3 Best Cheap Web Hosting Companies to Pick a Hosting Plan

Often times, a cheap web hosting provides a poor service if the hosting company isn’t renowned enough.


I can share my own story of how a poor hosting company suffered me a lot. You should read this short story because it’ll make you aware of choosing a decent hosting company for sure.


Game of Cheap Web Hosting

When I started my first blog, I didn’t pay much attention to choosing a good hosting company. I just checked the prices of different hosting packs of different hosting companies and then chose one of the cheapest web hosting packs for starting my blog.


I thought that the hosting of my blog would play a negligible role in running my blog. In fact, this was the dumbest mistake when I started my blog.


I was unlucky because I had nobody to tell me the importance of a hosting company for a blog.


But you’re lucky as I’m gonna tell you the importance of the hosting company for your blog and also, here in this post, you’ll get to know about three hosting packs from top three web hosting companies.


All the web hosting packs are cheap, yet decent, so you can reliably choose any of the mentioned hosting packs.


So, let’s listen to my story –

I knew that a hosting pack would be necessary at the time of starting my blog, but I was unsure about the great role of it for a blog.


So, I chose a cheap web hosting pack for my blog. I won’t reveal the name of the hosting company due to protect its privacy though you should check all the shortcomings that the hosting company was giving me.


At first, my blog was running very smoothly and I was happy with that. I was writing a lot of blog posts on a regular basis. As you can imagine that how the feeling of starting a new thing might be.


As a result of writing so many posts, my blog was getting a lot of visitors and many of them were regularly leaving their valuable comments on my blog.


I was feeling awesome blogging and at the same time, reading their exciting comments.


It was going very well, but one of the comments made by a reader of mine seemed to me as a nightmare.


So, what was the comment?


Here’s the comment (I’m not revealing the name of the commenter) –

Hi dear Zaman,

I’m a regular reader of your blog and I like the nice design and the content of it very much. I feel proud of reading your posts on a daily basis.

But currently, for a few days, I’ve been experiencing a few great problems with your blog. The problems are the following –

  1. I visit your blog several times daily, but I see that it’s down several times of my visit. It remains down for a long time, sometimes, 10 -1 5 minutes.
  2. Another problem is that it’s very slow in loading and I should frankly say that sometimes, it shows timeout trying to load your site.

I don’t know whether it’s only my problem or not and I don’t also know whether I’m making you tensed about it or not.

Please check your site and if you find any issue in it, please correct them.

Hope to see a fast blog having a lot of great content in it soon for us.

Your happy reader,

XYZ (I won’t mention the name)


Reading the comment, I couldn’t figure out what to do then as I had no technical knowledge about that. I was about to start pounding my head against the wall when an idea of testing my site came to my mind.


Note that my blog was running smoothly at my end, but the problem might be experienced by other users. So, I called one of my relatives who was living in another city of my country and asked him to visit my site.


He reported that my site was loading very slowly and already he had found several downtimes on my server.


Hearing all these things, I became clear that the problem was noticeable to anyone except me. I also checked my site’s performance with several tools whether the uptime and the speed were okay or not. The tools also gave a negative result regarding that.


Soon after that, I replied that reader who let me notice my site’s problem for thanking him. Then, I contacted the hosting company for the problems.


They replied with an unprofessional tone. After a lot of queries, they made me remember that – YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!


Yikes! What the hell the hosting company is talking! They had promised me that everything would be normal in their hosting pack even though it was very cheap.


Finally, I decided to cease their hosting service, but it was too late to ruin my blog forever. Most of my readers fled from my crazy blog due to the loading and downtime problems, I guess.


After that, I have never done the same mistake by considering a web hosting company seeing its cheap price tag.


So, beware!



ipage cheap website hosting

iPage is another reliable hosting company that serves different hosting packs at a cheap price. Here, I should bring the Essential plan of iPage. The following rate is the price of Essential pack –

ipage essential hosting pack

Here, you can see that there’s an 81% discount running on with the Essential plan. iPage also claims that this is the most popular plan for the company and why not as the plan is very cheap and at the same time, very handy to use.

ipage essential plan

The regular price is whopping $10.95 per month though you can now save 81% on a per month basis.

ipage free domain

With the hosting plan, there’s another exciting offer available which is a free domain. Yes, you can have a free domain with your hosting plan.

ipage inlimited space

Not only is the free domain, there’s the facility to use unlimited storage for your hosting plan. So, you can upload as much content on your blog as you want.

ipage unlimited email accounts

Also, the email accounts are unlimited which is another great offer.

unlimited mysql database

And what’s more? There are unlimited MySQL databases too.


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bluehost hosting

Bluehost is a renowned hosting company that often positions on top of the list of any hosting packs. Here’s the ad of the cheap hosting pack which is here –

bluehost shared hosting pack

So, you can host your blog at as low as $2.75 per month and this pack’s name is basic. The usual rate is higher though the company is offering a discount on the hosting pack.

bluehost basic plan

You can see that there are many facilities on the hosting pack some of which are 50 GB storage and unmetered bandwidth. So, if you host your blog on this hosting plan, then you can be sure that your blog will run smoothly.


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InMotion Hosting

inmotion hosting

InMotion hosting is another web hosting company that offers some shared hosting packs at a reasonable price. Here’s the most popular hosting pack of InMotion hosting which is this –

inmotion hosting power pack

You can see that the POWER hosting pack costs only $5.99 per month which comes with a whopping 40% discount.


Other than this hosting pack, there’s the LAUNCH plan which costs at the same price –

inmotion hosting launch

Here, you’ll also get a 25% discount on the pack. So, all these are actually very nice offers from the reliable hosting company.


This is an ad on the site which is so powerful in spreading the mightiness of this hosting company –

ih free ssd

Yes, the company, InMotion Hosting, claims that it is 20 times faster than the usual type of hosting packs.


Here are the other features of the hosting pack of InMotion hosting which are shown here one by one –

inmotion hosting free domain

You don’t need to buy your blog’s domain for the first year of your hosting’s purchase as you get a free domain with your hosting pack.

ih guarantee

You’re safe to buy the hosting plan from InMotion hosting because there’s a money back guarantee.

ih free backups

Not only is that you’ll get the data backup facility for free which is an exciting feature for any website owner.

ih one-click installer

The 1-click installer is also free which makes different complex installation jobs easy. You’ll just need to do a few clicks and the rest is yours.


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