4 Cheap WordPress Hosting to Cheaply Host Your Site

Who doesn’t know that WordPress is the most popular content managed system (CMS) for running websites?


You know this for sure. So, many of you seek a cheap WordPress hosting at times of starting your websites.


For this reason, I wanna make your task of finding a cheap managed WordPress hosting much easier by introducing you to some decent WordPress hosting packs.


Yes, in this post, I’ll bring four affordable WordPress hosting.


Cheap WordPress Hosting

Now is the time to let you know about the WordPress hosting packs from seven renowned web hosting companies.


Namecheap EasyWP

To make a list of cheap WordPress hosting packs, you can’t exclude Namecheap EasyWP.


EasyWP is the WordPress hosting plan of Namecheap which costs only $8.88 per year (just amazing!).


This is the promotional price though.


Also, the regular price that means the renewal price of the hosting pack is only 48.88 per year.


The WordPress hosting pack of Namecheap has a lot of exciting features.


You can manage your website using the cPanel since the hosting pack provides it.


Starting a WordPress website on Namecheap EasyWP is super easy because it needs only a few minutes to complete the full setup.


How can I say this boldly? This because Namecheap has offered that the complete WordPress setup using their WP pack will take less than 30 seconds.


Though there’s no other WordPress pack available in Namecheap, it’s expected that they’ll soon launch more WP packs.


So, you don’t be worried about the growing need for your site.


Learn more about Namecheap WordPress hosting here.


iPage WordPress

iPage comes with two powerful WordPress hosting packs and the starter pack named as the WP Starter is quite cheap.


After the discount, now the WordPress hosting pack sells at only $3.75 per month.


A lot of facilities are associated with this plan.


So, there’s no reason to miss this amazing hosting pack of iPage.


Learn more about iPage WordPress hosting plan here.


InMotion Hosting WordPress

InMotion Hosting also comes with several WP hosting packs and the cheapest WordPress hosting pack is WP-1000S which is now selling at some discount.


The usual price of the hosting pack comes below $10 per month, so it’s quite reasonable. The pack hosts one website and up to 20K visitors can visit the site without having any problem.


The pack also comes with 40GB storage which is more than enough for a beginner.


There’s also the facility for creating an unlimited number of email accounts which is really awesome.


To learn more about the hosting packs, read InMotion Hosting WordPress review.


LiquidWeb WordPress

Note that LiquidWeb doesn’t provide any cheap WordPress hosting, but I’ve included this company in order to share with you some amazing hosting packs.


Since the great popularity of WordPress, more and more people are running their websites on the CMS of WordPress.

LiquidWeb managed wordpress hosting

Many of you choose any sort of hosting pack for your WordPress site, but it’s recommended that you host your WordPress site on a WordPress hosting.


This is the essence of a WordPress hosting and LiquidWeb knows the importance of providing this type of hosting plan.


As a result, they have 3 different WordPress hosting packs. All the hosting packs are managed, so you won’t have to worry about the setup of them.


In this part, I’ll discuss the WordPress hosting of LiquidWeb.


LiquidWeb has 3 managed WordPress hosting packs. Here are the hosting packs –

liquidweb wordpress plans

You can see that there’s the price variation in the hosting packs. You’ll also see different hosting features in the hosting packs. This is because the more expensive plan will have better and more features.



The first managed WordPress hosting pack of LiquidWeb is called the Personal hosting pack.

personal managed wordpress hosting

The monthly cost of the hosting pack is $119 only. The pack is capable of hosting 10 websites. You can see that the storage capacity of the hosting pack is 100 GB. This is well enough space for uploading a lot of content.


The Personal hosting pack also provides 5 TB of bandwidth. This is huge bandwidth for a single site indeed.


So, you will get a limited amount of storage and bandwidth in the hosting pack.



The next WordPress hosting pack of LiquidWeb is Professional. It costs $189 per month. Though the price of this hosting pack is more than that of the previous hosting pack, the bandwidth is all the same. In fact, the bandwidth of all the hosting packs is 5 TB.

liquidweb professional



liquidweb agency

This is the best managed WP hosting pack of LiquidWeb. For this, it costs $289 per month. The whopping storage capacity of this hosting plan is 300 GB.


And you’ll also get 5TB of bandwidth. All these things indicate that you can grow your business using this hosting pack without worrying about anything.


So, these are the four cheap WordPress hosting. You can use any of them to host your site.

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