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This is the in-depth Copyscape review where you could learn about the best plagiarism checker well.

copyscape plagiarism checker

Copyscape Review

When I was a freelance writer, I also had to write the phrase that I would produce Copyscape pass guaranteed content for my clients.


Not only is that all of my clients used to warn me that they would check my written articles with Copyscape.


Here’s a short cover letter of mine that I used to send to my prospective clients when I was a full-time freelance writer –

Dear XYZ (the name of a client),

My name’s SMN Zaman and I’m a seasoned copywriter with more than 5 years of experience.


Truth be told, I’d love to bring my wealth of experience and expertise in copywriting to your business.


My copywriting service specializes in aiding quality business people like you. I promise to increase your site’s conversion rate with my persuasive (that has a strong call to action) copy.


You’ll Get:
– Flawless SEO Copy for website content and blog posts.
Copyscape pass guarantee.
– Delivery within the deadline.
– Unlimited revisions (if required) and More…


In addition, you’re secured working with me as I promise not to re-use, re-spin, re-sell or re-distribute your content.


Now I’d like to discuss the project in details to understand your complete requirement.


Rest assured that hiring me will be your right decision.


Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind Regards,
SMN Zaman


So, you can see that I had to mention “Copyscape pass guarantee” in my cover letter to make my clients worry-free about plagiarized content.


All these experiences just made me mad about the tool and I really bought some credits from its premium account.



  • At first, you will be an authentic site’s owner.
  • You can know and protect your site content from stealing, copying, and duplication etc.
  • You can reach a large number of site viewers by presenting a fresh and pure website.
  • Your website will be able to catch high rank in Google.
  • You can gain more visitors’ loyalty to your website.
  • You can feel mentally ensured because your website is only one in the digital world.



  • Really it’s easy to use.
  • It’s free of cost (conditions apply).
  • It has many service plans so that you can choose your plan according to your need.
  • Copyscape is the most powerful online plagiarism detection solution ranked #01 by an independent test.
  • Check up to 10000 pages in a single operation with a batch search.
  • Copyscape takes only 05 sec for every search.



You need to spend per credit for per check. Each time, you can check up to 2000 words in total. The pricing of credits is also very cheap. You can buy 100 credits at $5 only.


So spending only $5, you could check 100 times for plagiarism.


Now, you can calculate your cost for per check. So how much is that? Well, it’s $5/100 (5 dollars divided by 100). The result is $0.05.


This means that you just need $0.05 to check one content of having up to 2000 words in it. This is really very cheap, isn’t it?


How to use Copyscape to check article?

The use of Copyscape is very easy and you won’t have to learn the rocket science to use it.


First of all, you’ll have to visit the website of this great tool. You’ll need to create an account, so use the sign-up button for registering for an account.


If you already have an account, you just need to simply log into that now. On your account, you’ll see that there’s an option for purchasing credits. You’ll have to buy some credits to check your documents for plagiarism as you don’t have any credit after signing up.


Click on this –purchase creditswhich will open up another window for buying credits. You’ll need to decide how many credits you’ll need to buy. To do this, put your required credits in the box

credits of copyscape

After deciding the number of credit now is the time to hit the continue button.

copyscape continue

If you wanna pay with PayPal, then you’ll have to buy at least 200 credits. The validity of your purchase will be for long one year. So, you can use the purchased credits for up to 12 months.


Once you buy the credits, you now can start using Copyscape. So, how will you use the tool? Well, I’m showing you the easy process now.


On the account main page, you’ll see a box like this (I’ve snapped the left half portion) –

copyscape check

You can see that this is the box where you’ll have to drop your text or the URL having the text. After dropping your required text or URL, now you’ll have to hit this button –

premium search

You could see whether your text is plagiarism-free or not. There’ll be some preview texts with their source links in the plagiarism report page from which you could visit the source files.


You could also see the plagiarized portions of the source files from the report. This will help you determine how much your given text has been caught for plagiarism.


So, the tool is quite effective and easy to use.


It’s very useful and easy to use, making it very addictive, this is better than others.


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Rating of Copyscape plagiarism checker

After reviewing Copyscape’s effectiveness and user opinions, we should give it 4-star out of 5.



Dear audience, it’s not just a plagiarism checker, it provides an amazing protection from duplicate content. You can feel comfortable while using Copyscape.

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