Can You Make Money Blogging ~ Here’s the Exact Answer with Proof

Yesterday, when I met with one of my friends, he asked me about my profession. He didn’t know about my profession because we had no communication in the last 4 – 5 years.


However, when I told him that I’m a full-time blogger (affiliate marketer), he became surprised. With a great surprise, he then asked me the following question –

Can You Make Money from Blogging?


What! I became a bit excited to hear this because if I can’t make money with something, then why will I do it for a living? I told him politely that yes, my dear friend, I do make money blogging.


The next question of him was this –

How can you make money by blogging?

I’m not gonna tell you now what I’ve replied to him yesterday. This is because I should clarify whether you can make money from a blog or not.


As you have learned that I answered this question before, I was confused too whether a blog can provide me money or not before making money blogging. I wanna share a brief story about it with you.


When I became interested in making money online, I started learning about it from different sources available on the internet. Though I was seeing that many bloggers were making a decent amount of money from their blogs, nothing was able to make me convinced whether I could be able to do so or not.


By the way, after learning a lot about online money making, I started my first blog.


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This blog was a fail project though it helped me to get a big freelancing project (this was the first freelancing project of mine too) which I’ve already shared in the following post –

The story of my first failed blog and $1600 freelancing project!


After failing in the first blogging attempt, I learned a lot of things from my real-life experience. With the trial and error of my first blog, I then decided to start another blog after some months. This time, I was much confident and I started blogging well.


My confusion about making money blogging was still with me since I couldn’t make a single penny from my blog till then. One day, my eyes opened wide just after checking my affiliate dashboard. Wow! Amazing! One of my affiliate products sold 2 times.

affiliate sales

This was the amount that I witnessed in my affiliate dashboard on that day

I couldn’t believe my eyes and it felt like a miracle. Yes, I could make money from my blog. This was the day when I came to realize that anybody can make money from a blog if s/he does it properly. My confusion was removed with the experience of my affiliate sales.


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Though the amount wasn’t much, it made me feel that I was the richest guy in the world. Inspiration becomes like this. After that time, I started working with heart and soul because I had no confusion about making money from my blog.


This is my story that proves that making money from a blog is doable.


So, you can make money from a blog if you can take it properly, 


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