25+ Best Free Document Sharing Sites You Can Use to Share Your Posts

You know that backlinks play an important role in ranking on SERPs. But getting backlinks isn’t a very easy job. Leveraging some quality document sharing sites, you can easily generate authority backlinks.


Yes, good document sharing sites can provide you quality backlinks that can boost the ranking of your blog or website. So in this blog post, I’m coming up with some quality document sharing sites that you should check for sharing your blog’s content.


In fact, I use some of the doc sites several times on a regular basis.



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Document Sharing Sites

Now I wanna mention the top document sharing sites. Here you can also find some of the best forum sites.

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SlideShare is one of the best document sharing sites. It has great page rank. So the Alexa rank of the site way too better than many other document sharing websites.


As the domain & page authority fluctuates from time to time, I’m not mentioning the DA.


SlideShare is basically a document sharing site that deals with slide presentations. So how will you share your documents?


Well, to share on SlideShare, you’ll have to make PowerPoint or Prezi presentations. Then you can embed your blog or website’s link in the presentations. Finally, upload the presentations on SlideShare. You’ll get huge traffic as well as many backlinks by sharing your doc on SlideShare.



This is another great document sharing website. You can also share your documents on this site. So far, I’ve found a lot of nice docs on the site. So I think that the site has much value.


Scribd also offers tons of eBooks.



Issuu can be your reliable doc sharing site. So why not try Issuu? Visit this site now & check it.



Who doesn’t know about Dropbox? It’s very important doc sharing site. I can recall that when I started my freelancing career, most clients asked me the first question about Dropbox! ‘Do you have a Dropbox account?’ – this was the common question.


From then, I realized the power of Dropbox.


And here are the document sharing sites that you must leverage –

  • Lulu Lulu is a decent site for sharing documents.
  • 4Shared Don’t miss this site to share your documents. 
  • 2Sahred Another awesome site for getting your document shared among many people.
  • Wattpad Wattpad is a good doc sharing site where you should land and share some of your documents. 
  • RapidShare Who doesn’t know about RapidShare? You should harness the power of this site. 
  • PDFCast To share PDF documents, this site can give you exciting facilities. 
  • DocStock Another good site for document sharing. 
  • Free eBooks You can create eBooks and share on this site where from many people could come to know about your blog. 
  • Box Box is another nice site where you can share your required docs.
  • SmashWords SmashWords is a great doc sharing site which must be leveraged well. 
  • Upoading You can also check this site for sharing your docs.
  • Zoho Zoho is very renowned for sharing your files online.
  • Calameo Why not use this site as this is a popular site for getting document shared?
  • Empressor Visit this decent site and check which files to share there. 
  • Keep and Share Sure, on this document sharing site, you can just keep and share your docs without any hesitation. 
  • AuthorStream This site can play an important role in promoting your content online. 
  • Edocr Get thousands of people read your blog by sharing your docs on this site. 
  • Think Free Think Free is a great site to discover and share your documents online.
  • Fliiby It’s a fabulous site that will be beneficial for distributing your content. 
  • PowerShow You should never forget to try this site.
  • Div Share Another powerful site for exposing your content to a great audience. 
  • Yudu Yudu is a good platform where you must go for sharing your docs. 
  • SliderServe You should also try this site for promoting your online content. 
  • SideBoom You should also try this site at the time of document sharing. 


So these are the 28 document sharing sites that I visit in total 30 times daily. But do you know why I do it 30 times?


Well, the reason is I visit 27 sites once each & SlideShare thrice a day. So you should also try these sites for getting the ultimate exposure of your content.


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