How to Check Website Page Speed Easily and Quickly

Speed matters a lot when you search anything on the internet. You’ll see some timing with every search on Google. Google shows the time that it takes to show results on its search results.


Here’s a Google search –

google search

Here you can see that it took 0.06 seconds to bring the searched items. This indicates the great importance of the time that your webpage takes to load.


So, if your webpage isn’t speedy enough, then Google along with other search engines will simply ignore your page even though it’s full of great content.


For this reason, from now on, check the speed of every blog post of your blog. This checking will inform you whether you need to optimize a page or pages of your site to make them speedier.


So, let’s see how to check the speed of a website.


Check Website Speed!

There are several tools available to check any web page’s speed and among them, PageSpeedInsights is quite reliable as it’s a product of Google.


So, first of all, visit the PageSpeedInsight. Here’s the link to the site. Click on the link and visit the site.


You’ll see a blank box on the site. This is the box where you’ll have to drop your blog’s or any page’s link to check the speed.

pagespeed insights

So, first of all, copy the link of your blog or the web page that you wanna check the speed. After copying the link, paste that in the blank box.


Here, I’m showing how I checked the speed of my website (


First of all, I went to the address bar of my site and then copied the link –

copied the link

Then, I moved to PageSpeedInsights and dropped the link (by pasting in the box) once the blank box of the tool appeared.

paste the link

Finally, I hit the “Analyze” button and the tool started analyzing the speed of my website.

analyzing the speed

You’ll see the speed score of the given page within a very short time.

the speed of my site

Here’s the score of my site’s speed which is 91 out of 100. This is the desktop speed that means my site will likely to load on a desktop’s browser very quickly. You can also see the mobile speed of your site by tapping on the “Mobile” bar.


A speed of above 85 is a good one. If you find that your website isn’t running speedily, then you can take the simple steps mentioned in the following post –

How to speed up your WordPress blog or website in 9 simple steps?


So, this is the easiest way of checking how speedy your website is.

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