Google AdSense Vs AdWords (Google Ads)

We all heard the name of both Google AdSense and Google AdWords, but a few of us actually know the difference between them.


So in this blog post, I wanna clear about the difference between AdSense & AdWords.


Both Google AdSense and Google AdWords are Google’s products. These two products are also work with ads of Google.


But what’s the difference?


Yes, there’s a difference between these products.


Google AdSense Vs Google AdWords

Google AdSense

Logo of AdSense


If you think of a coin, then Google AdSense and Google AdWords will be the two sides of the coin. Yes, Google AdSense is the ad network that distributes advertisers’ ads among publishers.


Google AdWords

Logo of AdWords


On the other hand, AdWords helps advertisers to create & enable ads. AdWords has different options for analyzing keywords so that advertisers can determine preferable keywords for their businesses.


After creating ads with the help of AdWords, advertisers then pass the ads to Google for distributing those. Advertisers need to pay Google for displaying their ads.


Then Google again passes the ads as AdSense ads to publishers. Then different publishers put those ads on their pages online.


So here’s a quick learning of AdWords & AdSense –


Advertisers use AdWords & make ads ——-> Google gets the ads  ——-> Publishers put AdSense ads


Advertisers pay Google for showing their ads & Google then pay publishers for displaying those ads on their blogs & other pages online.


So you can consider AdWords as the input & AdSense as the output of ads. AdWords ads turn out to be AdSense ads.


AdWords is for advertisers & AdSense is for publishers.


You already know that AdWords offers a keyword research tool called Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool. Though the tool is primarily for advertisers, you can use it as a publisher. In fact, the tool is very familiar among bloggers for researching keyword. The tool is free.


How to use Google AdWords Keyword Tool?


So you can use the tool too.


I hope you’re now clear about AdSense & AdWords.


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