40 Free Online Countdown Timer Plugin for WordPress

How about this? –

It feels like something is gonna happen, right? This is the charisma of an online countdown timer. 


A Countdown timer is a great tool that’s seen very popular in the recent few years. This is basically set to indicate the time left for starting a special occasion or thing.

free countdown timer

So, the counting down may persuade you to take an action by seeing the offer with a reducing timing. Nowadays, many online business owners are harnessing the counting down.


Yes, you’ll be amazed to know that most people who used a tool for counting down for any special event or occasion, got more conversion through more sales and lead generation.


This is the magic of using this kind of tool.


Learning about the great potential of this type of tool, I’ve intended to write an epic blog post to review some of the best countdown timers so that you can pick one for your own business.


Here I’ll discuss the countdown timer plugin for WordPress, apps for Android, iOS, extensions for Chrome and the timers available online for counting down.


The WordPress plugin is used to take some actions quickly. On the other hand, when this kind of tool is on an Android, then it’ll make your time more managing. The same thing goes with using this tool on Chrome or iOS.


Plugin for WordPress

In this part, I’ll introduce a lot of WordPress plugins that actually work as an online countdown timer. Using these plugins will make your WordPress blog a nice looking one for sure.


Now only is that using this type of tool will bring more profit to your online business because of having more conversion.


Let’s check the plugins one by one now –

Page Expiration Robot

This is a nice WordPress plugin that can count the time in opposite direction. That means if you install this plugin on your WordPress blog, then your visitors could see that their time for taking your desired action is reducing over time. This can easily arouse the feeling of scarcity among them.

page expiration robot countdown timer app

As a result, you must see more actions by your visitors. So, this plugin is a boon for any WP blog owner who wants to set a timer on his/her blog.


The plugin has the capability of redirecting the expired page to new ones as per your setting. So, stop thinking and start using this plugin on your blog.


T (-) Countdown

This plugin has already been downloaded over 20,000 times. This number can easily make you understand the awesomeness of this plugin for sure.

t countdown

There are many setting options from where you can make this timer a highly customizable tool for your day to day requirement.


You can see how the timer looks like. It’s really an amazing look that you can experience just by using T (-) Countdown.


So, follow the link to this plugin and start using it which will give you a better result for sure.


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Responsive Coming Soon

This plugin “Responsive Coming Soon” is a nice plugin for your WordPress blog that can arouse the curiosity of your visitors. How can it do it? Well, you can set the plugin on one of your web pages along with an exciting thing.

responsive coming soon

That exciting thing is the main attraction to your visitors. The plugin is cleanly coded that means it’s an SEO friendly tool that can only do the good things for your blog.


The plugin is responsive enough and has the capability of universal WordPress theme support. So, you won’t have to worry about which theme you’re using.


You can also integrate your social media channels with the web page made by this plugin. This sleek tool has the additional content creation facilities.


Moreover, the plugin is very easy to use, so the user-friendliness of this can make you worry-free when it comes to using this on your blog. So, why not use this fantastic plugin on your WordPress blog?


Maintenance Mode

You can use this plugin to show a counting down on your web page. There’s an option for setting the background. You can show the slideshow in the background of the web page where you use the plugin. There are many color schemes in the plugin.

maintenance mode countdown timer

So, you can get more and more of your subscribers just by utilizing the power of this nice tool. This is because you know that when people see that something is gonna happen, then they become more curious about it.



You can also use this free plugin for the purpose of showing the countdown of something special on your blog. There’s the setting of the plugin from where you can set your total time for the event. Then your visitors will see that the time is reducing over time.


As the second box is continuously changing, this movement can easily create the emotion of scarcity. Nobody wants to lose something special. That’s why you’ll see more and more interested audience for your online business, product or service.


You can see that the fresh looking timer can soothe any of your site’s visitors and everybody will be aware of what’s happening or gonna happen soon just by seeing this!


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Waiting – One Click Countdowns

This is a nice looking timer that counts the time in the opposite direction. It supports over 600 fonts which give you a handful of choice to select your desirable font.

waiting countdown timer

The right of the plugin display page contains a corner shape that makes the timer look more beautiful and eye-catching. You can also set the height and the width of the web page.


There are options for setting WordPress or GMT time so that you don’t have to worry about which time to set. The transition of the page is so smooth that you won’t notice any kind of stickiness in it.


One thing to add here is that the support of this plugin is awesome which the support team mentioned on the download page. So, you can expect a nice performance with this plugin when it comes to placing the feeling of scarcity on your blog.


Countdown WordPress Plugin

This is a premium plugin that supports placing a timer for counting down on a page or post or widget. The solid functionality of this plugin is very handy to online business owners.

countdown wp plugin

The shape of the countdown boxes is quite stunning. There are circles around the digits. You can create unlimited countdowns with this nice plugin.


This plugin is tested on most WordPress themes, so you can rely on this plugin at the time of using on your blog. There’s also an option for adding animation to your timer. This makes the tool more attractive to its audience. So, if you wanna make your visitors take some actions, then this tool can help you in many ways.


VC Countdown Timer

This plugin is all about the circle. Yes, there are the circles that encompass the digits, I mean the countdown digits. The circles are intercepted with one another and they make a great looking.

vc countdown

From this, you can expect to see a nice timer counting down the time for any special event. Set the countdown as many times as you want.


There are many options for weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds etc and you can edit them as per your wish. When someone sees the timing moving upward and downward, then s/he will feel amazing to grab the offer that’s coming with the end of the time.


Overall, the timer is a nice plugin which you should leverage when you’ll need it.


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Easy Timer

It’s the minimalist way to show that the time of your special event is reducing. Why do I say this? The reason is that this plugin serves a simple layout which is too good to persuade the visitors that they’re heading toward a special occasion.

easy timer

Note that the tool also supports multi-languages that mean if your blog is with a language other than English, then you can also likely to use this plugin. To make sure whether you can use the tool in your site’s language, you should check the support languages.


So, why are you waiting? Just go and install the plugin on your WordPress platform without making any delay.


Uji Countdown

This is truly an awesome timer that can dazzle your visitors. With this plugin, you can have the option from which your visitors can subscribe to your email list. You can also export the list as CSV file.

uji countdown

The tool also allows you to change the color of the boxes which is a great addition to this. The animation adding feature of this plugin is also praiseworthy.


Not only are these, the tool’s date setting feature also allows multi-languages. So, set this timer and when it expires, it can automatically redirect to your specified web page. There’s also the hiding option in this tool which can hide your expired pages.


Also, the plugin’s coding is very clean, so you can expect SEO friendliness with this. Finally, I can say that you can use this plugin without thinking much about its performance.


So, please don’t worry about using it as this is a nice one for counting down according to your requirement.


Easy CountDowner

This is an HTML5 coded plugin for working as a countdown timer for your WordPress blog. The compactness of this javascript based plugin is fabulous and you can use this reliably without any hesitation.

easy countdowner

You have the full control over changing the color of the text and the background of this timer. The coding of this plugin is very neat and clean which ensures that it won’t hurt your blog’s SEO performance.


There’s the option for using this timer on unlimited sites is really a nice option for its users. Not only is that this plugin is usable on varieties of browsers. The team of this plugin has already tested it on different themes and browsers.


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Countdown Timer Ultimate

This is a fully responsive timer for using on WordPress platform. The layout and design of this plugin are awesome and you can experience an eye-catching timer on your blog posts or pages.

countdown timer ultimate

There’s also a template code which you can use to show up the plugin on your blog. You can see the outstanding view of this plugin and you can edit this in many forms.


There’s the room for changing the background color of this plugin which will enable you to change the color of it as per your wish. Not only is that the width of the timer panel is also editable.


The circle around the digits is also movable and it rotates continuously to show that the time is going on. All these things have made this timer a highly usable one for WordPress blogs.


Countdown Timer

This is another nice plugin to make your WordPress blogs or pages a time-counting machine. Through this, you can make your visitors feel that there’s something gonna happen soon. This feeling of your visitors can boost the conversion of your product or service.


Note that though the plugin is very good to use, it hasn’t been updated for the last few years. I recommend you to check its functionality and security before you use it on your blog.


Overall, the performance of this plugin can satisfy you and for this reason, at the time of showing the counting down, you can go for this tool without much thinking.


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So, these are the plugins that can make the countdown process much easier and smoother. Now, you’ll just have to pick one for your blog. Use the best-suited one and I hope that using any of the tools will simply make your life more productive.


Good luck and have a nice time using this type of nice timer.


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