Tips for Travel Blogging from Ryan Biddulph

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You’ll be glad to know that Ryan Biddulph is here to let you know a lot of his blogging’s secrets.

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Ryan is enjoying blogging as well as traveling

Yes. I’m talking about the Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise, a wonderful blog that discusses many things about blogging and traveling.


It’s my pleasure to have him in this episode.


So, let’s go to the interview.


Q1. Hi Ryan, we’re very glad to have you in this interview session.

Answer: Thanks for having me Zaman 🙂

Q2. Why did you choose the name “Blogging from Paradise” for your blog?

Answer: Blogging From Paradise perfectly summed up my life. I had retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. So I went ahead and created a blog on that topic.


Q3. The name of your blog is very attractive. And, the landing page too.

Answer: I appreciate that. Talk to my designer Phillip Dews about the landing page/home page design 🙂

Q4. I see that you’re a very proactive blogger. How do you manage your time?

Answer: I love what I do so I always make time for it. I also work off of the clock, putting in 50 minutes or work and 10 minutes of rest each hour. Doing so keeps me on point, using my time effectively, helping me get a bunch of effective stuff done in minimum time.


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Q5. Tell me the best and the worst moments of your blogging journey.

Answer: My best moment has been my blogging journey. I had no worst moments. I did have tough times but I believe everything in our lives happens at the perfect place, at the perfect time. Even if we run into rough spots. As for those rough spots, I did go broke once LOL!


Q6. Do you think that traffic generation is a tough job for most bloggers? If so, then how can they overcome this problem?

Answer: Most bloggers do have a tough time for generating traffic because they give up on or never follow effective strategies. I always advise bloggers start guest posting, but many bloggers fear that guest posting is either a waste of time, or going this route would lead to rejection and criticism. This is the root of all blogging struggles: fear. But if you guest post on top blogs from your niche (by practicing your writing for thousands of hours) and if you promote other bloggers freely, you will increase your blog traffic over time.


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Q7. What are your top 3 traffic generation methods?

Answer: Guest posting, promoting other bloggers, effective blog commenting.

Q8. Do you practice SEO?

Answer: Only a little bit, but I am doing more SEO because seeing steady search traffic to my blog helped me get on the SEO bandwagon.


Q9. What are the top 3 SEO techniques that you recommend?

Answer: Write helpful, thorough blog posts. Use Yoast to get your SEO details down cold. Guest post on top blogs from your niche to get some serious SEO juice.


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Q10. Is it okay to take blogging as a full-time income source? I mean whether it’s a risky ride or not!

Answer: Yes, definitely! Everything in life is opportunity. The only risk in life is not seizing opportunities.

Q11. If you don’t take it otherwise! – What’s your first income from blogging (the amount and the medium)?

Answer: I made some money through freelance writing as a newbie. I believe about $15.

Q12. Was there any moment when you thought that you couldn’t succeed in blogging?

Answer: A few times over the years. But during those moments I realized that even though I felt I was failing, and would never succeed, I had to get through those lows as part of paying my blogging tuition. We are all human. We all doubt. In those moments, remember why you are blogging – fun and freedom – and also remember that every pro blogger you look at had to go through those lows too. Part of our journey…..for all of us 🙂


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Q13. What’s the secret sauce to be a digital nomad?

Answer: Love traveling, love seeing and experiencing new cultures, and own like 5 things LOL!

Q14. Say something for my audience.

Answer: Follow your fun, blogging-wise. Pick a niche you feel passionate about. Make the blogging work, the reward. This is how to detach some from traffic and money outcomes, which is the perfect way to blog.


Q15. Say a few words about my blog.

Answer: I love what you’re doing!


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