening which, you can expect to produce super easy-to-read content.


So, what are the 3 things that you should shorten in order to produce simple content that’s read well by any of your readers?


Well, now is the time to mention the 3 things as you’re eager to know about them.


3 Things to Shorten!

Here are the 3 things –

  1. Word
  2. Sentence
  3. Paragraph

So, these are the 3 things that you must keep short as to come up with an easy blog post. And the ease of reading a blog post is essential to engage your readers.


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Shorten your words

The first thing to shorten is your words. Check your content whether you have used long so many long words or not. If you see that there are many long words, then you should replace them with shorter ones.


Why am I telling you to use short words? The reason is that long words are likely hard to pronounce and spell. So, whether you write it or your readers pronounce it, a long word is often hard to read and write.


So, to relax both you and your readers, writing short words is a wise decision, isn’t it?


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Shorten your sentences

After you maintain to write short words or shorten long words, now is the time to write short sentences too. So, if you see that your content is full of long sentences, then you must go back to the beginning of that and start shortening them.


If you blog on WordPress, then you can use a plugin called Yoast SEO which has recently added an option for displaying Flesch Reading Ease.


Flesch Reading Ease is a standard for determining whether a content is easy or hard to read. Flesch Reading Ease suggests that you should use short sentences in your content.


Here’s the signal that I saw in my plugin –

write short sentences

Here, you can see that the tool is suggesting that you write sentences having 20 words in them at best. Also, you have room for writing 25% long sentences though if you can make all the sentences of your content short, then nobody is there to scold you.


Since the Flesch Reading Ease shown in percentage, the more and more short sentences you write, the better the score will be.


So, start writing short sentences or shortening the long ones to make them short. This will surely make your writing easy to read. Also, the score of Flesch Reading Ease will be high.


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Shorten your paragraphs

Short words, short sentences, and now what?


Yes, now is the time to make your paragraphs short too.


Answer me, do you love to read a bulk of text? I’m sure that you don’t even wanna see a bulk of text too. So, where seeing a long paragraph is bothering, how will you love to read this kind of text?


No way, right?




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So, you should write short paragraphs too. If you find that your content has many long paragraphs, then you must reduce the number of sentences from them.


So, how to make a paragraph short?


Well, a paragraph having 2 – 3 sentences is considered to be a short one. So, you should maintain this number of sentences in most of your paragraphs.


Flesch Reading Ease of Yoast SEO also shows this which is here –

short paragraphs

Here you see that there’s no warning of making my paragraphs short because I’ve maintained a decent number of sentences in all of my paragraphs.


So, always try to write short paragraphs. You can even write so many 1-sentence paragraphs too as long as they look and read well in your content.


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Finally, I should say that your aim of crafting your blog posts in a way such that they become easy to read. You shouldn’t make your readers afraid of your content and hard writing is enough to scare them for sure.


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