Dotster Domain Registration Review ~ Is it a Good Registrar

Dotster domain registration post will guide you how to buy a domain in a few clicks.


Dotster is a great domain registrar that also provides some hosting services.


In this post, I’ll only show you the domain registration feature of Dotster.


Also, you could learn how to buy a domain from the domain registrar.


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Dotster domain registration

Now, I’ll show you how to buy a domain from Dotster.


To do so, first of all, visit Dotster (click here).


Then, you’ll see different options for registering your required domain name (s). Yes, there are 3 options in total to check and register your desired domain (s).


Here’s the first quick option for the task –

quick domain regisration

Brainstorm for a nice domain name and type that in the blank box shown above. After that, click on the binocular icon. This will take you to a new page where you could come to know whether the given domain name is available or not.


You’ll also get some suggestions for related domain names. If the domain name is available, then you’ll see the “Add” button under the domain extension.


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You’ll also see the prices for different domain extensions. There’s also the domain privacy adding feature available in the page. So, check the box as per your requirement.


To buy the domain, hit the “Add” button and then provide the payment information. Finally, pay the domain registration fee. The domain is now yours.


The next way is this domain search box –

dotster domain registration

To buy your domain name (s), you’ll have to do the same things that you have done for the previous option. All the further processes will be the same that you have got in the previous domain registration method.


And the final option for registering a domain is this –

domain registration box

You’ll land this page by hitting the “DOMAINS” button.


Here, take all the similar actions in order to buy your required domain name (s).

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