How to Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing [The Easiest Guide]

This is the easiest guide on how to create a website for affiliate marketing.

how to create a website for affiliate marketing

Creating a website is such an easy job that you can take a mug of coffee and before finishing your coffee, you can have a nice site!


Why is it the Easiest Guide?


Well, here are the reasons –

  • No big investment required
  • No previous knowledge required
  • No coding required

So, let’s start making an affiliate marketing website.


How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website?

Here are the steps to doing this –

Step 1. Visit your preferred hosting company’s site

To create any website, you need to host it. So, the first step is to visit the site of your chosen hosting company.


I recommend a few hosting companies such as iPage, Bluehost, InMotion Hosting etc.


In this guide, I’ll show the process of creating a website using Bluehost.


So, hit the following image and visit Bluehost –


Step 2. Select your preferred hosting pack

You’ll land the following landing page –

landing page of bluehost

Now, take your mouse cursor on the hosting button seen on the top bar. You’ll see a drop-down list of different hosting types.


The top hosting type is shared hosting. Hit this so that you can check all the shared hosting packs of Bluehost.


Bluehost has three shared hosting packs and here are all of them –

bluehost shared hosting packs

Note that the Basic shared hosting pack is enough when you’re just starting out as an affiliate marketer.

bluehost basic shared hosting

So, hit the Select button seen under the Basic hosting pack.


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Step 3. Provide your selected domain name

Now, you’ll see two domain registration boxes, one is for registering a new domain and the other one is for using your previously owned domain.


Remember! You’re getting a FREE domain with the hosting pack for the first year, so you can save some dollars (since the domain is free!) here


So, drop your desired domain name in the first box.

register domain on bluehost

I’ve tested with a domain named xyzabc101 (the extension is selected as .com by default and I recommend you that you create your website with .com extension) and here is this –

sample domain name

The next task is to hit the next button seen found under the domain registration box.


If the domain is available for registration, then the next page will come up a long form.


Step 4. Create your account and pay the bill

The long form is for leaving and selecting different information.


The first portion of the form is for leaving your account information.


So, fill up the blank boxes with all the exact information –

bluehost account information

The next part is for selecting your hosting and other services –

bluehost package information

Select all the required services and go to the next portion.


The next part is for providing your payment information.


Fill out the form with your card number and other information.

bluehost payment information

Finally, check the Bluehost’s terms and conditions and then, hit the submit button.


bluehost terms and conditions

Success! You’ve just bought your hosting pack as well as other services to create a website.


You’ll receive several emails from Bluehost. Check all the emails and you’ll get your cPanel’s credentials.


Step 5. Install WordPress

Now, log into your cPanel by providing the username and the password.


Go to MOJO Marketplace which is available in your cPanel.

mojo marketplace

There, you’ll see WordPress.

install wordpress

Hit the Install button –

install wordpress 1

Next, you’ll need to drop your domain. I’ve tested here with another domain name –

install wordpress 2

Now, fill out the form and then,  click on the Install Now button –

install wordpress 3

You’ll see this message while the installation is being carried on –

install wordpress 4

Within a few seconds, you’ll see this message –

install wordpress 5

Great! You’ve just installed WordPress and installing WordPress means that you’ve already created your website.

install wordpress 6

Now, you can visit your website using your web address.


Also, you can go to your WordPress dashboard by using this ( address on your browser.


So, have you seen that the process of creating a website is very simple and you don’t need any knowledge of coding in order to do so?


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