Chrome Countdown Timer Extension for Chrome Browser

The use of countdown timer has been dramatically increased over time. In this post, I’ll talk about several countdown timers that can be used as your Chrome extension.


Countdown Timer Chrome Extension

If you’re a user of Chrome browser, then you can also use a timer on it. To do this, you’ll need to install the extension that provides countdown. Here are some extensions for the purpose –


Count Down Timer

This is a fantastic looking timer that you can use for your Chrome browser. This timer comes with a beautiful flowery scene in the background of the tool.


The best part is that you can use this timer offline. So, if you’re out of the internet, then the timer will work fine for sure.


So, if you’re a Chrome user like me, then you can go for this extension. To get the extension, you can go from the settings or simply follow the link that is the name of this tool.


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This is another offline timer that can count the time in the opposite direction. I like this extension because of its simplicity. Yes, the tool is very simple, yet functional. You can set the time and it’ll start counting even the milliseconds.


Seeing the time is coming down, you can take your necessary actions to do the task.



If you’re facing trouble to do your task on time, then using a timer can create some pressure on you. As a result, you’ll see a better result in doing work on a timely basis.


So far, I’ve introduced a lot of tools for counting the time and now, this is another nice tool which is actually an extension of Chrome. So, you should use this tool when you need it to show the time counting.



This is another timer that you can use in your browser. The tool has a simple countdown functionality which you should leverage as per your requirement.


If you set the time and leave it, then the tool will notify you that the time for doing the thing is decreasing. This way, you can be alert and start doing the task with more attention and pace.


Steep and Cheap

I should say that every person should use a timer and by using this, s/he can manage the time in a better way. However, sometimes this kind of tool used for arousing the feeling of scarcity which I’ve already mentioned in the earlier parts.


Yes, this is a tool like showing the countdown time for taking a specific action. So, you can harness the power of this tool whenever you want.


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