Caution! Never Use any Table of Contents Plugin on Your Blog

Hey those blog owners who’re running your blogs on WordPress CMS,


Please don’t use any table of contents plugin on your blog! Yes, it affects negatively on your website’s SEO which is proven from my SEO analysis.


Learn from my true incident –

Last week, being inspired by seeing Wikipedia, I wanted to use a table of contents plugin on this WP blog. So, I installed and activated Table of Contents Plus plugin on it.


On the next day, I noticed that my organic traffic decreased dramatically! I wasn’t sure what happened so that my blog was receiving much fewer organic hits from search engines. So, I had nothing to do with that.


A few days later, I experienced even worse result regarding organic traffic. That was the time, I suspected that using the table of contents plugin might have done something wrong! So, I rushed for uninstalling and deleting it.


The aftermath of doing so was amazing! On the next day, I found that my organic traffic increased a lot. So, here, I can easily understand that using a plugin like a table of contents has a negative impact on SEO.


Not only is that you should also double-check before you use any plugin that contributes something directly to your content. Such as using LazyLoad plugin that affects your images.


So, before using a WordPress plugin that’ll show up something on your posts should be avoided at any cost. Note that I’ve also monitored some of my first page’s ranked posts and found that those posts’ ranks were dropping during the whole period of using the plugin.


One notable thing is that the setting of the plugin was like that if a piece of content contains fewer than four sub-headings, then the table of contents won’t show up in that content. I also checked another ranked post where there were only two sub-headings and found that its rank was okay at the time.


So, all these findings prove that using a table of contents plugin is harmful to your blog. So, don’t do this SEO mistake.

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