Dotster Hosting Review

Dotster is commonly known as a super domain registrar, but you should also know that it has the web hosting feature too.


In this post, I’ll talk mostly about the hosting services of this company. You’ll also come to know about the domain registration feature of the company in this post.


Dotster Hosting Review

What is Dotster?

Dotster is a popular domain registrar that also provides different types of web hosting packs. You can start your website using Dotster because it has all the features that are required for doing so.


The company provides both the Linux and the Windows-based servers. You can run your WordPress website on Dotster smoothly because it has a WP hosting pack.


You can also choose a nice VPS hosting pack from the hosting company since it has some VPS hosting packs available in the company.


So, let’s explore too many exciting features of the company throughout the post.


Features and benefits

Discount. Dotster isn’t that much focused on its discount, so you won’t see any significant discount on its services.


Guaranteed uptime. The company doesn’t guarantee any uptime, so you should check it using some tools. I’ll show you the uptime recorded in some of the recent years which will give you an idea about its uptime.


Storage. All the shared hosting packs of Dotster hosting come with an unlimited storage. One thing to add here is that you’ll 1 GB of free cloud storage with all the hosting packs.


Bandwidth. The bandwidth of different shared hosting packs of Dotster is also scalable.


Free domain. Dotster hosting packs come with the offer of a free domain, but you won’t get it directly. Yes, you’ll have to use a coupon code in order to have a free domain with your hosting pack.


Here’s the coupon code for getting a free domain – FREEDOM15. Note that the company states that this free domain registration feature is valid until 31st of August, 2017.


The number of domain hosting. Other than the Basic hosting pack of the company, all the other hosting packs are capable of hosting an unlimited of domains.


Domain registration. Since Dotster is a domain registrar, we don’t have any confusion whether the company has the domain registration feature or not. You can register a domain from Dotster at any time you wish.


The number of MySQL databases. The Basic hosting pack provides 10 whereas the Deluxe hosting pack provides 25 databases. You won’t have to worry about the number of MySQL databases when it’s the Ultimate hosting pack because the pack provides an unlimited number of MySQL databases.


The number of email accounts. Here is the number of email accounts that you can create depending on the hosting packs –

Basic – 100

Deluxe – 250

Ultimate – unlimited


Website builder. All the hosting packs of Dotster have a drag and drop website builder which can be used in order to design your web pages as per your choice.


1-Click installer. Dotster provides SimpleScripts which can do so many things for setting up your website and one of the key tasks of the tool is the installation of different scripts.


Money-back guarantee. There’s no money-back visible on the site of Dotster. So, it’s quite vague whether the company offers any refund offer or not.


Hosting plans and pricing

Dotster has varieties of hosting plans. Here are the hosting plans that the company provides –

  • Linux hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting

So, the company has no dedicated hosting plan which may disappoint you.



So, from the above discussion, we can conclude that Dotster can be your choice of web hosting, but since there are other better options, you should go for any of them.


Visit Dotster (click here).


And when it comes to using a dedicated hosting plan, then the company can’t provide you any service because there’s no dedicated hosting plan available in it.

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