Comma Checker: 10+ Tools to Fine-tune Your Blog Writing

This post is all about comma checker tools!


Just after writing a blog post, do you hit the “Publish” button on your WordPress dashboard?


You may do that, but the problem is that if you don’t check your writing with any reliable content checker, then chances are high that your writing comes up with some flaws.


Yes, it’s common to see that our speedy typing comes up with a lot of comma-related problems. Using a tool can avoid so many flaws.


So you must use a tool for your writing.


10+ Comma Checker Tools

In this blog post, I’ve discussed more than 10 tools to correct your comma related issues.



When we need to introduce a list of some decent comma checkers, then we can’t ignore Grammarly to add to it. Moreover, we also need to place it in the first position of the list.


The reason is that Grammarly has proved that it’s an awesome tool that can easily outshine other same kinds of tools with seeming ease.


All the robust features of this tool will offer you a worry-free writing, so you shouldn’t bother about your writing’s flaws anymore if you have this great tool with you.


Grammarly can detect more than 250 types of grammatical and punctuation-related flaws, so you can be safe from those types of things with your writing.


The automatic spell checker of the tool is a great combination that can make your misspelled words correct in no time.


This isn’t the end of the awesomeness of this tool as there’s powerful plagiarism checker available in the tool.


Grammarly is totally free, but to avail of all the pro features like 250+ grammar issues and plagiarism checking, you need to opt in for the premium version of the tool.

visit grammarly

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ProWritingAid is another powerful tool and for this reason, I’ve added this at the 2nd position to this list.


There are many exciting features that the tool serves which can easily make any writer tension-free.


I hope that you’ll enjoy using this tool while writing your text whether for blog posts, or essay or emails.


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PaperRater is another decent tool for punctuation checking and you can’t deny its awesomeness at the time of using it for checking your writing.


The tool also serves plagiarism checking which is a great addition to it.



Who doesn’t know the awesomeness of Ginger when it comes to checking any writing for different kinds of grammatical errors?


Yes, Ginger is a tool that supports varieties of platforms and this facility has made this tool very renowned among its users as they can use it wherever and whenever they want.


After the Deadline

After the Deadline is a sleek tool for checking spelling, style, and grammar, so you’re getting a complete solution from this software.


Unlike other tools that have been discussed so far, this tool can be downloaded in order to use.


Grammar Check

GrammarCheck is a checker that has two options – free and premium. There are two buttons under the text box of this tool’s site. One is Free Check and the other one is Deep Check.


Free Check doesn’t need payment whereas the Deep Check has an affiliation with Grammarly’s premium pack.


So, if you’re intending to go for GrammarCheck’s Deep Check, you had better go for Grammarly’s premium option directly.


The free check available in this tool can lightly work for checking your text. You must go for a reliable check with the deep check option.


So, it means that you should rely on Grammarly as the deep check is the service of Grammarly.


Small SEO Tools

You may already know that SmallSEOTools offers different types of features like plagiarism check, SEO check, backlink check etc. Now, know that the website also offers grammar and punctuation checking.


On the home page of SmallSEOTools, you’ll get this option for grammar checking. Click on Grammar Check and you’ll be directed to the specific page for grammar checking.


One of my clients first informed me about the tool for checking plagiarism and later on, I discovered that the tool serves as many services as possible with its awesomeness.


After pasting your text that needs correction, you’ll need to confirm that you’re not a robot by tapping on the button ‘I’m not a robot’. After the verification, the process for punctuation and grammar check will be prompted.


This tool’s performance is awesome and you can rely on the tool without any confusion.


There are 3 buttons under the grammar check box. The names of the buttons are as follows –

  • Check Grammar
  • Deep Grammar Check
  • Start New Search

The first button does the check within the tool. The next button ‘Deep Grammar Check’ is actually the affiliate link of Grammarly.


So, it’ll take you to Grammarly’s site for further checking.


I can add here is that if you intend to go through the deep grammar check option, then you should directly visit Grammarly and then check your text there.


When I checked the tool with the same text, I got the same suggestions for making two passive sentences to active ones and replacing the word ‘in order to’ with ‘to’. So I found the tool’s checking process is almost similar to most other tools that are available online.



WhiteSmoke is a robust tool having multiple functionalities for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and plagiarism checking. It supports over 50 different languages, so this tool won’t be a language barrier if you’re not a native English speaker.



GrammarBase is a great tool for punctuation and grammar check. It serves a handful of exciting features. There’s a word count stat on top-middle of the site which shows today’s total number of words checking. This shows a huge number which reveals that the tool, GrammarBase, is very popular for checking the text.


On the top right side of the website, there’s the login key. If you’re already registered there, you can log in through the button. If you’re still not registered on GrammarBase, you can do so by hitting the same button. From the pop-up sign-in window, there’s the sign-up option at the bottom of that. Follow the link & sign up today.


Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker is a free checker powered by Grammarly. It can also detect plagiarism in your text.


In fact, this site is an affiliate seller of Grammarly. It shows the Grammarly’s checkbox on the site. Dropping your text in the box & hitting the “Check your text” will detect different grammatical flaws in it.


As the site is an affiliate of Grammarly, my suggestion is to visit Grammarly and then check your text directly with it.


Virtual Writing Tutor

This is really an awesome tool for proofreading your text. One extra feature of this tool that attracted me a lot is the facility of voice typing. Yes, you can tell things & the tool will automatically type that in the checking box. After that, checking for grammar & spelling will give you a report of your recorded voice’s text.


This is a great addition to this tool. I think many of you’ll like this feature.


Through the common way, you can paste or type your text for checking. All the flaws come with different colored marks. You’ll just have to tap all the color marks so that you can get the tool’s suggestion. By following the suggestions, you can make your text error-free.


I can’t stop telling some other exciting features of the tool. This tool offers ‘Download text’ and ‘Print the page’ options. Using the options, you can download your corrected text and/or print it.


Punctuation Check

PunctuationCheck is a site that offers Grammarly’s affiliate product. So there’s nothing to tell you about this tool. It’s better to use Grammarly instead of this one.


Whenever you see that a tool is using another tool for better service, that time you should go for the main product. Do the same in this case too. If you see that a tool is using Grammarly for better results, then why not try Grammarly instead?


Punctuation Checker

I think the same people have started this site those who’ve made the previous two sites. The layout of these sites is almost similar. Even the images used on these sites are all the same.


This site is also an affiliate of Grammarly, so please just visit Grammarly for checking your text.


In the End!

Every now and then, you need to write. You need to write for your studies, for your work, and for many more purposes.


Recently, online writing such as blogging and freelance writing has increased the use of writing by many times than those of past decades. So, there’s an urgent need for checking your text for any sort of punctuation and spelling error.


To bring ease to your writing experience, the online free grammar and punctuation checker tools that I’ve mentioned in this blog post will really help you. Choose the best grammar checker for you.

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