What is CTR (Click Through Rate) and Why It’s Important

When we talk about SEO best practices, we often hear a term – CTR.


Do you have any ideas about what CTR is? If not, then read this post where I’ll elaborate this subject.


What’s CTR?

CTR is the abbreviation of Click Through Rate. As you can see that this is related to rate, it’s counted in percentage. So, when you wanna see the CTR of a post or a page, it’ll look something like this – X% or X.Y..% where X and Y are different numbers.


Simply, CTR = (Number of Clicks/Number of Impressions) X 100.


So, if you divide the number of clicks by the number of impressions of one of your posts, and then, multiply it with 100, then you could calculate the CTR of that post.


Suppose that one of your blog posts got 100 impressions, and 10 clicks. Then, what’s the CTR of that post?


Very simple, just divide (10/100) X 100 = 10. This means that at an average, in every 10 impressions, the post gets clicked one time by its web searchers.


The impression means when a post is seen by web searchers.


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Why is CTR important?

Well, the CTR of a post is very important in order to predict its ranking on SERPs. Suppose that one of your blog posts is at the 5th position on Google for a certain keyword.


If the post gets fewer clicks than a post at the 8th position, then it’s likely that Google will boost the ranking of that 8th positioned post because the higher CTR indicates that the post is more relevant than your one.


So, increasing the CTR of a post is good for improving its ranking, though other two factors such as average reading duration and bounce rate play a vital role in deciding whether a better CTR post is really good or not.


Here’s one of my posts that comes at the 2nd position of Google with the keyword of “Grammarly Vs Turnitin” –

evaluate ctr

If my post gets more clicks than the 1st post in next days, then my post will likely to be at the 1st place.


So, this is the discussion on CTR and its importance in SEO. I’ll talk about how to know the CTR of your posts and how to increase CTR in the next post.


Thanks so much for reading the post.


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