10+ Android Countdown Timer Apps for Android-Powered Devices

In this post, I’ll introduce some awesome countdown timer apps for Android-powered devices. I hope that you could bring an urgency by using any of the apps.

android countdown timer apps

So, let’s check the Android apps right now without waiting for a single second.


Countdown Timer App Android

Here are the apps that will work as a counting down machine –

Final Countdown

This a nice app for your Android device that can turn your device a solid countdown timer. Yes, if you use the Final Countdown app on your Android phone or Tablet PC, then you can see a timer on the home screen of the device.


Not only is the second but also the millisecond is visible in this timer app. As we’re too busy to remember our special occasions, using this app can let you remember the dates and times of the special events in your life.


So, this app can easily boost up your life.


Countdown Widget

Setting a special date that’s coming to your life is an awesome experience. You can track how many days left to reach your desired occasion by using Countdown Widget on your Android device.


So, there’s no chance of missing any special event in your life. Whether it’s personal or business, you can set the date using this robust app for Android.


The app has the full landscape support which is a great addition to seeing the countdown on a fullscreen. You can also choose your preferred images as the background of your timer app.


So, don’t wait, grab the nice tool right now from Google Play Store. I hope that you’ll feel awesome.


Countdown Days

In the busy life, it’s not uncommon to see that you have forgotten a special occasion. It’s not also uncommon to see that there’s the emotional chaos between couples because of forgetting an event.


I hope that now is the time to end this mesmerizing situation as you can use a nice Android app called Countdown Days. Note that the tool integrates with Facebook events that mean you can track the events of Facebook directly from this nice app.


This app has different widgets for different purposes such as pregnancy, special event, birthday etc. So, from now on, you can guarantee that you won’t forget any exciting event in your life.


Stopwatch & Countdown Timer

This is a nice Android app that serves the functionality of counting time in the opposite direction. So, this can be your great companion at the time of focusing on upcoming events.

stopwatch & countdown timer

If you’re a busy business person, then you should use this app for setting your day to day business tasks. This way, you can avoid so many mistakes in handling different tasks.


The app has different buttons for setting up the tool and using them, you can easily set it as per your requirement. So, for a worry-free life where something is there to let you remember dates and events, this app is a perfectly-suited one.


Free Countdown Timer

This app’s featured image attracted my attention and then I read the details of it. It just took my complete attention because the tool can work fine at the time of letting you know your upcoming special occasions.


This timer notifies you when the time is up which gives the cautionary signal to do the task. Not only is that you can turn down the notifications just with a single click.


There’s the option for writing down a short description for the time that you set in this app. All these things have made the app a great one when it comes to using a timer on your Android device.


Countdown Timer

Another super app to add up to your wide array of Andriod apps. If you’re searching for a nice looking timer for your Android powered device, then Countdown Timer can attract you in many ways.


The first mentionable thing is that the app a nice display which sports a black background. The digits of the time rotate in a fashionable way.


So, I can say that you’ll soon be a fan of this great app if you once use it on your device.


Simplistic Countdown Timer

This timer provides an onscreen clock which serves the notification messages for different events. One good thing about this timer is that if you set it, it’ll start showing on top of other apps.


This way, you have no chance to miss any special event in your life. Finally, when the time comes to the expiration, the app will notify you about that.


This app doesn’t provide any vibration which may be the only drawback as sometimes, the vibration gives a great feedback in a noisy environment.


Fullscreen Countdown Timer

Do you know that you can make your Android device a fully usable time-counting machine? Yes, this is the app that can give the ultimate experience of counting the time for any special event or occasion.


The app will take the full screen of your device and you couldn’t see anything other than the timing approaching the set event.


You can set the time as per your requirement, so I can assure you that you won’t have to forget any of the special events from now on if you use this great app on your Android device.


Days Left Widget

Reaching to a special date is really a pleasure to us. We often count how many days left to reach to the desired event in our life.


Here’s an app that can make your time counting process an easy thing. Yes, from now on, you won’t have to count the days for reaching to your event. The only reason is that there’s a timer named Days Left Widget which comes with a handful of features.


All the features of the tool are way too better than many other Android apps for the same operation. So, I recommend this tool to let you know your important event and beautify your device at the same time.


You can see the widgets of this app from the home of your device. As there’s the room for adding a description to every date you set, you can easily remember what’s gonna happen on the specific date.


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Countdown Plus Widget Lite

First of all, I can say that this is one of the most beautiful timers for the countdown. So, you can simply beautify your Android device by using this app.


This is the part of beautifying and what’s the work benefit of this tool? In fact, there are many awesome benefits that you can experience from this app.


In addition, you can set different alarm clocks with different sounds in this app. The amazing part of this tool is to add sticky notes which are really helpful in remembering a date in details.


So, if you wanna have a robust tool for showing the countdown on a regular basis, then this is a nice solution to this requirement.


Large Countdown Timer

Often times, it’s not uncommon to see that we set a timer, but we overlook it. Why does this happen?


The common reason for missing this is that we can’t see the timer well because of its tiny digits. Here comes the Large Countdown Timer that can solve the problem of reading small digits.


Yes, this app comes with the big digits that are also visible from a long distance. Not only is that, the tool is also present in the right-hand corner of the notification bar all the time. The color of this notification bar is also very eye-catching.


So, it’s very hard to deny this app and for this reason, you can manage more of your special events beforehand as the app is always reminding you for that.


Days Left

Days Left has exciting features to remember all your special occasions. The greatness of this app comes with the sticky widgets along with the description saving feature.


Yes, you can keep the upcoming events with a relevant description on the home screen of your Android phone or tablet PC. So, this will help you to remember what to do on special occasions as you’re always alert with that because of using the great app.


So, why not use this nice app and remember all your required dates to be more proactive and productive at the same time?


Countdown Timer & Stopwatch

This timer can work as a stopwatch which is the additional feature of the awesome app. Set the time and leave it from there. Then the app will take care of counting down. This will surely remind you to reach your event.


What are the necessary things and tasks that you can simply remember and complete before the time hit the set milestone? All these things are only possible by using an awesome tool like this on your device run by Android.


As Android is famous for having so many nice apps on the store of Google Play, you can get the proof once again by seeing this app.


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Countdown Timer Widget

If you use this app, then you can set a widget that’s always counting down. The reason is that this tool works as a countdown widget.


The widget takes place in the middle of the home screen of your device and looks beautiful. You can change the look of the widgets in different ones as the app has several widget options.


So, using this app means that your special event is always in front of your eyes. That’s why there is hardly any chance of attending in the event that matters to you too much.


So, have this app on your device and lead a punctual life where you can find out your attentiveness to meeting your special time.

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