How Well Does Grammarly Work? Here’s the Strong Answer

It’s regardless to introduce you to Grammarly because I’ve already published several posts on the tool.


But in case you’ve missed reading the previous posts, you can read Grammarly review now to learn about the tool well.


In most of the posts, I’ve recommended the tool to use when it comes to correcting your English writing. Many of my readers also ask me whether Grammarly is an effective grammar checker or not.


My simple response is yes, Grammarly grammar and punctuation checker really works well and now I’m gonna show you how the tool works.


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Does Grammarly work?

To show you how effective the tool, Grammarly, is, I’ve written a few sentences by making many flaws in the writing to see how the tool detects all the errors.

I did the test on my WordPress writing panel and you know that Grammarly extension for Chrome works well with any online writing. So, I can use Grammarly directly on my WordPress.


By the way, here’s the screenshot of my test writing –


does grammarly work

This is the test writing


You can see that there are many red underlines in a lot of words. These are the errors that the tool detected in my test writing.


I wrote a meaningless thing by typing the keypads randomly and thus the first word appeared. Just after typing the meaningless word, Grammarly caught it red-handed.


Then, I wishfully eliminated the letter “e” from the word “when”. So, it was also a wrong spelling and thus the red underline is there.


Also, the wrong auxiliary verb “were” was written willfully to check the effectiveness of Grammarly and the tool really worked in that case too.


Another auxiliary verb “was” was used wrongfully which is shown in the text. The same thing happened with the next wrong auxiliary verb “were”.


I wrote past form of know after the modal auxiliary verb “should”, so it was detected carefully. The auxiliary verb “is” is thereafter a plural noun, so it’s wrong and was figured out.


I wrote “there” instead of “their”, so there’s the red mark. And finally, there’s the last error in the test text which is “their” instead of writing “there”.


I did all the errors in my writing wishfully that I told you before and Grammarly showed me its power with seeming ease.


I can add one thing here is that the error detection was blazingly fast and I didn’t find any lapse to do the grammar and spelling checking jobs of the tool.


So, from my short test, I can say that Grammarly works. In fact, it was a short test to justify the awesomeness of the tool.


But I see the tool’s great performance every time I go for writing a piece of content on a regular basis. So, you can also use Grammarly and test its performance yourself.


I’m sure that you’ll find the same result that I showed in this post. So, start using Grammarly without having any subtle confusion.


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Your writing will be 100% flawless. Thank you

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