How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh

Do you know how to earn money online in Bangladesh? If not, then this article is for you.


Making money online is possible from anywhere in the world.


So whether you live in the USA or in Bangladesh, it doesn’t matter.


Online earning opportunities in Bangladesh are also there.


If you want a proof, then look at me.


I live in Bangladesh and make money online.


And when I started working online, I didn’t invest a single penny.


Now, in this blog post, I’ll show you how to make money online in Bangladesh without investment. All the money making methods are ethical and there will be no chance of fraud here.


So you can start learning the ways of money making without any hesitation.


I advise you that you must go for all legal online money making jobs.


Otherwise, your career will be ruined.


How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh?

Now I’m gonna tell you the ways of earning money from Bangladesh. So you should read everything carefully in order to make money online living in this country.


Make Money Online through Freelancing

Freelancing has already become very popular in Bangladesh. It has great potential to make money from home. Many people are making a huge amount of money doing freelancing in Bangladesh.


You’ll be glad to know that Bangladesh is currently in the second position in freelancing. So you can also start it.


There are many fields of working as a freelancer. You can choose writing, graphics designing, admin work like data entry, virtual assistance etc. Pick one that interests you the most and then work on that.


It’s not good to go for many types of work for freelancing if you work alone. Then you’ll have great pressure on you and you may even ruin your freelancing career doing it.


I’ve already written an epic guide to freelancing in Bangladesh and you can check the guide to have a lot of beginner level information about freelancing.


I hope you’ll get a clear idea about starting freelancing if you read the guide carefully.


Earn Money Online Through Blogging

Blogging has a huge money-making opportunity. You can even make thousands of dollars from blogging if you can do it properly. There are many bloggers who are even making six-figure (in $) per month.


Learn: How to be a successful blogger? and How to start your own blog?


There are dozens of ways you can make money from your blog. I’m briefly discussing some of the monetizing methods of a blog here.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way of making money with your blog. Though you can go for affiliate marketing without having a blog of your own, having a blog will help you a lot to boost your affiliate sales.


There are a number of positive sides affiliate marketing has, but one of the downsides of this type of money making method is that it takes a long period of time to start making money by selling affiliate products.


But if you can do affiliate marketing properly, you should expect to see affiliate sales lot quicker.


For your kind information, I got my first affiliate sale within 57 days which is not possible for most affiliate marketers.


To know more about affiliate marketing, please read the following blog posts:

What is affiliate marketing?

Why affiliate marketing?

Where to start affiliate marketing?


Using AdSense

AdSense is Google’s ad network that offers their publishers a decent money-making opportunity. Google shares over 60% of their ad revenue with their valued publishers.


So, you can also use AdSense on your blog and monetize it with it.


Note that you need to maintain certain quality guidelines to get Google AdSense’s approval.


To make a decent amount of money through AdSense, you need to drive a lot of traffic to your blog. For a low traffic blog, the earning should be very negligible.


But one good thing about AdSense is that you can start making money with it from day one if you can have an approved AdSense account.


Here are some posts on AdSense you should read in order to grab more knowledge about it:

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Products and services selling

I’ll also talk about selling products through different buying and selling sites at the latter part of this post, but now you should know that your blog can also sell your products and services directly from it.


How is that possible?


Well, if you create a Hire Me or Work With Me page on your blog and offer your services there, then surely some of your visitors might be interested in those services.


Also, you can make your own digital or physical products and sell them through your blog. It’s good to work with digital products because of a hassle-free business.


Physical products will need extra efforts like storing, shipping etc. Selling things through your blog is another good monetizing method.


Selling your products and affiliate products is almost the same, but the only difference is the ownership. One is your product and the other one is other companies’ products that you’re promoting for some commissions on your blog.


If you do affiliate marketing, then you don’t need to create any of your own products, but to sell your own products, you need to create them or resell them.


Publishing sponsored posts

It’s related to your popularity in the blogosphere. If you can grow your blog a lot, then many companies will come to you to review or mention their products on your blog.


This will help them build backlinks, get exposure, and drive traffic.


In exchange for all these benefits, they won’t disappoint you because you’ll get paid once you publish their posts.


I get a lot of requests for publishing sponsored posts and I accept those requests that seem okay to me.


Renting your blog’s space for ads

Some bloggers also leverage this method. Yes, if you see that your blog is growing and you’ve decent traffic to it, then you can let people hire some portions of your blog for showing their ads.


For showing others ads on your blog, you can ask the specific amount of money for that. This is similar to AdSense ads, but in this case, you are dealing directly with your advertisers. There’s no intermediary.


Though you might struggle to get advertisers using this method if you don’t have a large follower base. That time, AdSense will be a better solution for you.


If you want to learn more about blogging, read the following post:

How to do blogging in Bangladesh?


Make Money in Bangladesh Through Selling Blogs

This can be another money making method, living in Bangladesh. Many people take it as a promising money-earning opportunity.


Selling blog is related to starting a blog and then sell it when it grows a bit or a lot depending on your time of selling. You can even make thousands of dollar selling your blog if it’s grown a lot and attracted by your potential sellers.


Many Bangladeshi people have taken this method of money making as their professions.


Though I’ve been showing you the way of making money without investment, this process can’t grow further if you’re reluctant to spend money on it.


This is because nobody will want to buy a blog that was created without any investment.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is mainly done through blogging, but you can also do it without having a blog of your own. This marketing means to promote different products from other companies and when those are sold, you get a commission depending on different products.


Affiliate marketing can turn out to be a great online money-making opportunity. You get huge relaxation doing affiliate marketing properly.


To start with affiliate marketing, you’ll need to learn it well & then opt-in for some affiliate programs.


Selling digital and physical products

You can also start this business & make money online from Bangladesh. There are many ways of doing it. You can do it advertising your products (both physical & digital) on buying & selling marketplaces like, ClickBD etc.


Or you can also start your own eCommerce website and sell products directly from that site. Starting an eCommerce site may need an initial investment of time and money, but once you can establish it, there’ll be no person happier than you could be.


Warning! All the mentioned methods are ethical and you can start any of the businesses and make earn money online from Bangladesh.


BUT there are many fraud online money making jobs that you might see here and there on the internet. Don’t go for those types of unethical and fraud online jobs.


You should be wise by searching a little on the internet that whether a job is legal or illegal. Always try to do a thing that can create value. If you see that a job can’t create value isn’t actually an ethical job. So you can go for freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing, selling products etc online.


So all these methods are quite popular and doable to earn money online in Bangladesh if you can be determined & consistent enough to do so. I hope you could soon start making money from Bangladesh.


Wish you all the best.


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