Vs GoDaddy [Both Provide Domain and Hosting]

You all know that both and GoDaddy are two great domain registrars. Both of the domain registrars also provide different web hosting services.


This post is Vs GoDaddy where I’ll show you the domain registration and web hosting differences between the companies.


So, let check the post as to know which company becomes the winner today.


GoDaddy Vs

Now, I’m starting the comparison between the two companies.


Since both GoDaddy and have different web hosting packs, it’s necessary to check their servers’ speed as to judge how good the hosting companies are.


Here’s the speed of GoDaddy that has been recorded using Bitcatcha’s server speed checker –

speed of godaddy

The speed of GoDaddy

The speed of is as follows (tested with the same tool) –

speed of domain

The speed of

You can see that the speed of domain is slower than that of GoDaddy according to most of the locations.


So, it can be easily concluded that GoDaddy is speedier than, thus GoDaddy is the champion in this regard.


Server type

Both the web hosting have both the Linux and the Windows-based servers. So, you can’t compare the companies in this regard.


That means you’ll see a draw in this part.


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Support has a great support team that can be connected with the direct phone call and the live chatting options. On the other hand, GoDaddy is a smart domain registrar and hosting company that can provide you a great experience when it comes to their support.


You have the live chatting and the phone calling options which can connect you with the support team of GoDaddy in no time. Also, the GoDaddy community is a great platform for learning so many things from the community members.


So, it’s very hard to distinguish one company to another one on the basis of the available support options unless we can inspect their them for a long period of time.


Since both the companies are dedicated to providing a better support, we’re safe to announce a draw between them in this part.


Bandwidth and disk space provides unlimited storage along with 1 GB of cloud space in the hosting packs. Not only is the storage, the bandwidth of the hosting packs of is unlimited.


And if I talk about the bandwidth and the storage of GoDaddy’s hosting packs, then I’ll have to say that they can easily compete with the hosting packs of because here, you get an unlimited storage and bandwidth too.


Free domain

Though GoDaddy offers a free domain with its hosting plans if you buy that on a yearly basis. On the other hand, doesn’t offer a domain to be registered with your hosting pack though you can currently have a free domain by using a promo code.


The promo code is DOMFREE by using which you can have a free domain with your hosting pack bought from


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Number of domains per hosting account

Two of the shared hosting packs except the first one, have the capability of hosting an unlimited number of domains.


Number of emails per hosting account

Other than the Ultra hosting pack, none of the hosting packs of has the feature of hosting an unlimited number of email accounts.


Website builder provides a premium website builder, so you can’t use it for free.



The security feature of is very powerful and it includes the domain privacy and the SSL certificates.


Types of hosting packs has the following types of hosting plans –

  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting

The hosting company doesn’t have any dedicated hosting plan.


Money back guarantee

There’s no obvious money-back guarantee comes with the hosting packs of


Up to this, you’ve found a great comparison between and GoDaddy. Now is the time to check the services yourself and take your wise decision.

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